A Way to Pass the Hours

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If you insist upon wasting your time away by reading this terrible tale, I can do nothing to stop you. I can merely warn you of the dangers yet to come and hope that you choose to leave while you
still can. I believe it is only fair to tell you this, you very well might be the only person to make it out of this story alive.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - An Unspeakably Horrific Chapter

Submitted: January 08, 2019

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Submitted: January 08, 2019





There are very few things that are truly horrific, you might say that school is horrific, or you may find it a truly tragic event when the waiter messes up your order, yet others of you may find certain movies truly horrific but none of these can compare to what is about to happen on these pages. Now is the time to close the book, return to your everyday life and never speak of this encounter again. A few short hours of counseling should cure you of the terrible things you’ve already witnessed. If this warning has only enhanced your desire to read this chapter, I urge you to seek help and maybe adopt a pet from your local shelter for there are very few life problems that cannot be solved by an animal.


Webster had been working on the docks of a small-town harbor for nearly four months. It had seemed like all his problems had gone away. All his problems had not gone away, in fact they were about to get much, much, worse. Often in life we say things can’t get much worse, however that is rarely ever true.


“Mr. Nolan,” A large man bellowed from the boat as he waved his pudgy arms wildly.

The young man working on the docks looked up and sighed quietly to himself.

“Hello, Mr. Apostolos.”

“What are you doing there?” The man barked.

“Working,” The young man replied softly. Seemingly having satisfied the old man, he continued with his work in silence. Often ‘Mr. Nolan’ had unpleasant encounters with Mr. Apostolos, in such cases as these he found it quite helpful to oblige the old man, however much it peeved him to do so.  

“Mr. Nolan,” The man bellowed, breaking the peace and quiet of the docs.

At this point the very much annoyed ‘Mr. Nolan’ turned quickly to see the man.

“Yes, Mr. Apostolos?”

“What are you working on?” He inquired from high up on his boat, as the odd little man took out a telescope and peered into the wrong end of it trying to get a better view of what the younger man was up to.

“I’m fixing this boat.” The answer seemed to satisfy a one, Mr. Apostolos as he didn’t say a word in response. So, after a minute or five of silence, Mr. Nolan turned back to continue his work on the boat.

“Why are you fixing that boat?” Mr. Apostolos who at this point had turned the odd little spying glass around observed the young man carefully.

What comes next would prove many times again to be one of the most fatal decisions of his life, but sadly it is not even close to being one of the worst. From the time that he left Fred, until now he had been on the run from the mysterious Mr. Puckett. A man so sinister, so charmingly evil and outrageously dress that he deserves his own book. I can say that there were many, many close encounters and poorly furnished motels involved in the evasion of Puckett. I however cannot say that the evasion was successful after all even temporary victories do not mean the battle is won.

 Rising to his feet exasperated, he yelled back in a harsh tone, “Because Mr. Apostolos… that is my job!”

“Oh,” was the only response he got and again silence. After waiting what seemed to him a long time he turned back to his boat once more but before he could even sit down, a voice rang out, a voice so terrible and annoying that it might possibly be the most horrific thing about this chapter.

 “So, your job is just to fix boats is that it?”

“Yes!” Mr. Nolan replied in a huff.

“Well than why didn’t you just say so?”

“I did say so, you just didn’t ever listen to me!” he shrieked, so loudly in fact that the whole bay turned to see them.

Mr. Apostolos stood to his feet and shook his fist at the young man. His face was bright red from embarrassment.

After noticing that everyone was looking at him, ‘Mr. Nolan’ ran off the docks as fast as he could.

And here, is where this chapter should have ended, they should have all gone to the bar got each other a drink and laughed about that one time they embarrassed themselves, however, reader that is not what happened. In fact, that is the complete opposite of what happened. Mr. Apostolos who became outraged, decided it would be a good idea to teach Mr. Nolan a lesson. He decided to find the keys to the boat he was fixing and take it for a little, midnight ‘adventure.’ So, after watching and waiting for Mr. Nolan to leave, Mr. Apostolos being the stealthy man he thought he was, broke into Mr. Nolan’s little shack. This proved to be an easy task as he knew where the spare key was. After doing that, he began to search around for the keys to the boat. After finding a very interesting little box and after opening the said box, he soon discovered that Mr. Nolan was not his real name, in fact he discovered a great many fake passports. The most absurd one he thought, was the name Webster, after all, “What kind of a person would name a child after a dictionary?”

