Russian Dolls

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Russian Dolls


  I've been living at the Salvation  Army shelter since I bought my

lovely sex doll. It was made in Russia.

  I was jumping with joy the day Natasha the sex doll was delivered,

a beautiful buxom blond with human synthetic skin, eyes that sparkled

when the battery was turned on, a drop dead sexy voice, all holes 

fully functional, ten speed with safty features on the vaccum function,

and lubricant was of course supplied free!

  All night I humped like a born again teenager, till I was

worn pale...

- Do you want to do it again Don?

- No, that will do for now Natasha, we'll make love again tomorrow.

  I tucked my shrunken member into my undies, and reached over

to turn Natasha off.

- One more thing before you say goodnight and turn me off Don.

- What Natasha?

- I have more dolls inside me.

- More dolls?

- Yes Don, I'm a russian doll, I have ten more dolls inside me. If you

undo the secret zipper running down my back you can get them out.

- I didn't see any zipper.

- Well Don you were to busy enjoying me. It's hidden, have another 


- Alright.

  " Imagine! " I say to myself, " Ten more dolls, ten times the pleasure 

for me!" I was ecstatic.

  Natasha was right, I found the zipper and undid it, and pulled out

all the dolls, unzipping them one by one, each doll having other dolls

inside it, until the last small one.

  Ten dolls! Ten times the pleasure! What a great buy! What a great 

bargain I'd bought!

  I turned Natasha off and left her and the other dolls comfortable

on the living room floor, and went upstairs to bed for a well deserved


  I slept well untill the early hours of the morning when I heard all

this noise coming from downstairs, screaming and laughing, 

giggling and groaning, and moaning...It was awful, I went downstairs

to see what was causing all the commotion, I thought I must have

left the television on.

  To my horror, I saw them, the russian dolls were lesos, they were 

all over eachother, they were having an orgy! I couldn't have turned

Natasha off properly, and she must have activated the other dolls.

  What they were doing was disgusting, bad enough to make a 

grown man blush, and they had enormous barbed tongues that they

began flicking at me when they saw me. Natasha took charge of them...

- Get that slimey sexist pig and bite his ball off!

  They started to circle me like sharks, I just made it out the door

in time.

  So since then I've been sleeping on this old mattress at the Salvos,

I'm too scared to try to get back in my house, but I hear from my

neighbours that a lovely group of Russian Orthodox nuns are living


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