Five words

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This short story is about one friend helping out another. The genre Romance was the closest to friendship.

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



Five words. Number one: 

Hmm, he thought, this is difficult. He stared at the blank page, his fingers hovering over his keyboard. Just five words, that’s all he needed, all he’d been asked for. He didn’t quite know what it was about but it for his best friend. 

Five words. He started typing: 

Letter. Petal. Yams. Yellow. Radiance.

There, five words. He smiled to himself, pleased with his accomplishment. He opened up his emails, clicked on create new and attached the document with just these five words to the email. This is what his friend had asked him to do. He typed in his friend’s email address, “five words” in the subject line and clicked send. 

Hmm, he thought to himself. He smiled again, wondering what these five words were going to help with and if he’d ever find out. He had a quick thought of texting his friend to let him know he’d sent the email. 

“Hey Jim, five words in your inbox as I type!” He dallied a bit thinking over this text but that’s all he needed to say really. He clicked send. 

He smiled again to himself, pleased he could help his friend out when needed. They’d been through a lot together through the last year or so. Even him being able to help with this small task would mean the world to his friend. 

His phone wooshed with a reply. “Thanks mate x” 

He wanted to ask him what the five words were all about but then thought if his friend wanted him to know, surely he would have told him. He decided to leave it and maybe ask him in a day or two. 

Now what to do? Hmm.

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