What do you do when pushed beyond your boundaries?

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Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



It's a pain that follows from day to night

All of the hope is too far out of my sight

I feel the foot of a giant upon my back

I feel it all as my heart begins to crack


Lifting this enormous burden is not an easy task 

Others give up. Instead of growing, they put on a mask.

Will i in the end be crushed? 

Will the problems of now be flushed? 


I ask and i look for a way out of this mess.

I feel like i'm just a pawn in a game of chess

Out of these chains i need to break free

To get the strenght for myself and give my love to thee.


But i wonder, will i ever reach?

Or will i be bombarded by this siege

The way out is not something they teach

What's tough is not to be a leech


but to find and walk your own path

and to find your self

To take control of your wrath

And to then put the book of life on your shelf

For your kin to read

Just like you, it starts as a seed

It may not be what they want

but it may be what they need.


Will you take a stand 

although you may fail?

Or give up and strand 

because you're too frail.

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