 However, I hardly find Mr. Dynasty Apostolos one to think names can be considered too unbelievable. I digress.

Inside this box was also a discharge from a mental ward. With the name, Nolan scratched out on it. Next to these things and many other things lay a beautiful Jewel. The kind of jewel that appeared to be worth a lot of money. Had Mr. Apostolos been a smart man or even a mildly intelligent one he would have realized what exactly he had stumbled upon. However, he was not a smart man, or even a mildly intelligent one. So, he picked up the jewel and left.

This reader is one of the many reasons why you should not rob people who offend you. And why you should never pick up strange glowing Jewels that you know nothing about, but most importantly this is why it is in poor taste to name a child Dynasty Apostolos.

As Mr. Apostolos was about to learn it is usually better to mind your own business and complain to your friends until you feel better about yourself as everyone else does.


Coming back to his rickety old shack, Mr. Nolan found his door unlocked. Terrified, he might find a particularly awful man inside, he put on a brave face and marched in.

“Alright Puckett, so you found me,” He searched the room for anyone who might be hiding in the shadows. “You aren’t getting that Jewel back, not until I’m dead and gone and even then!”

Webster had declined from his former glory, though he was not at rock bottom… yet. His months of paranoia and sleepless nights had made him an irritable person. He almost seemed crazy. Almost is an extremely generous word.

He entered each room slowly, but when he found the place empty, he began to worry about the Jewel. Quickly he scurried over to his box. Throwing the lid open, he tore through the contents, only to have his heart drop when he discovered that the jewel had vanished.

If you have ever stolen something from someone else and hid it, you would know the feeling of looking over your shoulder. If you have ever stolen something from someone and had them swear on your life and theirs that they would find it and get it back, you would know the paranoia that Web felt. But if you have ever stolen something then had them swear to hunt you to the ends of the earth only to barely escape them, just to come home one day four months later and find that the thing they want most in the world has been stolen from you, well then you would know the heart stopping realization that Webster Morgan just experienced. It was a moment of cruel fate. For he thought that Puckett had taken his precious jewel but reader, we both know it was much, much worse than that.

It left him no choice. He was going to have to hunt Puckett, to the ends of the earth if he had to. Anything, anyway, he would get that jewel back!


Two Days Later:

Mr. Apostolos sat in the bar, his company had just left him when he noticed a peculiar man talking to the bartender.

“You seen this man?” The man asked.

“I can’t say that I have,” The bartender had only glanced at the picture.

“His name is Webster Morgan, he goes by different ones sometimes,” The older man forced the picture closer to the bartender’s face.

“What’d he do?”

Murdered his family, I’m afraid he only has one surviving brother,” He took out another picture, “Fred,” The bartender looked at the picture.

“I saw him around here last week.” The bartender wiped the glass with a loud squeak.

“You saw this boy?” The peculiar man got worked up, “Was he alone?

“Yeah, but…” The bartender glanced around to see if anyone was listening, “He wasn’t right, if you know what I mean, spent a few days here... drinking alone.” He said, but then mumbled, “Drinking a lot alone.”

“And you never saw this man?”  Again, he held up the picture of Web.


The older man turned away and grumbled, “Thanks for the help then.”

Seeing his chance to be the hero he knew that he was, Mr. Apostolos fell off his seat and went after him.

“Wait, wait! Hey! Wait!” He stumbled after him.

“You were asking about a Webster Morgan,” He puffed out his chest, “I know where you can find him.” And upon hearing these words, the peculiar man turned around, and with a wicked little smile replied, “Is that so?”  

“Yeah,” The man gave a small grin. “I might be able to recall where,”

Puckett who was not used to meeting unkind people instantly took a disliking to the man. However, he would do whatever it took to find Webster and the Jewel, so he turned his pockets inside out hunting for change. However, money had been hard to find, and the bribe was hardly enough to cover a drink. But it didn’t matter, Dynasty had come into a large amount of money recently. Very recently. And so, it would seem that this is where the story reaches its peak of despair. That maybe Puckett found Webster and Dynasty got away with it all. This however would have been a much, much nicer ending to what would prove to be a sad and tragic story.

After the exchange with the odd man, Mr. Apostolos returned to his home a happier one.

In fact, he thought that maybe, just maybe justice had been served. Unfortunately, reader, justice is a very complicated thing.

