A Way to Pass the Hours

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If you thought the last chapter was unbearable, turn away now or question your sinister motives for continuing to endeavor on this terrible tale.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Things Have Taken a Turn for the Worst.

Submitted: November 24, 2018

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Submitted: November 24, 2018



I’ve been lying to you reader, there is something you need to know, the key to the end is Aurora. In time I hope you will understand what I am trying to say. I don’t think you understand what I’ve just given you, but you will. At the end of this storyyou’ll see why Aurora is the key to everything.

It is at times like these that I must remind you, you choose to read this, I warned you it was nothing but terrible thing. But you have questions you want answered don’t you? I told you it would be too late and now I’m afraid you’re stuck here aren't you? No worries reader, there might be worse ways to pass your hours.

“Where did you find it?” Webster looked amazed. He never thought his quest would be this easy, and it never would be.

“I got some help from an old friend,” Puckett made a devilish simper.

“An old friend,” Webster scanned at the jewel over and noticed something quite funny about it.

“This is what a magic jewel looks like?” Fred raised an eyebrow. He was not impressed.

“ Look at it, it’s wonderful,” Alexander gazed at it with an expression so pure and childlike, it could only have been made by a true scientific mind.

“Don’t touch it!” Puckett bellowed, “Dirty this thing with your non magic hands and you’ll be dead,”

“Fine,” Alexander snapped with distaste but for science he would set aside all of his differences.

“Quickly boys, this is the day, the day we open the portal to the other side.” It was something his mind had wondered about for years, the otherside, what wonderous things could be there?

Puckett hadn’t thought about anything else for the last fifteen years, and now, now he had the Jewel.

How could it have taken him so long... fifteen years? That is entirely different book.

After adjusting his machine he began to turn it on however, in his desperation he did not set it up properly. That is to say Puckett made a terrible mistake, one that has plagued many time portal masters for years, he forgot that no matter how many times you play something out in your head, it will almost always go completely different than you had planned.

That is to say that Puckett is to blame for the bane that this story is.

I can tell you something, if not only to prepare you for what is about to happen next, but for the entire story on which you choose to endeavor. For it is one tragic event after another; one of these people does not make it out of this room.  

I think they later wrote a rhyme about this night, “never to return from the fire and the fern, a spirit bent unto the will, of the shy man and…” funny I can’t recall the rest. That probably isn’t important.

He flipped the switch, and the machine came to life. Within an instant, a portal to another world was open.

“Puckett!” Webster cried out as the doorway was opened, “Shut the portal!”

He caught a glimpse of something, someone, it was horrible.

A hand reached through.

“w wofw lfz e nscy, W wlfor uos lk xhp sucm. Xcizr kuj bk tkob, uqvspo liwq xlqyrbfcz. V avmca xhp hokkl'n twjslj, sjwky wgqv lldz ywymw."

The creature shrilled utter nonsense.

Puckett ran to the portal,“Is that you?” He reached out to take its hand.

“NO!” Webster pushed him out of the way, and the creature made an awful noise. The kind of noise you hope to never hear.  

“Get off me boy, you don’t know what you’ve done.”

“Fred shut it down!” Webster commanded.

Fred rushed to the jewel, but Alexander jumped up,

“No Fred, you’ll ruin it all!” The boys struggled with each other, while Webster and Puckett brawled on the floor.

“Let me go boy!” Puckett yelled, as he kicked Webster off him. “He’s gone!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,”

The creature began to emerge from the portal, it looked like a shadow, and its eyes glowed. It was the kind of creature one only hopes don’t really exist.

Webster watched it all as the creature grabbed Fred by the face and it seemed to suck his soul out of him. Alexander who had put the Jewel back, regretted opening the portal and ran at the monster.

“Get off him!” He directed.

Puckett glazed over with horror and mumbled something. Webster ran to the machine and took the jewel off. The portal began to suck in the monster and it let go of Fred. But in a moment, it snatched Alexander as it was ripped into the portal. The blue light of the portal flickered as the doorway closed. The monster was gone. The room had been torn apart. Fred lay on the floor. But the most haunting sight was in front of the portal. There lay the cracked glasses for Alexander.

“You fool!” Puckett cried out, “That was my one chance!” He fell to his knees and turned on Webster. Who held the Aurora in his hands then quickly scrambled to put it back on the machine. They both turned toward the portal, nothing happened.

“What did you do?” Puckett snapped.

“Nothing, it’s… over. You can’t open the door because of the curse!” Webster exclaimed.

“Don’t lie to me, I know-- I know what you did!” He lunged at him. Something had snapped in Puckett’s mind.

“I know who you are Barnard,I know what you were trying to do,” Webster began. The use of his name made him anxious and he became more hostile.

“You little brat-- I’ll make you pay”

Fred who was unnoticed by them both, began to wake up and upon seeing Puckett attack Webster he grabbed the first item he saw, and it was lights out for Puckett.

