Where is my heart?

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A journey to find where my heart traverses.

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018




My heart is not with me always.
It flies towards the colourful flowers on a sunny day,
Sometimes towards the breeze that brushes past my face
Or it disappears in the glance of a pack of lovely dogs;
In the bushy tail of a cute squirrel,
In the laughter of a child passing by,
In the smile that people give for no reason,
In the warm sun rays that adorn my skin,
At the sight of a curious pigeon bobbing its head;
Towards the unlimited blue sky
Or the white fluffy milky clouds above,
In the soothing sound of beach waves
Or the soft silky beach sand that sink my feet.
Sometimes in the tears of strangers feeling sad
Or the abandoned stray calves on the road,
In the saliva frothed from mouth of a slogging bull in cart,
At the sight of dead people in road accidents.
Sometimes in the satisfaction of helping those in need
Or in the little things people do to wipe away my frown.
In good memories bygone never to return again,
In the cough of a sick person,
Or the adorable yawn of a lovely kitten.
In the streets covered above by branches of trees 
And in delicious chocolates that excite me like a child.
Oh! It’s too tough to contain my heart
It goes away without warning, in moments of joy and sorrow
And I wouldn’t want any special person to cage it;
For it belongs to all things in the universe. 


© Copyright 2018 shika. All rights reserved.

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