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Celebrating Nurse’s Week. This topic is so personal for a lot of women. I hope the words of my poem give you moderate justice or personal closure. I have never walked the line as being a Nurse for
Planned Parenthood. My responsibilities within my own sector, lies with assisting the pre-surgery assessment prior to general anesthesia for a D&C due to a Spontaneous Abortion (A sudden
miscarriage). For all the Nurses who walks this particular fine line. I must commend your duty of such.

Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018





A sensitive word, never to be blown out of proportion

With all the decisions, the mental choices

One person facing and hearing mass demonstrations of voices

This poem came to me

For all the silent regrets, or a result of a delivered victory

If this was you, I ask this in general, just what would you do

We glance into each’s other eyes as we lay

No time for initial foreplay

It’s my first time

Two souls blending together beyond the call to change their minds

Sperm greets egg, how do you do

Ecstasy of gyration flowing between me and you

Life conceived through explicit moans through and through

Man tucks his tail between his legs and run

Now I must look out for me, number one

I cannot believe he just up and gone

Left behind, feeling down, and now alone

The once beautiful melody of my heart has turned to stone

Weeks later

Positive home pregnancy test, no need for a calendar translator

 No time machine to go back in time, or a Last Month Menstrual calculator

Unexpected results

Created within the bed of two consenting adults

An internal secret, now hushed

A heavy decision falls on me to have this being, or time must be rushed

No one to hold my hand

Should I take a stand

Or call him and demand him to be a man

Calls unreturned, hang-ups on the other end

Wow, I just found out he’s now got a new girlfriend

He’s moved on

Or melody is now another’s song

An unwed mother will certainly be shunned upon

Sense of responsibility reached out with no respond

Day into weeks

Refusing to meet

No voicemails on my cell phone

This is all so very wrong

Eyes closed in shame for your brewing unethical thoughts

Catholic religious belief from birth I’ve been taught

Thy should not kill

However, does this decision fit the bill

For me to swallow this hard pill

A bitter taste to reckon, as a heart stands still

Of all the nights I surrendered unto him on my own free will

Life inside patiently awaits

As you decide its ultimate fate

Prolife or Prochoice lingering debates

Does anyone remember Roe versus Wade

Still the center of a woman’s marching crusade

Whoever knew

Dire consequences follows the fool

Time easing into the future for me to decide

No more mental free rides

This is your decision, and yours alone

Nothing in life is ever set in stone

 Will halt this poem in the middle of the fork road here

For choices and decisions of a personal nature, which sheds a human tear

On certain issues, I will always turn my deaf ear

I must give privacy as well as respect

For that one person this poem has, or anyone this poem, will ever come to affect

As a writer, I will never try to blanket my opinions on anyone; it’s not my creed

 But what I can tell you, I do believe

 Forgiveness to think about, let alone, do,

Is granted from the Heavenly father; which I will never try to fill His shoes

Whichever road you have taken it is always your silent decision to choose


Poem taken from The Flow Of  My Heart To You III

© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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