A Way to Pass the Hours

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If perhaps you had hope for this story or the characters in it, I am here to assure you that there is none. If you thought, this story can not get any worst, you were once again wrong as even the
most tame chapters have hidden messages in them. I suppose if you have read this far you must keep going. So reader beware of how you pass the hours.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - A Horrific Follow Up to the Previous Chapter.

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



There are many mysteries in the universe, but there is only one wonder so wondrous that it requires an entirely tragic story about it and the people who were affected by it; The Aurora Jewel. A Jewel filled with knowledge from the other worlds. A Jewel so incredibly inconceivable that no one, not even the soon to be famous explorer Webb Morgan could understand the full extent of its power or why a mysterious lady asked him to find it. But this would soon prove to be one of those “easier said than done” moments.

Puckett!” Webster called out in the middle of the night, Webster sat in the dark of night pulling book after book off the shelf; since chapter one they had acquired many more books and shelves to keep them on.

“Puckett!” He hollered.

The peculiar Mr. Puckett snorted with a huff and toppled out of bed. After a small tussle with his slippers he staggered down to see what the noise was about.

“Can’t a man get some sleep in his own home!” He grumbled as he rubbed his eyes.

“Where is it?”

“What?” He scratched his belly.

“The journal? Where did you put the journal?” Webster was determined to find it. He had awakened abruptly when he had remembered something about the Aurora Jewel. This was the kind of stirring thought that comes to you when you are just about a sleep, the kind of thought that wakes you up and will not allow any other thoughts to get thought until this thought has been completed.

“It’s gone, I put it away somewhere safe!” Puckett peeked an eye open.

“No… NO, no, no-” Webster jumped to his feet, “Puckett I need that journal,”

“No, that thing is nothing but trouble!” Puckett crossed his stubby arms.

“But I have to find it, that’s the only lead I have is that journal,” Webster began to get excited. In this case excited means frantic. Not to confuse this with excited when it means happy, because Webster was not happy.

“What are you going on about boy?” Puckett began to raise his voice.

“The book had my only lead in it!” Webster explained loudly, that is to say he yelled.

“Lead to what?”

“The Aurora Jewel!” Webster huffed.

Puckett’s beady eyes nearly exploded, and he threw his grubby hands over Webster’s mouth and gave a loud, “Shhhh!”  

Wide-eyed, Webster pushed him away.

“How do you know about Aurora?” He glanced around the room. “How do you know about Aurora?” This question seemed to be on Puckett’s mind as it was all he could repeat in his hushed tone.

“It was in the book, didn’t you read it?” Webster thought that maybe perhaps the smoke from the failed experiment early that night had gone to Puckett’s head.

“O-of course I didn’t read the book! I can’t read-” He was going to say magic, but Webster seemed to understand as he nodded his head and mumbled, “Of course, that makes sense.”


This reader is what I like to call a miscommunication. These occurrences take place a good many times in this story and in life. Had you ever experienced a miscommunication of your own you would understand precisely how dangerous a thing they are. I warn you to proceed with caution as there are about to be serval very big miscommunications in this chapter alone. One of which I fear has already happened.


“You see Puckett, I read about the Aurora a long time ago, when I was reading it, it sounded to me like the Aurora was a person,” Webster had an intelligent voice.

“But she-- it wasn’t a person?”

“No, the Aurora is a jewel. How I could have been so stupid, I don’t know.”

“I know that!” Puckett snapped almost violently as he had been expecting some other new I suspect. “I know of the Aurora Jewel,” he sneered, “it’s the last thing I need for my portal to work. I’ve been trying to supplement people’s magic for its own natural magic, but it has never been enough.” Puckett had a wild expression on his face. Much more wild than normal.

“Of course,” exclaimed Webster, “Yes if you were to channel the energy from the jewel you would be able to open a door, not just a window, to the other side!” He once again began to get excited however this was a very different kind of excited than before.

