A Mother's Love

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A selfish and psychotic mother tries to mould her own daughter into becoming the young woman that she wanted to be herself.

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



It is known and sometimes not even uncommon for parents to apply unnecessary amounts of pressure on to their children in order to live their lives through them. It's common and normal for people to want their children to progress and do something better than they ever could, but manipulating and cherry picking certain elements to add or remove to a child's life for it to suit the parents specific agenda can be hell for the child to go through.

Vallery Stock always has been somewhat of a lonesome woman. Happy enough that way, she never felt the subliminal pressure that some people do to get married young. With a highly paid job herself, Vallery can afford to live in a 4 bedroom house by herself. A woman that's very specific of how she likes things done, it's her way or no way. Living like this for quite some time can become boring, repetitive and monotonous - even if you do like to have routines set out for yourself. Eventually, almost by mistake, Vallery met someone. Only for one night, but it happened. A man on shore leave from the navy. A very uncharacteristic move of her but it happened. Unsure of who this random man actually was, Vallery didn't make much of an effort to get back in contact with this man to let him know she had fallen pregnant. It didn't bother her too much as she'd prefer to be independent and was more than happy to bring the child up herself. Being financially stable and living in a house that is more than comfortable enough to bring up a child, Vallery set up a baby's room and decided it's better to keep the whole thing quiet. Being somewhat isolated from society (through her own doing) it would prove relatively easy to keep her pregnancy discreet. Eventually, Vallery gave birth to Cassie. Having always dreamed of having her very own daughter, Vallery had almost everything planned out before Cassie could even walk. The first few years were as typical as you can imagine an upbringing is, but during this time, Vallery is thinking about what she wants her daughter to be interested in. She is already plotting her daughters personality, looks, interests and hobbies and even her career. It's stuck in Vallerys mind that she knows what is best for her daughter and doesn't accept the possibility that Cassie can make her own decisions when she's old enough. Cassie grew to be a bright, fun loving child but was already slowly being moulded into the image of what a little girl should look and act like - according to her mother. Vallery had a very outdated or as she would prefer to call it - traditional view on what little girls should look like. Long, ponytailed hair, skirts, knee high socks and a delicate and innocent look about themselves. At the age of 8, Cassie adapted almost completely to the lifestyle her mother had set out for her. She acted and ate what she was told to and even got told what things she wasn't supposed to like. Cassie was somewhat of an outcast at school, trivial and typical things that stood out to school kids - like her 'outdated' appearance. Realising that there are other things out there compared to what she has been brought up to forcefully enjoy, Cassie seeked to try other things as apposed to sticking to the pre-made guidelines Vallery has made for her. Upon confronting her mother about wanting to play football at school, Vallery screamed in Cassies face whilst holding onto her pigtails that she will "Get the scissors again" if she doesn't do what she is told. It's as if Cassie is her mother's own barbie doll that she can dress up however she wants to. With 9 hard slaps on the back of her thighs, leaving marks, she sends her to her confined room without anything to eat. Up until Cassie was ten, her life became more miserable and the things her mother did to her became more grotesque. The physical punishments Vallery gave Cassie were always done in places that could not be seen by the public or by anyone (teachers especially) at school. A technique Vallery called 'straightening' which she claims is good in the long run to alter Cassies posture to turn her into a 'proper young woman'. 5 hard beatings with a studded paddle to Cassies lower back, to help her stand up straight. The lifestyle set out for Cassie began heavily taking it's toll on her. Being told what to do, wear, think and eat 24/7 drains her and causes severe pain when she tries to rebel. The treatment she is receiving in her upbringing is all she knows so she presumes that this kind of abusive behaviour is normal. Not because of fear of her mother, but more because she doesn't know what people will think of her, Cassie remains quiet about what goes on behind closed doors.

Vallery is a very vindictive, spiteful woman. She always has had a touch of jealousy in her life before becoming a mother but this evil side of her is showing more and more each day. She never had much of a childhood herself and was never seen as 'good enough' by her father. The reason Vallery is trying to mould Cassie is that she is forcing her to lead the life that Vallery wanted herself when she was younger. In her appearance, it is clear she is always trying to prove something to whoever it may be. Even though she is independent, she constantly seeks the approval and attention of others - even if they're strangers. Tall, slim and always well dressed, Vallery prides herself on her appearance. Her face has a distinctive 'evil' look about it - like what you would see in a typical cartoon of the villain. Sharp cheek bones and a defined jaw line, big brown eyes that pierce through anyone she glares at - Vallery is very careful about her look. Hours of preperation every morning, perfecting her image - even if she isn't leaving the house that day. She's trying to teach Cassie to be the same way. In her mind, she sees herself as a good mother and can't understand why Cassie is so curious about other things that aren't in Vallerys guidelines laid out for her. Horse riding is something Cassie actually enjoys doing, but not to the extent that is expected of her. Three times a week without fail. Every time she mounts the horse, a small but definite wince comes over Cassies eyes - as if mounting the horse is causing actual pain. With an aggressive stare from Vallery, she realises she must keep a straight face and stick out the entire lesson.

"A real young girl would love to ride horses. I'm placing these golden opportunities in front of you for you to throw them in my face and make me look like a fool."

