A Way to Pass the Hours

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I warned you it wouldn't be a happy story. There are very few happy people in this story and not just that but there are very few happy stories in these people. You still insist on reading? Well,
that's your life choice, you really must learn how to make better ones reader. But if you insist. Let me tell you something, things that happen fast happen fast so that you might miss the reality
of them. Don't blink, or you might miss it.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - This Chapter is the Worst Chapter Yet

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



Chapter Two: This Chapter is the Worst Chapter Yet.


Hello Reader. I would ask you to leave, but we both know that is no longer an option. I warned you this story is nothing but a terrible thing. Do you believe me yet? You will, give it time. Settle down, you can’t go anywhere. You’re stuck here but remember no matter how bad it gets or how scary things seem, all stories end.


Rai, who is unimportant in very way, witnessed a very terrible thing. He saw it threw a hole in the wall. He heard Caprice and Puckett in the hall, they were yelling. So being the naturally nosing and over all annoying person that he was he took it upon himself to peep through the hole in the wall and watch them fight. It was then when he witnesses an unspeakable thing. A thing so shocking he began to shake. He was young then, and scared. But when Puckett turned with a ghostly look on his face, he saw the eye peeking through the hole.

If you’ve ever seen something that you weren't supposed to see, and been caught seeing it, you can understand the feeling that Rai had. If you haven’t, I can only assume that you do not leave the house much. In that case I will suggest getting out more, or at least opening the curtains. I will describe the feeling to you, it is like the feeling you get when you are running away from someone in your dream, but your legs won’t move and no matter how hard to you try, there is nothing you can do about it.

That is how Rai felt. He could not move, and his heart beat faster. Within moments, Puckett was in the room yelling. And another storm was about to begin.

In all of Rai’s pointlessly sad life, this would be a moment of great importance, though do not mistake him for being important, because he is still very unimportant, and you should not get attached to him.

Puckett was furious. But sober enough to create a plan. He smiled and said, in a very calm voice.

“Don’t worry, this can be our secret, can’t it Rai?”

Rai, who is unimportant in every way, answered in fear for his life, “Y-yes. I won’t tell, I promise.”

“Good boy,” Puckett said, and grabbed his shoulder. “Help me with the body, quickly boy before Alexander arrives.”

They took the body to the cellar, and that was that. Still there was the issue of the blood that covered the floor and the broken banister.

An issue that seemed to be overlooked by Mr. Puckett.

“I’ll clean up in the basement, eh, you, you get a shirt from your room and clean up the blood.” Puckett said as he hobbled away into the cellar.


Reader, to explain what is about to happen to poor Rai Nolan would be too horrible. I will again spare you, for now. Perhaps it isn’t too late to stop, I won’t tell if you won’t. Leave this horrible book and all the horrible things that happen in it. You will be better for it. Stop now before it really is too late. If you choose to read past this point, I am no longer responsible for what you find on these pages. It is your fault, not mine, after all reader, I really did try to warn you. But if you must know… you must.


“Mr. Puckett, where are you going?” Rai called from behind the odd man. He froze in the front doorway a moment.

“To tell the police, yes. You see Rai if we tell them it was an accident, and that Caprice simply slipped and fell through the banister they will leave us alone about the w-whole thing.” Puckett seemed very nervous as his wicked plan was nearly spoiled by this bothersome boy. But Rai, who is unimportant in every way, being the unintelligent boy, he was thought that this plan was even better than the last and waved Mr. Puckett off.


I hope reader that you are more intelligent than Rai, otherwise you may find this story to be too intelligent for you. In that case I would suggest some wonderful picture books, or perhaps a book with no words. A coloring book might be more your pace. Coloring in the lines can be very difficult, maybe you are better off just watching a show on television instead. Yes, that is a much better way to pass the hours. If you choose to stay I can only assume you have no life ambitions or that you have already watched everything on tv. I really am trying to help you reader, but it seems that you must have your own way.


Rai, who is unimportant in every way decided to not seek justice for Caprice. He thought that there was no real harm done, and it had been an accident after all. It is this kind of thinking that makes a person unimportant to good stories, after all stupidity never saves the day. And so, when Mr. Puckett arrived with the police, Rai felt relief instead of fear.


Mr. Puckett who was a wanted criminal himself, cried to the police.

“I came home, and I-I” He gave a loud sob and buried his face in his sleeve. “He was just standing over her body! I was too late!” He said with a dramatic flair.

“And you say he told you he murdered her?” The officer inquired.

“Yes, he did. He said he killed her just like her killed his parents.” Puckett was a very convincing method actor.

“This boy murdered his parents?” The officer was not shocked, after all wasn’t that how most orphans ended up without parents?

As I stated previously, stupidity never saves the day. And here is an example, as the officer will not save the day because he his … well you know the implications.

“They didn’t have proof, his parents died in a fire, only he miraculously made it out alive.” Puckett suddenly pointed to the house. “He’s in there officer, he’s probably gotten rid of the body by now. I just hope we aren't too late.” Puckett hung his head.