“You don’t even know what this jewel can offer you Webster, but you will. Together we have a chance, I know everything there is to know about how to find it, and you-- you can read--” again it should be noted that he was going to say, “you can read magic,” but Webster seemed to understand him “perfectly.”

“I know exactly where to start too.” Puckett gave a wicked smile, he tends to wickedly smile a great deal in this story so just suppose that he always smiles wickedly after saying things, because often, he does.

“Excellent! When do we leave?”

“Woah, woah, woah kid, we? We don’t leave,” He put his hand up to stop Webster

“But, I thought you said--”

“I’m going to handle this part alone, solo, single handedly, without your help.” He insisted, “Trust me kid you won’t be missing out on much, just a friendly chat with a friend of a friend is all. It’s better if you just stay here.”

Webster, though deep down he protested, did not argue with Puckett, he knew by now that he should pick his battles very carefully with the loony old man.


“I’ll go first thing in the morning, and by this time tomorrow, we’ll have our lead.” Puckett was thrilled to catch up with his old “friend.”


(The friendly chat with a friend of a friend that turns out to be not so friendly.)

“Well, well, well.” Puckett gawked up from his tea, “Look who had the guts to show up.”

“It’s been a long time Puckett.” The woman said with an underlined anger in her voice.

“Too long,” He smiled in the nasty way he tended to.

“Not long enough.”

Puckett laughed a very forced laugh, “Busy, how I’ve missed your humor. But really, let’s get down to business.”

“Yes, lets. Tell me Puckett, after all these years, why now did you call me with the information I’ve been searching for?” If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Busy you would know that she had been searching for this information a long time. A very long time.

“You make me sound like an awful person for wanting to help an old friend.”

“We were never friends!” She grumbled.

“Is that how you see it? Well I guess everyone needs a different point of view to keep the world an interesting place, after all if everyone were the same there really would be no fun in that and even, what’s more is there would be no need to help one another because we would all be the same and wouldn’t that be such a shame;”

You’re a wicked man Mr. Puckett.” She interjected sourly then got up in a huff to leave because she was beginning to feel that this was all some big joke to call her here.

“I thought you wanted to know what really happened to your husband Busy, or do you always want to wonder if he really did just run away and leave you?” She quietly turned back around. “Good girl now let’s talk about what it will cost you”

“Just tell me what it is that you’re after,”

“The Aurora Jewel,”

“You stole it from us,”

“True, but I lost it and I need to get it back…”


“And all you have to do is give me a name, one little name Busy and the answers you’ve been searching for for ten years will be yours.”

“No,” She said strongly.

“Not even if I told you that your, dear, sweet Cyrus is... alive?”

“What?” Her face changed, and she was no longer strong.

 If you have ever been told something shocking, something beyond all belief, you would understand exactly how Busy felt at this moment. However, if you have not been told something shocking and beyond belief I can only wonder how that is possible.

“It’s true, and I can even tell you where, all you have to do is tell me, who has the Aurora Jewel?”

“Puckett, please! I don’t know who it has,” But it was too late, he could hear the pause in her voice. He gave a bitter look and clapped unenthusiastically, “well I see you’ve become quit the actress. Now tell me the truth, and quickly, he hasn’t got much time left.”

Busy hesitated for a moment, and then hung her head.

“I hid it. I gave it to the child, C.R wanted the baby to have it. That’s why he sent it with him, even if he is insane, the jewel was meant to be with the baby I delivered to your doorstep!” Puckett raised an eyebrow.

“That’s all I needed to know,” He got up in a loud manner that made the other people at the restaurant turn and gawk at him.

“Wait,” She demanded, “we had a deal,”

“You silly girl, you still haven’t figured it out? Even after all these years?” She stared at him blankly, “ C.R… Cyrus Reddington,”

“But C.R’s real name wasn’t…”

“No, it wasn’t, that’s what makes it a fake name Busy.” He tipped his hat, “Thanks again for the talk.”  He hobbled out of the odd little shop. He had always thought it would make a nice place to live. While all these things were occurring, Webster was about to make a startling discovery.

