The Revealing Party

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Josephine and Amber learn they are fixing to become sisters to twin brothers

Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



Josephine Hart was sitting on a picnic table in the backyard practicing singing. She stopped when she saw her former music teacher Wilson Stevens standing on the other side of the white picket fence. “Mr. Stevens, I am sorry for disturbing you,” said Josephine getting off of the picnic table and walking over to the fence. “You were not disturbing me, Ms. Hart. I was admiring how far you have come with your singing,” said Wilson. “Thanks, I have always dreamed of being a singer but it is never going to come true, and I am just wasting my time. It is probably getting close to time to give up” said Josephine with a sigh.  “Let me ask you something, Ms Hart. When do you give up on something you have always dreamed about?” asked Wilson. Josephine stood there with a puzzled look on her face as she tried to think of the correct answer. “I guess it varies because it takes some people longer than others to accept the fact that their dreams will never come true,” said Josephine. “Never,” said Wilson. “Never?” asked Josephine with a surprise look on her face. “That’s right Ms. Hart,  even though dreams may never come true it inspires you to keep trying. Without dreams a person is going to become stuck in a rut and will never try different things,” said Wilson. “I never thought of that,” said Josephine putting a smile on her face.


Josephine started to walk off. “I am not finished Ms. Hart,” said Wilson. Josephine turned around and walked back over to the fence. “The Class of 68 Class Reunion is coming up and my job assignment is entertainment. I was wondering if you and Amber would like to perform?” asked Wilson. “I would love to and I am sure Amber feels the same way. I will ask her when she gets back from Skaggs” said Josephine putting a smile face. “Let me know by Thursday afternoon,” said Wilson. “Ok,” said Josephine walking off excitedly.


Amber Foster was babysitting eleven year old Samantha Harris daughter of volunteer firefighter Adam Harris. “Amber would you give me fifty cents?” asked Samantha as Amber was turning into the Skaggs parking. “What for?” asked Amber. “So, I can play an arcade game while you pick up a couple of things for your party,” said Samantha. “First of all the party is for my step mom and secondly your dad left me responsible for you. So, no, you are going to stay with me while I shop,” said Amber. “You are no fun,” said Samantha crossing her arms.


“What the heck?” asked Amber as she put the car in park and noticed Jason Clark wearing a Skaggs uniform pushing a shop cart. “Maybe he works there, “ said Samantha sourastically as she started to get out the car. “Hold on a minute,” said Amber as she started going through her purse. She found four quarters and handed them to Samantha. “What is this for?” asked Samantha. “You said you wanted to play arcade games while I shop. It may take me awhile so here is enough for two games,” said Amber. “You are the greatest! I love hanging out with you,” said Samantha.


“Welcome to Skaggs ma’am,” said Jason Clark as Amber walked in the front door. “Can you help me with something?” asked Amber. “What can I help you with?” asked Jason. “I need a good watermelon for a party on Saturday and I would like for someone to help me pick out a good one,” said Amber. “Right this way ma’am,” said Jason leading Amber to the produce department.


“Ok, cut the crap. What is going on?” demanded Amber. “There has been somethings that have come up and I won’t be able to go to Oklahoma,” said Jason. “So, you are staying in Piney Point?” asked Amber. “Yes, and Joey is going to be disappointed that I am not going to Oklahoma,” said Jason. “Are you freaking kidding she is going to be excited at the news,” said Amber. “What?” asked Jason. “I meant yes, she is going to be disappointed, very disappointed, “said Amber nervously as she tried to cover up her last statement. “I was going to give her this and ask her to come with me to Oklahoma. Now, I don’t think she will have anything to do with me,” said Jason handing Amber a black box. “I think if the setting was right she would accept,” said Amber looking at the content of the black box. “You think so?” asked Jason. “Absolutely,” said Amber. “Could you help me set it up?” asked Jason. “Of course. Give me a chance to think about the perfect setting,” said Amber. “Thanks,” said Jason.