In the comfort of his own home, his boat, Mr. Apostolos sat on his deck and treated himself to a drink. The waves where still, the air was cool, a fog was coming in, but he didn’t see it. No one was around. The sky was getting darker, a low grim grey sky that had swallowed up the blue one. He could hear men, struggling on the docks behind him so he turned around and looked.

“Hey! Hey!” He saw them fighting over a briefcase, oddly enough he seemed to know them and stood to his feet as he hollered out, “Careful! That’s expensive!” One of the men answered with a loud, “Stay out of it Dynasty, you’ve been paid!”  He couldn’t however make out what they were saying to each other. So naturally he began to make his way over to them.

“You don’t understand!” one of the men cried, he had looked entirely different earlier, and now he didn’t appear at all like himself. “It’s dangerous, she’ll kill us. She’ll kill us, all of us.”

“Let go of it!” the other snapped fiercely. The fog was getting thicker.

“Be careful!” Dynasty demanded.

“Stay out of it old man!”

“You don’t know what you’re doing!” Cried the man who didn’t entirely look like himself.

The fog was upon them all.

The other man opened the briefcase, “I’ll show you once and for all, it’s just a jewel!” He took hold of it. They could no longer see each other. Everything was so covered by the fog that it was hard to tell where anything was. Dynasty could hear the men screaming, and the waves, they grew wild and loud. There was a panic on the docks, Dynasty who didn’t know which way to run began to head straight off the docks. He could hear something happening to the men, but he wasn’t sure what. Then with one last echoing scream everything went silent as Dynasty tripped and landed face first on the docks. He glanced up again to see the fog had vanished as quickly as it came, and a figure stood in front of him, it whispered his name. “Dynasty…” He didn’t know how but the jewel was in his hands. “Dynasty,” It beckoned, ashen-faced he stared into the monster’s eyes. “Dynasty…”



Webster had tried his best to find Puckett, but every lead was a dead one. The day was only beginning to end when he returned home.

In life there are times when one is told to go out and get what you want. However, there are other times when it is best to wait and let that thing, which you want most, come find you. And still there are other times when it is best to run for your life as some things that come to those who wait are not the things they want. I digress.

Opening the door, he turned on the light and two eyes met his.

“Well, well, well, I was wondering when we would meet again,” The man sitting on his couch gave a smile, “I’ve been waiting for this moment since the first time we met.”

“Puckett!” There was a moment of silence, and then all at once they both demanded,

“Where is the jewel!”

The look that fell over each one’s face can only be described as a dumbfounded look of disbelief.

“Don’t you have it?” Webster exclaimed.

“You lost the jewel?” Puckett cursed under his breath. “This would have never happened if you had just stayed with me!”

“Good try Puckett, but I know you have it!”

“Cool it kid, I don’t!”

“I’ve fallen for this trick too many times! You won’t get any tears from me-- any magic! Nothing. We won’t breach the worlds!”

“I don’t have it! Would you listen to me, I don’t have the jewel, it wasn’t me” Puckett began. Webster was already feeling hysteric. Paranoia was eating him alive.

“Who would have taken it if it wasn’t you!”

“How about that brother of yours? That’s why you’re here isn’t it?”Puckett said coolly.


No, Nolan, he’s been using Fred’s name ever since…” Puckett stopped. “You really don’t know.” He cracked up. “Man, you really are the world's worst detective, aren’t you?”

“What are you talking about?” Web demanded.

Fred is missing. He hasn’t been seen in over two months. He’s gone Web.”

“Liar!” Webster’s voice was bitter, “You’re a liar!”

Puckett took out a disk and handed it to Web, “Listen Web, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“It’s worth nothing!” He violently grabbed the disk.

 “Kids these days,” Puckett sighed, “No respect for anyone, no thank yous or heart felt concerns. No how are you Puckett, where have you been Puckett?” He bemoaned to himself.

“You don’t deserve my respect, you killed my siblings,” Webster retorted.

“Alexander was an accident, besides I’m not the one responsible for Fred’s disappearance or what happened to Caprice. That was your other brother, the crazy one with the eyes.” He spoke so carelessly that it oddly enough but Webster at ease.

“What would Nolan want with the Jewel anyway?” Webster crossed his arms.

“Dunno,” Puckett shrugged, and pulled out a flask but shook it violently when he found it was empty. “I thought that’s why you were tracking him,”

“I wasn’t,” Webster was uncomfortable at the thought of Rai being around somewhere lurking in the dark, wanting to finish the job. “How did you find me?” He said almost bitterly.

