Sexual Assault

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On behalf of Nurse’s Week, I am magnifying some of the topics I see, which comes through the ER on my watch, whereas, the stigma of a sexual assault victim keeps the Rape Kits, Social Workers,
Licensed Phycologists/Licensed Psychiatrists and victims’ advocates groups in such a high demand. Thank goodness for the #MeToo Movement. For anyone that this poem may affect. May you find peace
and comfort.

Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



Sexual Assault

A shameful occurrence no matter how hard a woman fought

I loathe a man, the word, NO, has never been academically taught

The mental and physical scars alone

It’s enough to send chills through my bones

The court system stigmatizes not once, but twice

It never seems to matter if the person is bad or nice

Defense’s castrated and marginalized version of the victim’s lies, never the whys

Prosecutor wants jail time, plea, or come to a mutual compromise

Did she inflame his thoughts with her high skirt

Breasts over-spilling her see through shirt

Hi my name is, Kurt

I saw your smile from across the bar

I live down the street, it’s not that far

You down your fifth glass of wine

He saw you wobble your balance, cat and mouse game now on his time

You should feel safe within a man’s hand, comforted by his stance

But what happens when he has other devious plans

You’re nothing to him, but a physical slam bam and thank you ma’am

A hard target seeking gratification from a nightly grand slam

His place as we rest

He seems cool enough, look, he’s a New York fan of the Mets

Handsome, he’s definitely a sure bet

Would you like something to drink

Mind pondering, I’m already tipsy, if I accept, what would he ever think

Although, he does look good in his black denim jeans

Hard places bulging, if only you knew what I mean

Drink accepted lights turned down real low

Unwanted hands roving under my skirt very slow

I’m sorry not tonight…we’ve just met

Yes, for this you will allow and let

Woman flings hand aside and stands to her feet

Man stands and asks, what did you expect after our greet

Certainty not this as you turn to walk away

Back now gracing the couch cushion, the word, NO is all I continued to say

Closing my eyes, in disbelief as I silently heard myself loudly pray

The remorseful deed has now been done

College Ivy League, a soccer championship his team just won

He’s a good boy with a chance in life

My client will one day become some man’s wife

This sadden ordeal has caused her more than what meets the eye

Punish this animal before lightning strikes twice

He has treated a woman as cold as ice

For trusting his word came with a very high price

Guilt ridden for a criminal act, which was uncivilized

Now I’m made to feel



Mental and physically brutalized

And you stand there defending a man with animalistic male cries

Pleading his case to seem legitimized

He didn’t know what he has done

Too many drinks he took it upon

Singing in court that same old tired, I can’t remember song

She wanted it, she was feeling on me all night long

Your head bowed in shame from the defense lawyer’s character assassination third degree

I told him no!... no!…no!…but he just didn’t listen to me

Was that with your shirt off as your nipples glistened to tease

I said No! and clothes were still on

What that cruel animal did to me is so very wrong

The day has finally come

To get my mental victory for this total scum

Thank goodness I did not back down, or refuse to run

Today, as I stand a victim, who would finally be free

Whereas, allow the world to see 

Read from the mouth to say, not guilty, not even a plea

Oh, please tell me this just can’t be

They never once believed what he did to me

Poll the all male jury before I walk and go

I need to know which male do not understand when a woman says, NO, it means, NO

No satisfaction to soothe my mistrusted mind, rest my leery soul

Emotions now bottled up within a deep black hole

Heart of gold has turned to stone

Will these feelings of self-incriminating ever leave me alone

Hi, my name is Kurt

I saw your sexy smile from across the bar in that nice leather skirt

Join me for dinner and for a glass of wine

You really did not want the company, but his compliment seems so genuine

Investigating cases from the SVU files gave you the mental blues

Night alone, or with company you must choose

I do not live that far from here

I’m known to spread my Bronx good cheer

Reaching behind my skirt to make sure weapon is secured, in tow

As you both stand to go

At his place

With a muscular body and a handsome face

Breaking the ice, now talking with roaming hands

I think I’ll call it a night as you stand

He stands too, how did my shirt get ripped

My knees have been dipped

My back clumsily hits the couch

Biting my lips, ouch

No…what...what are you doing

My body have not caught up with my mind, all thoughts are still brewing

His hands blanketing my crotch, shredding my panties, fingers are angrily pursing


And just like that

Kurt lies still on his back

The word, No, to a Tomcat has never been a known fact

Was defeated and brought down by a female rat

No! means No!

It’s simple, and it must be heard in tow

A word all men should be taught at an early age to know, so there you go

Therefore, no excuses, when the times arise

Just swallow your male pride, walk way for another day, or it could be your imminent demise


Poem taken from The Flow of My Heart To You III


© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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