The Fortunate Boy

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This is my third story.

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



One day in a big city named Hyderabad. There lived a very kind boy named Prasaanth. He helps people when they need help but everyone teases him even when Prasaanth helps them.

So one day Prasaanth was crossing the road then he found a very old woman not able to cross the road. She was carrying lots of garbage tied in a cover. So Prasaanth went to help that old woman. Then Prasaanth’s friend saw him and went running very fast and pushed Prasaanth and he fall on the old women’s garbage. Everyone around scolded Prasaanth. Prasaanth felt very bad and went back home. After a day, poor Prasaanth first time got a bad idea that to do bad things every day. So Prasaanth went out. First he threw a stone on his friend’s house. Second step, he kicked someone’s ball. Third step, he pushed his friend and returned home. After an hour, the people Prasaanth troubled came to his house for saying thanks to Prasaanth and said Prasaanth’s parents that first Prasaanth threw a rock on my house when my house was filled with smoke when Prasaanth came and threw a rock all the smoke went out said Prasaanth’s friend, second step he kicked someone’s ball and it had hit a thief’s face he fall and I arrested him said the police men, third step he pushed me and I got saved from a truck which was going to dash me. Prasaanth got very happy to hear all these from them. So from now everyone stopped teasing Prasaanth and Prasaanth lived happily helping every one.

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