The Secret Sister

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The perfect life she had, 'till drama poured in.

Prolog (v.1) - Perfect Life...

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



Ashley's POV:

I put my feet up on my desk, leaning back in my chair. I grimace at my phone, a text from Jonah. Hey. I didn't know you were at the mall too! I stare at the text, then I reply with, "Im not..Im home." Jonah sends a photo of the girl. I type, "She looks exactly like me.." I send a photo of my feet on my desk. I get an idea. I take down my feet and start intensely typing, "Follow her, Im on my way." 

Jonah's POV:

I walked far away from her, but keeping a clsoe eye on her. She walks and walks, then I get a call. I flinch as my phone rings. I answer the call. Im here. Which wing are you in? I stop. I look around seeing the sign, "Wing C." I say. .... Minutes later she busts through the entrance and joins me. Eventually we stop, to show that she is standing next to Ashley's father.

Ashley's POV:

I grimace at the sight, Do I possibly have a twin sister or is it just another girl who looks like me and is secretly with my dad? I shake my head. The second one only happens in movies. We get closer and hide behind a sign. ".. But dad! Its no fair. I want to see my twin sister! Ive always drea-" She saw us. She stopped talking with a shocked expression and I made a hand motion to continue talking. "Sorry, I thought I saw Shawn Mendes. Anyway, I always dreamed of having a twin." He interuptes her before she can say anything else. What if she rejects you and your love? I grimace. How could he say that?! She frowns then gets angry, in 2 seconds. She stomps off into the store, passing us. My father groans and walks off. 

The girl comes back with a huge smirk on her face. Your my twin? I was shocked to be standing in front of a girl who looks just like me, and I never knew she existed. So what now? We just go our seperate ways? Then she interupted me in my thoughts, "Lets exchange phone numbers." I nod, taking out my phone. We exchange numbers and she says, "Dont say anything about me or him being here. That makes a whole lot more drama." She turns and walks off. Me and Jonah are in shock. While we walk back, we talk about how everything went down in less than 10 minutes.

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