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Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018






Looking down on earth’s mayhem, the gloom

Lilies of the valleys

Death toll continues to tally

One by One

We thirst for freedom

Yet, war is never won

We talk of peace

In such limited space we earthly lease

We talk of love

Not spiritually given, if it’s not from above

Inner connection of selves

Feelings cashed in, rewards greater than wealth

Why do I talk of soaring

To keep the mighty beast of hatred from roaring

Rainfall kept at bay without an umbrella as its pouring

Blanketing grief of life as the mind is daily touring

Once my feet hits solid ground

Looking around, hearing whispered sounds

Everyone now talking in tongues

No one worries about their kingdom come

As they say on earth

Strife, killing, and people mentally murked

As it is in Heaven

Justice on the knees given unto twenty-four seven

As you know, I run to be free

Ancestral remnants of no chains as I flee

The wind at my back, walk...run…soaring beyond far

Spirit guiding my destination under that twinkling North Star

Distance as a ghost flashing in the wind

Peace, tranquil, endorphins below I send

Air to survive, breath to breathe, emotions I lend

Wounded hearts finding ways to mend

As our presence stands to be accounted, we defend

Love we always recommend, Hugs of life defined to the very end




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