Dance with Death

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Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



In my heart there’s something about you…Something worth all my fears put together, yet beautiful. 

In my mind there’s all the warnings I’ve ignored…all the reasons I should have ran. Why didn’t I run?

Your presence encircling me. Your breath; hot against my cheek.  Your hand; firmly pressed against the back of my neck…Slowly wrapping your fingers around my throat. 

What choices have lead me to this place? This dark room with the curtains drawn…Your lurking shadow behind me, fondling my hair with your empty hand. 

Why me? I can feel you stroking my back…softly, gently. I don’t understand. This room…it brings back memor- No. Nightmares. I’ve dreamt of this room before. 

The sound of metal sliding over wood erupts me from my thoughts. Were my hands always bound? All I see is darkness…Was I always wearing a blindfold? What’s happening? I was awakened to reality…my execution. 

I can hear your foot steps on the wooden floor boards…closer, closer. Your soft, yet heavy breathing somehow keeps me at ease. I knew I would see you again…your day was coming. I took a deep breath, and listened intently while you unveiled your steel work of art. 

Cold. That is all I can say about the slender steel that is pressed against my throat. I feel your warm breath next to my ear as you whisper, “I love you”, soft and sweet. It almost feels like you mean it. There will come a day when I will find you…and I will kill you in return for stealing my life. That quick slice of steel across my bare throat threw me back into the room. 

Warmth…sweet warmth. I can feel my blood drip from my throat onto my chest and down my arms. Somehow, this comforts me. The blindfold is lifted. I can see you staring into my dying eyes…one last time. It has been said that when some people die, the last person or object they see is recorded in their eyes. If this proves to be true, it will aid me in the hunt for you. I won’t forget your face. I can’t forget your face. You’re mine. 

Now and for eternity. Death closes in on me and takes me away. I know you’re still there; watching over my dead body. I’ll be with you everywhere you go. I’ll be the breeze flowing through your hair. I’ll be the unnaturally painful ache in your rotten heart. I’ll be sitting alongside the Grim Reaper when he finally takes your soul. 

When that day comes, I will be free. Your death is the peace I long for…

It is done.

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