“I got lucky is all, I thought you were tracking Rai after Fred disappeared, but no one had seen you until this guy told me how to find your address.”

“Who?” Webster was furious at the double-crosser.

“I didn’t get his name, he was older, and fat, and really the worst kind of person,” Webster wondered if Puckett knew he was describing himself. “Just the worst, can you believe that buffoon made me empty my pockets to him! No man makes Barnard W. Puckett empty his pockets! No man!” He hammered his fist down on the couch.

“Dynasty,” Webster mumbled under his breath. But thought about it more and more, until he made a shocking revelation. “Dynasty didn’t know my real name.” He was agitated by this, and suddenly he realized what must have happened. “Oh no.”

“What, what who took the jewel?” Puckett was anxious.

“Dynasty stole the jewel,”

“That old coat rack? You mean to tell me that that no good boat bum managed to steal the most powerful artifact in the world!” Puckett was enraged. “There is no way that balding rat out smarted me!”

“He’s in danger, the jewel will curse him for sure!” Webster voiced concern while fumes pooled out of Puckett's ears.

They both glanced at each other as if to say, “How did we get here?” And reader, there will be many times in life where you will have the same silent exchange where you both ask the question, “how did we get here?” It is a moment where you don’t remember the in-between, only the beginning. And every unfixed mistake that created a problem, that is the truth. Little by little is how you got here. Try not to think about it too much, it only leads to despair. Try not to think about it too much.

A scream of horror arose from outside on the docks. They rushed to the window to see Mr. Dynasty Apostolos standing alone on the docks, walking slowly to the edge. They exchanged a hesitant glance, then bolted after him.

“Mr. Apostolos!” Webster cried out, but suddenly stopped when Puckett held him back.

“No Webster! Stay back, it’s not safe! He’s already as good as dead now, just let things play out.”

He fought Puckett but when he broke lose it was too late. Dynasty gave a cry “uyee alza inp, E wayz klbmfj.” But the voice was not his own.

“You!” Webster turned on Puckett with angry eyes. “You can’t keep trading lives!”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want!” Something in his voice terrified Webster. It must have been the truth in his voice, after all nothing is scarier than the truth. Even lies don’t always hurt as much as the truth, and the truth is… no. Not yet, you aren’t ready, turn away before you find out what you’ve really discovered.


Though either of them knew it at the time, they were both being hunted down by a third party. Another player has entered, or should I say re-entered the pages of this, tragic story. Yes, I’m afraid our lady has wondered into something that would begin the end of her. I find that is only fair to tell you. You will probably be the only one to make it out of this story alive.



The little bell on the door of the pub rang and the click of her shoes echoed in the abandoned place. Without even looking up the bartender, who was cleaning off the counter said,

“Sorry, Clayton, I can’t help you out anymore. The boss is getting on my back about it.”

“What about me? Would you help me out?” She said, stopping at the counter and taking a seat. He hadn’t been expecting to hear a woman’s voice.

“I… err” He stammered, “What can I do for you?” His eyes nervously glanced around the empty pub.

“Have you seen this boy?” The bartender glanced at the photo.

“Yeah, Fred isn’t it? What are you looking for this kid’s brother too? Huh, you and that detective?”

“Fred?” She said, not hiding her misbelief well.

“That’s what the detective called him.”


“Yeah some detective was in here looking for that kid,”

“Kid,” She looked concerned.

“Yeah, said he murdered his family, that boy” He pointed to the picture, “Was the only surviving member.” She stared down at the picture.

“Rai.” She muttered, getting up she called over her shoulder, “Thanks for the help,”

As she rushed out, she bumped into a boy who was rushing into the store. “Sorry, he tipped his dirty cap.” She didn’t stop a moment to reply.

That’s when she heard it, the screaming. And she could feel it, it’s presence, and it knew she was near. After all her powers were stronger than even, she knew.

She rushed toward the docks, and when she arrived her heart stopped a moment. Puckett was there, he seemed to be fighting with… it couldn’t be. Webb Morgan. She froze, they hadn’t seen her, and she slipped into the shadows.


“Where’s the jewel!” Puckett exclaimed.

Webster stood in disbelief, it was gone, vanished. All the chaos that Puckett had put him through and for what? The jewel to disappear? He began to laugh hysterically; the kind of laugh people laugh when after all their effort things still don’t work out and nothing was worth it.

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