magical people chapter 1

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this is a not a prologue it is chapter one of a fantasy book that i am writing. please give me feedback so if i know somethings should change.

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



damn it, thats last time im gonna go hunt by myelf again. shit my wound isnt healing right. i got to go to the base and they are not going to be happy about this.

2 hours later

zero: drew where's the doc. drew: why whats wrong you usually heal fine. zero: this is ( zero lifts shirt reaveling a black wound) drew: oh crap that aint good, how did this happen. zero: remember that contract I got last week to hunt those shape shifters. drew: yeah why? zero: well they were being controlled by a level 5 dark wizard who could cast anti healing magic and he just nicked me with some weird spell before i could kill him drew: well samantha and jason are on their way lets hope the twins can help zero: yeah lets twins: zero whats wrong zero: hey jason, samantha samantha: what happend zero zero: well i got hit with a spell look (zero lifts shirt reaveling a black wound) twins: oh my god zero: what do you think jason you were hit with a decay spell, your defensive magic must have stoped it we can heal you but youll be in pain for a few days zero: great lets get to work samantha: that will have to wait a few days until 4 more members to come back this will take a lot of magic to heal you zero: anything else we can do or do i have to wait samantha: you know who wakes up tomorrow, and he can do it him self since you have his blood in you zero: not a chance jason: we could take you to natalia samantha: absoluty not zero and jason: why not samantha: becuase the last time zero and her met that vampire whore almost took zero becuase of his magic zero: fair point i guess i'll just wait until they get here drew: zero you cant, i just got word that squad brians assult team is in a fight with an unknown enemy and cant make it and max's team is still huntin a leviathan so you have to wait for your master zerp: ok lets wait id rather not see him but id like to live longer so lets wait for him.

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