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Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018



The wickedly commonly cease from the souls of the nimble and unshaken spirit.


I found my way down to delta of the Mississippi, straggling along the refuge of dusty back road alley diversions.

I searched that place. Stood there, alone; waited for the Methuselah of promised history.

Night passed, yet still I stood.

Morning came, I would not fall, yet.

Day languished on, I much too convinced, would never break.

Then, the Night broke once again.

Finally, he appeared.

"I see you just wont go away, are you lost, confused which way to go? There are four roads that reach away from here, as you can see; so why do you stand in the middle of my intersection? Are you looking for someone?"

He knew.

I set down the guitar case, opened it up and took out my instrument.

He laughed at me in a taunting way.

"You play?"

"Better than any."

From out the sky an electric bolt reached down with a fiddle brandished in his hand.

"Better than me?"

"I'll bet my soul on it. And, if I wrong, you can have it. If I prove it to you, then you must grant me one thing."

"You think I have that power, child?"

"If you do not, then I have come to the wrong place."

Considering my soul, he cannot back down.

"Agreed, let's see what you got."

I strummed an old guitar, made by my Father, from the wooden plank that had stole his wife away; my mother. Pierced for the sake of saying he commanded sound; foreshadowed.

I strummed the first chord. Then continued, soloing away.

It wasn't long before he disappeared and my wish became granted.


There she stood. It felt like forever since I had seen her face.

I gave my Mother a hug.



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