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Submitted: May 08, 2018

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Submitted: May 08, 2018






Short Story

By: Angela A. Agee


Beep! Beep! My alarm yells. I wake up to the sound of shooting noise in my ear, a continuous sharp yelp urging me to rise from my slumber. I looked over to my right, over an empty space, reading “6:30 am, Sunday, May 30, 2012”. I groan reading this; I am not a morning person. I lay in bed staring at my ceiling contemplating whether just to skip work and sleep in or be a good employee and get up.

I slowly shimmy my way off the bed, dragging my feet across the cold floor. I go into the bathroom looking in the mirror, to see a mop of hair on me. I continue doing my regular routine: shower, brushing teeth, feeding the dogs. The usual normal boring stuff that any regular person does on a day. I throw on my worn, brown shirt with “Cafe’ Racer” written along it with my blue jeans. As the few seconds pass by I ponder on whether or not to go. I think to myself,“Will they fire me? Probably,” so I continue on.

I head towards the door and see it’s raining, which was no surprise. It’s Seattle, after all. I don’t mind the rainy days, but it’s a bit troublesome since I have to walk to work. I grab my black, “I love Seattle” umbrella and head out. It’s a peaceful walk at 7am, not many people are out at this time. As I walk, I see kids heading to nearby bus stop with their backpacks around their back, walking with a joyful step. Both holding a small white umbrella around their shoulder. I smile as I look at them. Kids just make me happy. They honestly just give a sense of hope and innocence wherever they go.  All my friends say I would be a great mother since kids love me, but that day isn’t now. After that moment of thought, I arrived at a small little coffee shop with a yellow roof liner declaring it as the “Cafe Racer”. This little shop is my job, my second home, the key to my college tuition.

I arrive to the door and fumble through my pockets for my keys, I finally grab the rusty key from my jeans and unlock the door. In an instant the smell of coffee hits me in the face. I inhaled loudly to get the full smell. I love coffee, I don't understand how people don’t drink coffee. It amazes me. I move my hand across the wall, searching for the light switch. After a few seconds I was able to find the darn switch. The bright lights blast on, making me squint my eyes, waiting for them to readjust.

This is where I begin the process. You know how everyone has their own process for getting ready for a busy day? Well I start with the chairs. I take them all off the table one by one and put them in their spots. Then I grab all the napkin holders and put them on the table along with fake white lillies. We didn’t have flowers before on tables, but I recently convinced the owner to let me add some decorations to make it more homely. Eventually, I head back to the register, I start turning on the coffee machines. As I was warming up the machines and cleaning them, the door swung open. It was Chris.

“Hey Alexa, how is your morning so far?” he asked.

“Tiring morning. Hey, can you go stock the register with some cash before we open?”

“Yeah sure. So how was your Saturday off?”

“It was good, I watched the movie What We Become on Netflix”

“Oh cool” he stated and walked to the back to grab the cash.

At 8am, we were open. The purple doors were open for all who comes for a fresh cup of coffee and other delightful treats. On Sunday mornings it tends to be busy but not as much as other days. People tend to sleep in on these days and stay home. I would love to be them right now. Anyways Sundays are for Chris and I. We both agreed to work on Sundays along with a few other days. As Chris and I start chatting, customers began to walk in. The first one being a common customer named Rosemary. She is a sweet old lady that comes every other day to get some green tea.

She walks towards the counter and says to me “Hello dear! How are you today?”

I reply “I’m doing well, Rose, how about yourself?”.

“I’ll be even better once you give me my favorite tea.” she said jokingly.

I chuckled and proceeded to make her tea. After a few minutes, I handed her tea and she proceeded to head to a small table in back middle, she loved that spot because she was able to get a view of the whole room.

After a little bit of time, a rush of customers came in, each having their own unique tastes. Chris and I tag teamed the rush of people. He controlled the machines and made the drinks. Meanwhile, I talk to the customers and take their orders at the cash register. I prefer this spot since I get to chat with everyone and get to know them. People say I am more of an extrovert than an introvert. I continued on with all the customers, quickly getting them through the line and getting their orders. I see them one by one going to their own areas around the cafe. Some going to the right and some to the left. I wonder to myself why they picked those sides, and what would happen if they switched it up.

