Sleepover Tableau

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What two young women had allowed themselves to do during a sleepover is being told about in this tableau poem.

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



Sarah went into

her bedroom to see

if Robin was in

need of any clean

towels and such while

she was there one day.


But when Sarah had

opened her bedroom

door and saw Robin

on her bed wearing

only her panties,

Sarah's eyes grew wide.


"Well? Do you want to

get it on with me?",

asked Robin with a

smile on her face and

before Sarah shook

her head and said 'no'.


"Why not? You know you

want to do it so

bad.", said Robin just

before she grabbed a

hold of Sarah's jeans

and pulled her to the bed.


The next day, Sarah

woke up and found that

she was naked and

alone in bed just

before she saw a

note on the mirror.


"Thanks for having me

sleep over. Next time,

let's have one at my

house.", was what the note

from Robin had said

to her friend Sarah.

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