Be like water

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Slow moving, early moving, patient moving.

Wait until the time comes to flow along the grass,

To come down from the sky, 

So as the sun lights up your pure essence forever.

Be like water in your worst moments,

Mirror yourself in the face of a happy child,

Lift up your voice in the summer nights.

Water doesn't need anyone, it just is.

Comes from the magical Heaven that we all are looking for,

Goes into the Earth slowly, warmly.

Be like water, emerge yourself in the depth of your sorrow.

Forget about people, times and hurts.

Be like water, have patience with yourself, first of all.

Don't judge yourself not even for a second.

You give so much comfort, so much light to so many.

But you forgot how pure you are, how you nourish the souls of everyone who sees you, who drinks you, who emerge inside your hug.

Be like water, sweet friend of mine.

Go with the flow...

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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