How they didn’t smell the liquor on Mr. Puckett’s breath amazes me. I’m sure even you reader can smell that faint foul scent of injustice from where you are.

The officers marched into the house and upon seeing the broken banister and Rai covered in blood after trying to clean it up, they pulled him aside quickly to question him.

“Where is Caprice?”

“Oh, she, well I’m not sure exactly.” Rai stated shyly.

“What did you do with the body Rai?”

“I-I through her into a portal sir,” The officer laughed loudly.

“Tell me what you did to her Rai?”

“N-n-nothing sir.” He stuttered.

“Is it true that you murdered Caprice?” The officer offensively suggested and not only that but implied impolitely.

“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” Rai cried out as that had been what Puckett had told him they would say.


This is an excellent example of a misunderstanding. Where Rai meant to say that Caprice’s death had merely been an accident that he had no part in, the officer thought that this was a confession and that Rai had really been the one to commit the terrible crime. This tragic event is why it is important to never ever trust people named Mr. Puckett or to never help people carry bodies to the cellar.


“Where is the body Rai!” The officer demanded.

“I got rid of her! I threw her into a magic portal!” He sounded crazy… but that couldn’t have been the plan, could it?

“A magic portal?” The officer chortled.

“No, no, I can prove it! Honestly, I can!” Rai was becoming desperate, and he had already made a really bad decision. Do you see it yet? A new storm on the horizon, I do.

“It’s in the cellar!” He ran to the door and Mr. Puckett nodded at the officer as if to say, please humor the poor boy.

Rai ran down the stairs with such certainty. “It’s around here somewhere… I just. If you push on this rock.” He pushed the rock, and nothing happened. “No, wait, this one! Why isn’t it working? Mr. Puckett, where is the door to the portal?

“What portal Rai?”  Puckett sounded so very unsure about what Rai could possibly mean by that.

“What do you mean, what portal, you were here, you opened the door! Tell them Mr. Puckett! Tell them! It was an accident!”

Puckett gave a sad look to the officer.

“Puckett was with us at the station son, he wasn’t here.” The officer gave a sad look, the kind a person gives when they see someone mentally deteriorating away.

“No!” Rai was getting hostile, “No! I know what I saw…” Had he really imagined it? No, no, he knew what he saw. He couldn’t be wrong. Rai could never be wrong, that is a dangerous trait to have… even if you are unimportant like him. Remember reader, it’s best if you don’t get attached to him.

The officer went over to the other officers and whispered something to them.

“I’m not crazy!” Rai demanded, but most sane people don’t say they aren't crazy. They just aren't.

The officers restrained him as he attempted to lung at Puckett. It had taken him a page or two to realize what was happening in this story, but I’m sure you already understood.

“I’ll get you back for this!” He yelled, “I saw it officer, I saw the whole thing, it was Puckett, Puckett killed her, he pushed her over the banister! He murdered Caprice!”

They dragged him away and his screams of accusations rang throughout the shabby shack of a house.

“It’s a sad sight to see.” Puckett said with pity.

“Yeah,” Said the officer, “He’s so young too,”

“Barely even eight.” Puckett admitted as they watched him go.


They never did find the body, it was like she had disappeared from the face of the world. Oddly enough, when retelling the story to her brothers, Puckett once again changed the story.


“I came home and, he was standing over her, she was already dead. I ran out of the house and quickly as I could. When I returned with the police he was acting wildly. It all happened so fast, he ran away from us, up the stairs, but he tripped and fell through the already broken banister… we couldn’t save him.”

“It’s what he deserved!” Alexander said. Over his time as an assistant to Puckett he had become more and more vexed and less and less like his father. Wherever he was.

“Caprice is dead?” Fred began to weep, this event was sure to do wonders for his writing career, tragic events often lead people of the arts to great success.

Web didn’t say anything. He just stood there and stared ahead.


You may wonder why Puckett lied, isn’t it clear? Probably not, not yet anyways, but I’m afraid the answers you’re looking for will come later. The only question you need to concern yourself with is “Where is the body?”


“Where is the body?” Webster finally spoke up, “We must give her a proper funeral.” Make no mistake, Webster was sad, in fact it was this event that would contribute to the series of unexplainable events that would make up his pathetic life. We all grieve in our own ways.


“Rai wouldn’t say, he didn’t get the chance.” Puckett played the part very well, perhaps his true calling was to be an actor not whatever he turned out to be. “You must stay here with me, I am too sad to be left alone,” The old man sobbed.

Perhaps he finally cracked they thought, or maybe he was just pretending to be a mean old man when deep down he wasn’t so bad. So, it was settled, the three of them would return home and help Mr. Puckett as best they knew how. The three of them gathered around to comfort him, and a nasty little smile crept over Puckett’s face.

He had gotten what he wanted, by what was he after? I’m afraid I can’t tell you, not yet. But when the time is right, everything will be made clear.



one year later after much grieving and misplaced anger.


