After death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


Many don’t remember their childhood. I personally don’t, up until i was 14, I don’t remember anything, Nothing. But to me, that doesn’t matter, because of what I experienced for the rest of it is
what really mattered. I can summarize into one word. Love. No this isn't some sappy love story that's got the guy all lovey dovey at the girl and her right back at him. I mean some of it is, but
not very much. I can’t tell you what type of story it is, because it's unique. One of a kind, and most of all, hard to explain. Let's start at the very beginning.

Table of Contents


2010, July 31. When i met a specific girl. I was 14 years old. Your being warned, this is not the type of love story you might be used to... Read Chapter

On the run

I knew where i was, I was in the outskirts of belleville but i still realized where i was. I called a taxi, and asked him to take me to m... Read Chapter


One of the guys pulled me out of the car, gripping my hands together preventing very much movement. And Alice did something that surprise... Read Chapter


  As we got up to a lady sitting in a desk, alice whispered something and the lady brought us to a elevator. We were in a glass ... Read Chapter


We walked out of the door, and there were some people waiting for us, They looked about the same age as us. One of them came over to gr... Read Chapter

First day

As we we're going down the elevator it was quite, extremely quite. Like the real sound of silence. It was really awkward. We we're both... Read Chapter


We got to the steps of the school and then stopped. “God I hate you.” She started laughing, “For which part?”, “All of it.... Read Chapter

Check up.

General question to my readers.
Read Chapter


Im discontinueing this story. But, I am making another real book. Its called Operation zero. I will post the Background / Precl... Read Chapter

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