“I don’t understand,” Fred whined.

“It’s simple Fredric,” Alexander explained with superior poise. “The Aurora Jewel is from another world. It holds certain elements that well, to put it simply would take our place and power the portal without draining us.”

“So, we wouldn’t have to be hooked up to that stupid machine,”

“Exactly,” Webster said.

“It’s not stupid.” Alexander muttered under his breath.

“Well great then, where is this jewel?” Fred who did not usually like to talk about anything except for the grim matter of poetry seemed unnaturally excited about this jewel.

“Puckett said he had a lead, he went to meet with an old friend.”

Fred who was lay upside down on the couch moaned. “Shouldn’t he be back by now, he left hours ago.”

Alexander pushed his glasses up on his nose. “It doesn’t work like that Fred; these things take time.”

Fred moaned again. “Webster, what are you doing?” Alexander turned to see what Fred meant.

“Looking for something,” Webster said as he stood up from looking under the table. “I know Puckett wouldn’t get rid of the journal.”

“Great!” Fred threw his arms in the air, “This again. Big deal Web, we get it you can read the magic journal.”

“Quiet Fred!” Alexander commanded.

“What did you say?”

“What?” Fred said defensively as he sat up, realizing his mistake. “I said big deal Web it’s a journal about magic.”

“No, that’s not what you said…” Webster slowly turned from one to the other.

“That’s what he said,” Alexander said in such a way that made Webster mad.

“No! Stop it, you’re not going to make me feel crazy, I’m sick of you guys making me feel crazy!”

Over the many years of Webster’s life his siblings had made him feel crazy. If you have ever had a group of people who conspired against you and made you feel crazy than you also can understand how Webster had felt over these years of his life. He indeed felt crazy.

“Geez, calm down Webster,” Alexander said in a very calm tone. “You just misheard him, right Fred?”

They both looked at Fred who did not like to play these games with Webster but felt that he had no other choice.

“Right.” He looked away awkwardly. Webster who was normally not easily upset huffed and stormed away upstairs.

“Alex!” Fred threw his shoe at his brother.

“I told you stop calling me that!” Alexander replied seemingly unfazed by the shoe which had just slapped in him the gut.

“What’d you make me lie to him… again.”

“Fredric what you fail to realize is that Web isn’t like us.” Fred rolled his eyes. “No, listen, we lie to him to keep him safe.”

“From what?”

“Himself! He’s capable of things you and I only dream of doing.”

“I don’t dream like that.” Fred pushed Alexander away, “Besides, he has a right to know he’s more magic than the rest of us.” Alexander shook his head the way a parent does when their child displeases them.

“I remember when I was just like you Fred,”

“Right, so many years ago,” Fred mocked sarcastically. “All I know is that I don’t trust Puckett. And after what happened, you shouldn’t either.”

“That was so long ago.” Alexander said with no care, “Besides, science is more important than petty squabbles.”

“Petty squabbles?” Fred mocked, “careful, don’t get too excited t Alexander.”

“Funny,” He pushed his thick glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose and stuck it up in the air.

How one person can be surrounded by so many terrible people is another mystery of the world; it is a sad thing however it is not entirely uncommon. But after all I warned you about how his life would go, but I admit there are things that I’ve not told you. To explain what happened next would be to waste valuable space on the pages. Webster being a very smart boy found the journal to which he discovered a page missing. When searching for the missing page he stumbled on to something much more sinister. Fred and Alexander after arguing the entire time Webster was gone continued to argue until Webster returned to the room at which point they both smiled awkwardly and acted as if they had just been having a ‘friendly’ conversation. Mr. Puckett who would fail to return that day and the next would return the day after that. He returned with jewel, ready to proceed on with his plans. What plans you wonder? Don’t worry reader you’ll find out soon enough.

‘There are strange noises coming from the basement, but what’s this, it seems as though something did make it through the portal after all. But that couldn’t possibly be important could it?’

© Copyright 2019 H.C.W. All rights reserved.


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