My Love

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Protect those who you cherish, love those close to you before they disappear. Don't regret or hold your self back near the one you love: I love you for who you are, but you didn't love me for who I
was. My love can't stop for you and it's okay if you don't notice me.

I love you
I love that your tall and handsome and someone I know
I love you for talking to me when I was alone
I love you for hugging me every time I was sad
I love you because you're the one
I love you because it was love at first sight.

You hated me 
You hated my shabby looks and avoided me each time
You hated me when I was alone talking to the wall
You hated me for hugging you every time I was depressed
You hated me when I confessed
You hated me when I said you are the one. 

This is me
I'm shabby and dull due to the abuse I suffered
I'm alone, but I see things that no one sees 's 
I'm weird for hugging you every time I'm depressed, but you also looked depressed
I'm stupid for confessing
I'm crazy for thinking it was love at first sight. 

This is you
You are tall and handsome but yet you wear a fake smile
You are kindhearted, but you closed your self off to others 
You are warm when you give me a hug, yet you shed tears on my shoulders and shiver in pain
You are worried about my confessing, assuming that one day you will become an abusive man just like your father
You are beautiful and different, you shined when I said it was love at first sight.Yet, you detested the truth.

I love you and this will always be true. 


Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Salma Said

That is so sad! Yet I really like this poem, it got into me. Great work!

Sat, October 20th, 2018 3:14pm

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