“What happened Web?” He asked, as his brother grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.

“Nothing good,”

“The monster--Alexander!” Fred exclaimed.

“It took him,” Web rushed him out the door. “We have to run, Puckett won’t report us because of the magic,”

The two of them were off on a long journey. Puckett who was slowly going mad woke up hours later in the basement. He sat up and screamed. Everything he had worked for, it was over, and Webster was to blame. But there was another way, and the jewel was the key. And so, his life mission of hunting the famous Webb Morgan began and would not end, not for years to come. But that is another part of the story.


(Two weeks later)

Fredric Lloyd,” He kneeled.


“You have a gift,”

“I don’t understand, who are you?”

“I have many different names,” The voice said.

“Please, why do you come to me?” He asked.

“You’re special. You don’t need him, leave Fred, come find me.” the voice called him.

“I can’t--”

“Please come home,” It called to him and sounded so nice. “I’ve given you a gift,”

Fred knew what it was talking about.

“Yes, I know--”

“Fred!” Fred opened his eyes and sat up quickly. “Wake up, we have to go!” Webster shook his brother awake.

“Quit waking me up!” Fred yelled. He had not seemed like himself for a while now. His temper had grown, and he always seemed to be sleeping.

“I’m sorry-- Puckett found us, we don’t have much time.” Webster quickly began to pack the few things they had into a small bag.

“Puckett,” Hmphed Fred.

Webster hung his head. He felt guilty for forcing Fred into this life. It was no life for a poet.

“We always have to leave, we have a day sometimes, an hour other times,” Fred groaned. “I’m sick of it!” He snapped.

“I’m sorry.” Webster offered his best apology.

“No, you aren’t, you’re just looking out for yourself! He’s after you not me! You're the one who decided to ruin my life!” Fred punched the wall.

Webster who was surprised by this outburst of aggression went quiet. He loved his brother, but he knew Fred was right, this wasn’t fair to him. He had been selfish to make Fred come along.

“You’re right, and I’m sorry, but we have to go Fred.” Fred rolled his eyes.


And they were off to their next hiding place, a rickety motel to call home and soon they were settled in for the night.

“Hey,” Webster looked over at his brother who lay on his side and refused to face him. “I love you, you know, that right?”

“Yeah,” Fred muttered, “Whatever.” He said under his breath.

“I do care about you, and you’re right, this isn’t the life you deserve.”

“Would you just shut up already? You and your emotional nonsense! I’m sick of you, just leave me alone!”

“Alright, goodnight Fred.” He turned out the lights.

If you have ever snapped at someone out of anger and regretted it in the morning, you would know exactly how Fred felt when he woke up the next morning and found Webster missing. And you will know how terrible he felt when he read the note Webster left.



I’m sorry, you were right. I am being selfish, I am to blame. I wish I could explain to you why it’s so important I stay away from Puckett, but I don’t have time. I can’t tell you where I am going or how to find me, don’t worry about it. I will be fine. Take care of yourself brother, I wish I could do more, and give you the life we talked about so long ago. Unfortunately, all I can do is leave you with what little cash we have and hope for the best. I’m sorry I’ve ruined it all. I hope that someday you can forgive me, I never should have allowed Puckett to use us in his plans, I should have let you go a long time ago. I know this is much too late, but from now on I will make things right. - Webster.”

Fred held the cash in his hand and wept. Fred never did get the chance to say he was sorry, it's things like this that haunt us the longest.

For Webster is was one place to the next. Puckett closed in on him and after a few near misses and lucky breaks, Webster finally managed to lose him. He found himself in an odd little town on the outskirt of the cost line. A place of unusual characters and events. As for Alexander, we won’t talk about him if it’s too painful for you.

Do you believe me now when I tell you nothing good comes from this story? If I were you, I’d find a way out while you can. I’m telling you now that the ending is worse than the beginning. Some people think there are no ends, but I can assure you, there are. There are very terrible endings, and very terrible beginnings and I am afraid this story has both and very few good things happen in between them.


 “You went away and left me alone,

You run because of a gemstone?

 I saw the magic gate it glowed,

You said it spoke in secret code.

I hid something dark from you,

I don’t act the way that I used to.

Something happened that fateful day,

Alexander Reddington has gone away.

I asked you that night to leave,

Now it’s no longer Alexander I grieve.

What a surprise to see her alive,

I wonder how did our dear sister survive?

A crazy old man who had a bad plan,

Now voices tell me come home while I can.

Visions that keep me awake in the night,

Something is wrong, but I put up no fight.

Tomorrow is a day like no other,

How do I know that you ask me dear brother?

A voice in my mind that tells me of time,

This power is not a victimless crime.

The beast with a hand has taken my fate,

I’m afraid brother that you are much too late.

A poem by Fredric Lloyd, taken from his personal journal.


© Copyright 2019 H.C.W. All rights reserved.


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