After the morning rush, it tends to slow down. It is around 2:44 p.m. and there are four people in the cafe, each doing their own thing. I see that Rosemary had left her spot and continued on with her life. On the left, I see Jeff, a cute college boy doing his studying on his laptop and listening to music. Jeff and I are buddies; we go to the same college. He is a good kid. He does all his work and keeps in contact with his family. On the other side, there is a cute couple giggling within themselves enjoying some pastries. I think their names are Jessica and Riley. They are fairly new to the area. But they’re a nice couple and they tip me very well. Lastly, we got a young kid named Jeremy. He comes every Sunday and Thursday for tutoring. His tutor will eventually show up. He comes early to eat some pastries before the lesson. Then we got Chris, chilling in the back room, waiting for the bell on the door to go off, indicating someone has entered.

With everyone settled in their spots, I sat in a chair, thinking to myself and watching everyone around me. I tend to snoop or people-watch when I get bored. I don’t know if I am the only one, but I do that; I’m not supposed to have my phone with me during work so I leave it in the back room. After some amount of time, I look out the windows and see all the people that pass by, I imagine what each person’s life is like. It keeps me entertained through the hours.

Ring goes the bell, knocking me out of my daze and requesting Chris to enter the room. I look to see a middle aged man walk in. He has a scruffy beard, wearing a grey shirt with grey sweatpants along with a light blue jacket on. I don’t recognize him, surprisingly, but I continue to smile at him. He did not smile back but looked blankly at me. He walks over looking around the room and stops at the register.

I say “ Hello. What would you like to order today?” Right after those words left my mouth, he reached for his pockets and pulled out two small guns. Unable to process what was happening, Chris jumps and pushes me down from this man's view. Bang echoes throughout room along with the screams of the four other customers in the cafe.

Chris screams, “Stay down!” and starts to get up. I didn’t listen and looked over the counter, I see the man shooting towards the people without aiming. The college kid scrambling, the couple screaming, and the kid hiding under the table.

I scrambled towards the back room to grab my phone, but instantly got deterred when I heard the firing of the gun. The first of the fallen was Jeff. He had barely any time to react before the gunman shot him in the waist and continued his rampage. The shooter looks towards the small boy, and points the deadly weapon towards him. That moment Chris ran towards the man and hit him with a chair, the man wasn’t ditured but turned and shot Chris. The young boy was able to run over towards me and hide. All I can see now is Chris laying on the floor, bleeding and groaning. The man continued to the couple. I started crying as I heard the screaming of the now widowed and soon to be deceased girl.

Silence struck the room after the couple and all I could hear was the footsteps of the man and the silent cries of the terrified boy next to me. Those moments were the most terrifying as well as the longest minutes of my life.
The continuous voice in my head was screaming, “You are going to die and so is this boy.”

The boy was grasping to me with his dear life. The man started shooting randomly towards the counter screaming, “You can’t get me” and continued to shoot. Our screams filled the air, hoping for someone to come to our rescue. The man got close enough where I had one choice. At that moment, I grabbed the boy and started sprinting for the door, the man released his bullets towards our warm bodies. The bullet punctured my hip but missed the boy, the boy was able to make it out.

I looked up to the eggshell white ceiling up above me. My ears ringing with the sharp piercing after effect of previous gunshots. I layed there waiting for the end as the gunman was still in the room. I shut my eyes tight with tears escaping. I hear a loud bang that makes my body flinch thinking as if it was the man, but it continues with the shouting of other men.

Hearing, “Put your hands up where I can see them!” along with other inaudible sentences. A sudden loud bang goes off. This is where I was no longer a spectator of the events that occured, for I had passed out from the loss of blood.

Later that day, I was informed that police arrived to the scene and was able to save me. They told me that the man took his life once they arrived. They told me that the man was schizophrenic and was going through an episode making him think that people were after him. During that moment, he was able to get ahold of the gun. That it was by chance that he had an episode and chose this cafe.  They finished by telling me that my friend Chris, the cute college boy, and the lovely couple had passed away. They saved the less saddening news at the end, saying that boy was unharmed and made it out. It was good to hear but it didn’t erase the trauma that had occured.

They left the room as I started to cry, I guess that was the cue to leave for them. All that went through my head was, “I should have stayed home. I should have ditched work” but I didn’t. What could have happened today if I didn’t choose the choices I did. I turned to lay on my right side, and looked over to the clock standing beside me, it read “6:30 am, Monday, May 31 2012”.


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