It was learned by the many years of living with Puckett that he was very much into science, but also magic. Over the years, Caprice would often shut down any talk of magic or tinkering that he might evoke. But now with her out of the way… gone, he was free to do as much as he pleased. Alexander also had become captivated with this subject. They had both found Webster a very interesting subject to follow as his abnormal behaviors were something of science oddities. They had both discovered that each of them, even Fred had a little bit of magic. Fred, who didn’t care for this stuff thought it was silly, but they were about to find real magic.


“Look boys, it’s done.” They all stared at three small circular platforms, which connect to a larger device.

The three boys were tired and unamused by this, it had been a while since the cellar had been lit up with the blue illuminations of magic.

“We can do it this time, this is the time!” Puckett’s chubby fingers went from here to there flipping switches. “All we have to do is open the portal, and…” He stopped himself short. “Come on boys, get on the platforms, it will work this time, it will!” There was a sad desperation in his voice. The kind that people get when they waste their lives away obsessing over just one thing until it is too late… but that is most certainly not what was happening here.

“Ugh!” Fred cried out, “When will you be done with your silly inventions?”

“It isn’t silly Fred,” Alexander chimed in, “Our portal worked before it can work again, we just need to reactivate it.

“You wouldn’t get back, it’s impossible, the book itself says so. You’d need someone from the other side to active a portal, that is when you have the correct set up.” He said eyeing the contraption. Alexander and Puckett exchanged looks. Webster still had no clue that the brown leather book he enjoyed reading so much appeared to everyone else in the form of a blank journal. It was to Puckett and Alexander an amazing and most peculiar phenomenon.

“Come one, try it out,” Puckett urged.

Reluctantly Fred rose from his seat and stepped up onto his platform. Webster also got up, and soon Alexander took his place too. Many buttons were poked and pulled, levers were push and flipped. There was a loud nose as the machine struggle to function. Puckett watch ecstatically and hobbled over to the portal. The light began to fill the room, it wavered and then grew.

Puckett’s eyes widened, he glazed up into the light.

“Puckett! Your machine is smoking,” Fred cried out.

“Just a little while longer!” Puckett replied.

“I can’t stand it much longer!” Fred moaned, he felt weird.

Alexander too could feel his magical energy being drained from him and he was not fond of the feeling however he stayed put, this was the moment he had been working for.

“Webster seemed to be having the most amount of trouble as he stood there unable to speak. His eyes were glowing. And he began to mumble words in another language.  

The machine began to rumble and hiss, the noise grew louder, and the room lit up. The portal began to open, and a moment later everything crashed.

Webster fell to the ground.

 “Nooo!” Alexander, feel to his knees and pounded his fist on the platform. “We were so close!”

Puckett was frozen, he still gazed into the portal.

“We failed!” Alexander was outraged, “We failed again!” He turned to Puckett. “Puckett!” He shouted.

“C-c-c” Puckett stuttered. He had seen something, or maybe something had seen him peeking into the other side. He was white like a ghost.

“Webster,” Fred exclaimed, “Help me Alexander!” The boys lifted Webster up to his feet.

“Aurora,” Webster muttered, as he finally broke into english again, “It’s the only way...”

“Webster are you ok?” Fred asked.

“You’re ok,” He looked at Fred and shook his head as if he woke up from a bad dream.

“Puckett are you ok?” Alexander asked.


I can’t tell you what Puckett saw, not yet. All I can offer you is more unanswered questions. If you find that this frustrates you, stop reading this twisted puzzle. If only to save yourself from a life of high blood pressure. I can tell you that what Puckett saw haunted him, and that it seemed to make him more paranoid than ever. This piece of the puzzle however is not about Puckett, this is about the pathetic life of Webster. Webster himself had his own vision when the portal opened, and his vision was drastically different from that of the one Puckett had. To revel everything, he saw to you would be too much for your mind to fathom, so I will only tell you the most important part. The most important part in this case would be the last thing he saw. A jewel, it was being held by a lady that Webster didn’t know, and suddenly she dropped it, and it fell to earth.



“Find the key,”

“What key?” He looked up at the spirit lady.

“The jewel Webster, it’s the key to everything,” the lady said in a rushed tone, “Time is passing quickly, Aurora is the key.”

Images of the jewel flashed in his mind and the beautiful lady he saw melted away before his eyes.


This was the beginning of a hunt that would last the rest of his lifetime. His desperate hunt for the Aurora jewel. This was the first step on his long and tragic journey. I ask you now, turn away. This is my last warning, for once you begin this journey you too will find that it is not something you can just walk away from. No, it is something that over takes you. I’m afraid it must already be too late, it seems that there is nothing left for you to do except to sit back and pass the hours with me. Understand that the events which are about to unfold before you are most unpleasant and that the tragic life of Webster is just one piece of this twisted puzzle. But remember reader don’t read these words to carefully, after all you may not like what you find.


© Copyright 2019 H.C.W. All rights reserved.


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