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What i know it is like to have depression and what it feels like.

You were supposed to be their for her, now she's all alone. She felt unworthy, unloved. She is never the one and shallow, useless.she can’t do this alone.She is slowly drowning.She feels so alone that she wants to just end it. She is more alone than anyone could ever know. But how can anyone help her if nobody cares enough to notice what is going on with her but instead they sit their not caring about anything but them. She has no one to talk to. She is alone and scared  not being to trust anyone. She is hurting inside more than anyone could ever know. She has lost almost everyone she could ever care about and that she can’t take any of that back. She feels like she no longer has anyone anymore and she does not know what she did wrong to deserve the life that she has. No one could ever understand what is going on with her. She feels like she is unwanted and trapped inside of her feelings. Like there is nothing else to life but pain and death. But she still has some hope left inside of her that keeps her moving and keeps her alive and that is the hope that maybe someday someone will notice what is going on and cares to help her and that someday all of her pain will soon go away and be replaced with happiness. Then she won’t have to feel alone anymore. Then maybe someone will remember her. She could finally have friends and family again. And won’t have to feel like the only way to end it all is death. Then she will be able to love and trust people. For she has loved so much but then she lost so much at the same time. She does not people to know what she is feeling inside cause she knows that no one would really care to listen or understand her. It is like a hole in her chest in her heart and that hole just keeps getting bigger each and everyday. A hole that might never be filled. Some people try to fix her but how can you fix something or someone when they are not broken they are just lost, in pain, scared, and alone but not broken.


Submitted: May 08, 2018

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