Good morning London

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A man meeting a women on his flight in London ,tries to impress her.

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



London. Time was fifteen minutes after ten p.m. I was standing somewhere near by Victoria train station,and I didn't really know what to do next, because I was almost lost in a maze of London streets.But worst of all, she was standing next to me .I could see the doubts on her face ,and any moment she could have asked me a question:


"Where did you bring me? " 


I gave her a big smile saying : 


-"Helen,What a pleasant evening.Tomorrow, we can go to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street to look at thousands stars in the sky."


But inside me I felt myself to be foolish, and confused. She answer :


-"Yes,but right now I can't see any star at all "


She was wright. Rain could have started at any moment. How could that have happened? 

Two days ago,In Moscow ,before my fight in London,I learned a map of the London district,where I have made a reservation in a hotel.According to a  plan it should have been a fifteen minutes of pleasant walk from  Hyde Park Corner Underground Station to the hotel.

And, only five hours ago I set in a chair on a plan on flight from Moscow to London,and I felt myself to be intelligent,venturesome,and adaptable.A pretty young woman was sitting next to me by the window. Behind the window there were a white clouds  formation,that looks like a beautiful  fairytale Castle.I started small talk. She answered with smile. Having got such an ancouragement,I couldn't stop talking. It's turned out that we used the same website to buy ticket, and, oh God ,the samewebsite  to make reservations in hotels. And,twice oh God, we have reservations in the same hotel. What could I say?

I said :


"What is your name?"


She answer:




I want to look smart,and I tried to convince her that the most attractive way to learn about a new city is not taking taxi, but using public transportation.To lure her more I said that a company ,I work for, wants to open a new  London Metro Guide Tour, (that was completely untrue), and she could be part of it. She agreed,and I was happy.  I felt music inside me ...


"I am in heaven , I am in heaven. " :


a famous Fred Astaire line crossed my mind.

After passing passport control at terminal 2 Heathrow airport, we set foot on British soil.On the wall there was huge banner saying :"England is a part of Europe", and the small one  :"We don't accept Euro only  pound sterling. Of course, I forgot to exchange rubles for pounds in Moscow. We quickly found metro station of the blue Piccadilly line. A Ticket agent was very generous,and gave me seven pounds for ten euro, a price of a one-way ticket to the center of the London was 6 pounds. One pound was left.

As that was planned ,we got off metro at  Hyde Park Corner Station.

Evening was in full swing - Sky was completely dark, and there were few people around.In front of us there was a big circle full of  cars.Each car, after quick movement on the arc, disappeared into one of the five streets at their intersections with circle. I needed Grosvenor PL(place).street. But all buildings were so far away ,and  it was impossible to read the names of streets on plates. Which one of them was Grosvenor PL(place).street? I continued to smile ,she smile me back,but clouds of doubts began to move upon me.I have twenty percentage probability to get the right street. What should I do?To acknowledge that I was too much self -confident,and take a cab, or take chances. I chose the last.

After emerging from an underpass at an opposite part of the circle, I red on the plate of building in the beginning of a street:" Grosvenor PL(place) "! Thanks God! But the next fifteen minutes were disastrous. And,time was fifteen minutes after ten p.m. We were standing somewhere nearby Victoria station.I didn't really know what to do next, because was almost lost in a maze of London streets.

Suddenly,I saw two Asian girls approaching us. Pretending that I was still in control of the situation, I said to my companion:


-" I needed to ask these girls about Westminster Abby's opening time",


and l went forward alone.  After my appearance the girls start smiling, as Asian girls always do.I said to them:


 -"Help me,I am lost".


One of them opened Google Maps on her iPhone, and said :


-"You have to go this direction",


and pointed toward the most darkest street around.We went.In the end of the street there was T shaped intersection. On the right, I saw a pub at corner the next intersection. Two young Englishmen were smocking at the entrance. I asked them : 


 "How can I find Belgrave Rd?". 


One of them said :


"I am not pretty sure,but you  should go this road,and the road will lead you to Belgrave Rd. 


Indeed, at the next intersection I saw plate "Belgrave Road", and there was our hotel no more then one hundred meters on the left,and a receptionist gave a key to my companion,and she went to her room with smile,and the receptionist said 


:" You reservation is also okey, please,give me your credit card."


I answered:


"I don't have the card with me",


and I showed him a statement from my bank account. 


-"you see,I paid money for hotel"


He answer:


"Yes,we got your money,but we still need not only your credit card number,but your credit card itself,sorry it is our regulation"



That was a disaster again.It turned out that my smart decision to use a virtual  account number to pay for hotel instead of a real credit card number was absolutely wrong.Generally, it is a good idea to use a virtual number instead of real one,when you are buying something on-line,because a virtual number could be used only once. And after that it is useless. But there isn't real plastic card for virtual number.


"I need your card,sir" :


repeat the receptionist. 


What could I say. If he didn't know about the existinance of virtual numbers for credit cards, my explanation could have made him  to think that I am thief , and I  would have spent the rest of the night in the nearest police station.My last resort was to show him my passport. He looked at my passport ,and I saw the doubts on his face. But he said:"


"No sir,I can't let you stay at our hotel.


I walked out the the hotel. Where could I go? Should I go back to the pub to make new friends?Not a bad idea. While I was still deciding my fate, a front door of the hotel was opened ,and the receptionist said  :


"I just called to my manager,and he decided to let you stay at the hotel"


That was a real win for Special Relationship  between The United Kingdom and United State.An Englishman couldn't let a person carrying an American passport spent the night on London streets,even if some regulations should be broken.

In the morning ,I waked up feeling myself to be intelligent,venturesome,adaptable.Through the window I could see the roof of Westminster Abby far away. Good morning London


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