A not so Mundane Night

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Hey guys just another short story here from me but written better than my others since I spent more then an hour on it. Enjoy!!! Also, this story is a work in progress. Meaning there might be more
to come if people actually like it so far.

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



A mundane janitor unlocks the door to his crummy apartment, flips the switch to his home, and in his recliner where he relax’s after work dreaming of a different life he sees himself staring back at him. In that moment of surreal confusion the janitor drops his keys and the man that is not the janitor begins to speak.


“Someone once told me that I could do anything and be anyone...but in a world where everyone is anything..anything becomes nothing, and means less.


All I’ve ever wanted to be was a hero. Someone that people could look up too. Maybe even change their point of view. They could look at me make that choice for good and then they would make the decision that changed someone else’s view, someone else’s mind.


But in a world without stressors where no one wants because there is no need there is no place I can show my strength or path I can walk where my gifts could bring change.


That’s why I decided to come here…


I am willing to give up what you might call heaven so that I can have the opportunity to make a difference in a world and be more than just a dime a dozen as you might say.


No I did not use science to change myself to appear as one of you. I am you….a version of you... but with talents that are greater than yours in this moment. I am not going to harm you..I’m just going to ask you a question…”


The Janitor says, “I don’t want any pills man.”


His other pauses, chuckles, and then says,


“There’s no pills janitor. This isn’t twisted make believe by the self righteous. And yes, I too believe that only the first one held any merit….We are both given the opportunity in this situation. You already know mine.


Yours is to live a life without waiting for your next paycheck only to see it disappear the same day you receive it. Or to worry over whether not shaving in the morning is going to change the perspective of your superiors or whatever female interests you that day. The only worry you’ll ever have is deciding if you want to get out of bed on a particular morning.


What I’m getting at is that you could live that day dream and I could live my own. I’ve already decided upon your path, will you take mine...Janitor?”


Janitor says, “My name is Jack.”


Other, “Yes it is….. I know you….and I know what your capabilities are...Jack. You however do not. So...do you want to see what color the grass is or do you want to continue carrying the weight of this worlds restrictions?”


Jack picks up his keys, walks to the fridge, bends down to grab a beer and opens it taking a long draw after a hard days work.


“As sad as is it may seem I Honestly have nothing better to do and the fact that you haven’t threatened to shove a probe up a place it doesn’t belong makes me feel like ‘Ya know what, it’s whatever.” Jack says half laughing to himself.


The other stands up and with the look of purpose. He walks over to Jack and places his hand on the side of Jacks questioning head.


Other says, “This is going to feel a bit...odd.”

Jacks beer falls to the kitchen floor. He is gone.

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