Malkin;The Dog inspired story

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Have you heard about a Dog's loyalty,Do read this to increase your understanding about Dogs.

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



In 2009,I got a pet dog,Actually an adoring puppy,My parents told that this breed is Afghan Kuchi. Eventually,I was beginning to be devoted to it. In school I was very anxious to meet Malkin. I used to rush home to spend time with Malkin(It's name was proposed by my sister).Malkin would jump in my arms and would lick my hands. Now Malkin was Cherishing with me.

At the age of 4,Malkin was so admiring that our neighbors would propose me to tame Malkin with them and at any reception at our house.Some would even bow to this sympathetic kind,I was physically and mentally attached with Malkin.Now I was in my engineering college when my father brought a pure persian cat which was one in a hundred.Everyone including me forgot Malkin and were fond of that persian beauty.My Malkin was of six years,Now Malkin won't play with me anymore.I knew Malkin was angry on me and I couldn't pay attention to it as I was preparing for my final college examinations.Now Malkin was of six years,Malkin now became lazy and inactive as I knew Kuchis dont live more than 78 months(six and a half).Now Malkin would stay on the roof, lonely.No one was concerned what Malkin was doing.

At the night of 20 December,10;42 PM,Malkin woked me up and led me to the roof,I couldn't believe what I saw,Malkin had made a Moonlight reflection multi-mirror posture,which was reflecting the moonlight on both of us,For the whole 120 seconds,I was admiring Malkin's outstanding creation,Then she went to a corner and laid down,I knew she was taking her last breath,I went and hugged her,I cried long until she had said goodbye to me,her last one.

Next day,when I went towards the store,I heard some strange voices.I saw that Malkin had gave birth to five small pups. Now they would remind me of Malkin throughout my life. 


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