Something like this is spewed into Cassies tear filled face after almost every lesson. Being only young and her brain, body and personality not yet fully developed - Cassie gets confused as to why so much is demanded of her through activities or even just being a 'proper little girl'. Presuming that this is just standard life for a girl growing up, Cassie avoids telling anyone else who she comes into contact with the way her mother treats her. Small bruises begin to show on parts of her body - so much so that it raises the eyebrows of her teacher - Mrs Watson. The bruises are easily overlooked as people are aware that horse riding is a hobby of hers. The older she gets, the more Vallery tries to cram into her - creating her 'perfect' daughter. Moulding and manipulating her child into becoming the person she want her to become, Vallery becomes more impatient as she feels like she's running out of time. The hours that have been spent practising horseriding, chores and even how to perform a proper curtsey is unbelievable. Cassie doesn't have free time to spend by herself and Vallery doesn't allow her to have friends - especially not boys. She is adamant that having friends will slow down her daughters capability of learning the way she wants her to be taught. The 'straightening' technique has left her constantly standing vertical, without hunching over at any point 24/7 through fear of being beaten with the wooden paddle. One night when Cassie is sleeping, Vallery gets unchanged and into her nightgown, about to lie in bed. Routinely, before sleep she looks hard into the mirror and makes sure she doesnt have a single flaw about her appearance. Vallery smokes, but only with one of those cigarette holders - like Audrey Hepburn. As she blows out the smoke, watching it collide against the mirror, she holds onto the cabinet that's pushed against the wall. It looks like the cabinet is there to support her lifeless body - as if she's in pain. Her room itself perfectly matches the personality of Vallery perfectly. Almost Victorian style room, huge bed posts, oval mirror and very dim lighting coming from a lamp placed next to her bed. The lamp has a red cloth placed over the bulb to create an eerie atmosphere. She takes a long, deep breath as she stares back at her own piercing eyes. With a very 'defeated' tone to her voice, Vallery asks out loud;

"Why are you not like what I want you to be?"

She leans in even closer to her own reflection.

"I have given you everything I possibly can. I've DONE everything I possibly can and still... STILL, you aren't what I want. I don't ask much of you, I just want you to have what I didn't have. My patience wears thin the less time we have and I don't know what I'll do if I don't succeed."

With her hand shaking whilst toying in frustration with the cigarette holder, she brings it to her lips once more. Inhaling all she can take and angrily blowing the smoke once again in the mirror, she takes a step back and steadily walks around the room as she continues talking. She paces around and uses hand signals so much that you would believe she is actually speaking to another person - not her reflection.

"I mean, after everything I do, the hours I put in... I get barely anything back in return. It's... It's almost ungrateful really. It's rude and ignorant... Why don't you want me Cassandra? Rejection happened to me as a child, please don't let it happen as an adult. I'll... I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I'm not going to let a CHILD dictate to me!"

Throwing the cigarette holder to the cabinet in rage and opening a drawer, Vallery once again looks at herself in the mirror and studies her pinned back hair. Her expression turns to a look of determination as she takes out a pair of scissors and snaps them three times before leaving the room and opening Cassies bedroom door.

After seeing different marks appearing and generally having bad feelings about the entire thing, curiosity takes over Mrs Watson as she takes Cassie to one side after class. In a calm manor, she tries to gather any information she can from Cassie in order to make sure everything at home is okay. She realises what a delicate situation this is and that she is speaking to a child, so she chooses her words carefully. Sitting down to reach Cassies level as she curiously asks what the bruises are from on Cassies arm, neck and legs.

"They're from horseriding. I fall off the horse sometimes."

Cassie replies in a rapid, somewhat rehearsed fashion. Mrs Watson takes note of a mark on her arm that looks like someone has had a grip of her. As Cassie is obviously wanting to escape quickly, the teacher notices her wincing and looking like she's about to cry. Her voice starts to break as she mutters;

"It's so sore..."

A single tear rolls down her cheek as she snivells, trying so hard to restrain from crying. It may seem cruel, but Mrs Watson sat Cassie down and though her tear filled eyes, calmly and in her own time, she told her teacher everything. Leaving even her teacher in tears.

Cassie didn't go home that night. Social services came to immediately pick her up and Vallery was confronted by two policemen at her door. She was taken away and forced to explain her actions and what possible reason she had for justifying what she had done. Vallery broke down and cried her way through a speech as she chainsmoked at the police station;

"I couldn't help it... It's no excuse whatsoever but I was rejected by my own father growing up. I wasn't what he wanted. Like Cassandra, I too didn't have a childhood. Forced to do manual labour around the house and not allowed any friends, I grew tired and worn out. I guess... It's not justified in any way, shape or form but I suppose I was taking out my anger and frustration on my own child. Forcing her to live out the lifestyle I wanted as a child but was never given the opportunity. I carried the loneliness I had as a child silently through life until Cassandra was born... That was the best day of my life, I always thought to myself that I would love a daughter of my own. I wanted her to be everything I couldn't be... I forced her into horrible things and have done unimaginable things to achieve my own selfish goal. The day she was born, something inside me cracked and I changed into what I am now... What I have become. I uncontrollably changed and would give anything to take back what I've done. It means nothing now the damage is done, but I am truly sorry. I hope one day, when Cassandra grows up, she can somehow, someway see it in her heart to forgive me..."

Immedietly after finishing what she says, Vallery bursts into tears and even begs to be given the death sentence.

'Cassie' was well looked after after this incident and was examined by doctors to make sure there wasn't any internal damage or scarring. They found a broken rib, bruises all over her body that were well concealed by clothes, skin peeled off the lower part of her back and finally, partially mutilated genitals that had been cut at certain places with scissors. 'Cassie' is in fact, a little boy.

"And still... STILL, you aren't what I want."

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