The Most Important Thing

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It all happened in an era full of unbelievable things.The era in which there were not many things which were hard to Believe. But the fall of shaman clan in a night made people think it's a Dream.
It was a matter not just hard to believe but it was just Impossible

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



Shaman Clan was one of the clan which defined Invincible at that era. It was one of most important day of my life . I am shakura, the descendant of the clan. It was the night of celebration for the entire clan. It was the night of my marriage. My marriage with Sitara. I met her 2 years ago, she was one of the survivor of the attack on her village.I was given responsibility to take care of survivor on behalf of my clan. I don't know how but i fell in love with her and finally we were going to be married.

Suddenly an explosion shook the whole place. The direction of the origin of the explosion was unexpectedly the room of the bride. When I reached the place I saw sitara was taken hostage by a bald headed man with calm expression. With a closer look I recognized the man was in the group of singers sitara invited for performance. My Dad, The current clan leader recognized the man. He spoke with a serious expression,"Bharav Clan". the moment these words came out,the bald man spoke,"so, You recognized me but I guess its a bit too late". He was no one other than the clan leader of Bharav clan ,our sworn enemy.He demanded the glass of origin, the defining treasure of our clan for the life of sitara. I answered his demand ,"Leave your life here otherwise it will be a war". But I was interrupted by my father. He came close to me and said," clan is in your blood,not in the treasures".Then he replied to the bald man," as long as you release her ,we will give you the glass."

My father then lead the way. We came to stop in front of a cave in our ancestral land. He then ordered ,"Wait Here". Then He went inside the cave with the bald man and sitara. After some time , a loud noise came from inside. When a tried to rush inside. An explosion shook the whole clan. I was blown away by the shock wave. But suddenly a felt a warm feeling surrounding me. I was shocked to realize that there was a layer of protection around me which had a familiar aura. It was the aura of my Father. It was his aura and when I was about to lose consciousness I heard his voice. His Last words,"The clan is in your blood".

When I regained consciousness. There was blood all around me. It was the cold blood of my clan. There were corpses all around. Corpse of my friends, family.There was a pain deep inside.There was no tears in my eyes, Just a deep pain. I just sat there. sat there for an unknown period. It was as if I don't exist any more. Not without the people around me. My body was still warm, but my heart was cold. cold like the corpses around me.

Then some of the people came.They were the people from Bloodthrust Section. They captured me and took me back to their section. When I regained consciousness, I was in the VPS, a virtual world which was used for torture. There was only one person with me.He was standing in front of me. He asked,"Where is your clan treasures?".To me it was just a random voice.He then suddenly ripped of my arm. It unexpectedly reduced the deep pain in the heart. He then asked the same question again and was answered by same silence. He then started to peel my skin . But to me, it was like a ointment. He they restarted the VPS. My body restored.He continued to increase the level of torture. Every pain was like a warm feeling,Every wound was like a gift of heaven . Every time he increased the level of torture, it was like a blessing. Then he suddenly stopped and said,"It's your last chance to reveal the location or it will be too late." He was shocked because no one has ever survived beyond level 15. But I was at level 129. Just one less than the max level .Even if told anyone outside about this they will never believe him. It was like a dream to him. His hands were shaking while increasing the level.But I was feeling like it was the most pleasant feeling in my life. I suddenly started Laughing. I don't know why but it felt like I was reborn. VPS Blasted and I fell Unconscious again.Last words I heard were,"devil this man is a devil. ahaaaa..."

When I regained consciousness, the deep pain there in my heart again. There was an old man sitting in front of me with a blade in his hand. I was shocked to see the surrounding. The whole section was annihilated. From what I could observe. It was the old man who massacre the whole section and now, He was sitting in front of me with closed eyes and calm expression as if nothing happened.He then slowly opened his eyes to look toward me. It was as if he could see through everything.

I asked ," Who are you?". He answered in an ancient tone,"Who I am is not important." I then said,"Senior, why you saved a person like me". He remained silent and spoke after some period,"It was just Fate. I think Fate wanted me to help you". I then answered,"I think Death is the only fate for me". He looked at me and said,"Don't make the sacrifice of a man go in vain". I suddenly realized something and asked ," how you know about my old man?".He said," It was just his aura around you. The aura of sacrifice." I just laughed and said,"I can not live with this pain. My whole clan turned into dust in front of my eyes". The old man answered,"there is no pain which can not be healed" I asked him,"how?". He said with this deep looking toward the horizon,"Answers need Qualification.First,Prove you are qualified". After saying this he made a Ancient Mudra with his Hands. And whole world became dark for me.

when everything became clear the next moment.I was in a battlefield , wearing an armor and running toward a army in front of me holding a blade in my hands.It was a army of millions.As expected I died in a few moments but I was in the battlefield again.It was like the time reversed.I died again and started again. Every time I start again I tried harder.harder and harder ,Just for the answer. I died 10 times, 1000 times , a million times till the time I can not remember the count. Finally I killed everyone. Every single one and suddenly realized something. It all became dark again and when it became cleared . I saw the old man standing in front of me with a smile on his face.He asked me,"So,What is the answer?".

I answered," PEACE they destroyed mine,I will destroy theirs . Their is only one end , one way ,one answer...."

"R E V E N G E "

The old man replied," Every man has his own path to follow but always ask yourself , What is the most important thing for the path?" I answered in a low tone,"Willpower, no matter how many times one fall, he should rise again and again for the path. This is the most important thing"

The next day , I massacred any one who blocked my path. I killed every single person who came in my way. I made my way on corpses till I reached the gate. the gate to the room of section leader. but what I saw after opening the gate was the thing next to unbelievable to me. the person who sat on the seat of leader was a young girl , Sitara to be exact. Every single thing became clear in front of my eyes. I was a plan, just a plan and I was a tool in this plan . But one thing was more clear than any other. That is My love was Real.She came close to me and said,"I have not expected you to survive". There was no need for words at that time. no matter what she did it was me who fell in love with her. I raised my blade and pierced it through the heart. It was not her Heart It was mine.It was my heart which had became warm again after seeing her.Now, here I am at the last moment of my life with just one thing to say. 'Heart . The most important thing is always the HEART"




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