Climate change defending Status Quo

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I write down few powerful second reading in my works as a message to live with today. May you like this. :)

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



Today even if the world stop burning fossil fuels,

Doubts camp some inevitable consequences on our long history of emitting greenhouse gases,

For a snake in our dark night plodded on traitors and pluck some false evidences,

We dont have an uncertain future do thank God,

Not chosen to wait but conquer guilt and shame of our present life,

Done by some Self Help group,

A true hero who walks with a man likes and finds in what is right without thinking,

May be able to turn a wrong decision into right one,

Far more than our abilities God doesnt allow doubt to paralyze you,

Today Climate change defends this status quo,

There is a devil in our details,

An approving conscience tells us geoengineering may ease global temperatures,

When providing water or cooling shelters can be a big difference from heat waves,

Sharing the Dutch experiences to keep its low-lying country dry,

May paying big bucks can reinvent air-conditioning that throws heat into space saving lot of energy,

For half the world's population if new breeds of rice that withstand more frequent droughts can be genetically developed,

Where a simple devices can pull water out of thin air to meet water scarcity,

Even in the driest parts of the Globe may live with Climate change,

How fortunate if the occupational structure of our nations budget fund these solutions,

For promoting the realisation of optimum utilisation of existing resources in all strategies of planning,

Today the rules of the international legal and political systems tackle these issues differently,

Long before Self Help groups commit how efficiently we provide a material means of livelihood,

For the increasing population may earn through an activity,

How we extract services for manufacturing these inclusion as a commodity affordable to all,

But those oil cartels in our dynamic economic institution,

Still command the rigidity of our attainable development goals in our global village,

Here we stay alarm what can we do securing a support without overuse of natural resources,

Who will secure land and water rights without unhealthy environment sustainability for economic welness for all,

Where eradicating poverty will answer the call of those who are undernourished sleep with hunger every night,

How can our social wellness make signs will move the mountain that cant sustain us for the longest day ever lived,

Here we grow trees when God's kindness gifts and nurture it,

Unless we become conditioned to believe them,

When our investment funds be considered rating schemes that support the contribution of agriculture in our Economy,

Here in INDIA when two-third rainfed area remains vulnerable to various vagaries of monsoon,

How long the struggle affect not only our food security yet we need state-of-the art infrastructure for all those sons of our soil who make our nation resilent ever with a precise farming that is not only organic yet build a climate over the farmlands with bracing those little feathers a bird may pluck worms in the village as our revival through the billion hands who believes we must be even step beyond achieving a fair market trading system ?

How before our Indian industrial policy still welcomes licensing control for all players who support self-reliance zero-carbon emition in manufacturing and long tern superior quality in delivering world class services through investments managed globally yet local in enhancing investment and attain sustainable development to focus that our villages will be the operational hubs for those largest operational sector in the entire world ?

How education and unemployment be opting towards developing skills through talent aquistions from the willingness of our people to work for reducing inequality, alleviating the standard of living with new employment generation program and a livelihood for the low income group so that they can be power to all our people ?

How improvement of slums, health for all and clean drinking water be the source for our youth development program may focus on child and women welfare is the need of our social security initiative connecting all roads that divide our development of backward areas ?

How the digital INDIA study all illiterate millions may they receive the reach time can grow some achievement that be a dream as it is today ?

A day of my life this messenger see living moment in our cosmic creators gift,

For too long this commitment within our hearts be the net worth to the world from your good ones,

May this climate change defends our status quo to rear your Earthly blessings,

I pray to God this wealth may come to life within,

And always for any man's greatest asset our limit be your business and your life here. :)

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