Amber noticed people were watching her and Jason. “What do you think about this melon?” asked Amber. Jason taped the watermelon. “This should be a good one if it is not just bring your receipt for either a refund or another melon,” said Jason.


Josephine was helping her mother Karen Foster by starting dinner. “Has Amber made it back yet?” asked Karen as she walked into the kitchen. “Not yet. She was only going to pick up Samantha, go to Skaggs, and then come back; but, she probably stopped along the way to look at something,” said Josephine. “ If she is not back in five minutes, call her and find out where she is,” said Karen. “Ok,” said Josephine as she stirred the spaghetti sauce.  Karen was fixing to leave the kitchen when Samantha walked in carrying bags of groceries. “Amber is right behind me,” said Samantha as she sat bags the down on the kitchen table. “Oh, good lord,” said Karen with a concern look on her face. Amber walked into the kitchen carrying the watermelon she purchased at Skaggs. “What the freak?” asked Josephine. “They were having an in-store sale and I thought this might work for the revealing party Saturday,” said Amber. Karen thought for a moment. “ I saw on the Internet a watermelon carriage fruit bowl. That would work perfectly,” said Karen with excitement. “You know me always trying to come up creative ideas,” said Amber with a nervous chuckle. Karen and Josephine looked at each other with a puzzled look on their face. “Come on Samantha let’s go watch a movie,” said Amber. “Oh man. Do I have to watch a stupid kid movie?” asked Samantha. “If you won’t tell your dad, we will watch a teen rated movie,” said Amber. “Cool! I promise I won’t say a word,” said Samantha following Amber out of the kitchen. “What was all that about?” asked Josephine to Karen. “I don’t even want to know,” said Karen.


Friends and family of Karen Foster were gathered at Perkins Park for the revealing. “Everybody gather round,” said Karen. “This is so exciting,” said Josephine to Amber. “In this box is either a blue or a pink sock,” said Karen opening the box. She pulled out a blue sock. “A little brother,” said Josephine and Amber together as the group started clapping. “Wait a minute there is something else in the box, “ said Karen pulling out a another blue sock. “Twins,” exclaimed Josephine with excitement. Amber stood there in shock. “Amber, what is wrong?” asked Josephine. Amber overwhelmed with emotions started backing up. “Amber, what is wrong? Amber?” asked Josephine as Amber quietly started backing up to leave the crowd unnoticed.


Amber went home and sat down on a picnic table in the backyard and started crying. “Is there a problem Ms. Foster?” asked Wilson standing on the other side of the picket fence. Amber walked over to fence. “When I was a little girl growing up, I always wanted to have a little brother and my dream was going to come true but my mom was killed in a car accident. Dad met Karen and it has always been me and Joey. Now, I am fixing to have two little brothers. Instead of being excited all kinds of thoughts are going through my mind. Like what it is going to be like?” said Amber. “I will tell you what it is going to be like Ms. Foster. The first time you lay eyes on your new little brothers, your sister instincts are going to kick in. You are going to love and protect them just like you would if you were a  little girl,” said Wilson. “Really, how do you know?” asked Amber starting to feel better and putting a smile on her face. “I have two younger sisters,” said Wilson. “Thank you, Wilson,” said Amber walking back over to the picnic table.


Amber was still sitting on the picnic table when Karen walked up. “Honey is everything ok?” asked Karen putting her arm around Amber. “The news caught me off guard and I just needed some time to think. I am sorry that I left,” said Amber. “It is ok sweetheart, to tell you the truth when I found out I was a pregnant it caught me and your dad off guard,” said Karen. “Really,” said Amber. “Yes, sweetheart. After we got married we wanted to have another child. Doctors ran some test and told us we would never have anymore. So, we gave up on the idea,” said Karen.  


Karen sat beside Amber for a few minutes. “Sweetheart, I just wanted to make sure you were ok. I am going to let you have some more time to think,” said Karen standing up. “You know what? I can’t wait to meet my little brothers,” said Amber with excitement as she stood up and hugged Karen.


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