Basketball Finals

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This is a poem about a basketball finals

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



I am told by many of you that I should forgive,

And so I shall, after I get the ball through the hoop.

But I with mournful tread, walk around the court

Because the loss of my team

The net had one eyehole, and you managed to get through it?

The final three pointer through the net.

My skin has betrayed me,

As I stumble onto the slippery court

I was the loss of my team.

I walk into the locker room,

Hear whispers, a code I knew but can’t remember

Walk back out on court,

Opposing players celebrating with McDonald’s.

Above all the friends I had made,

No one uttered a word to me

Next day was training day,

Other people working hard

Harnessing themselves, an ox to a heavy cart

Game day, I run up and down court

Dribbling the ball,

Working with it through my fingers,

With the palm of my hand.

I dribble while running,

Feeling like I’m conquering limbs, astride from land to land.

But with the opposing team behind and in front,

Side to side,

They charged after me,

But I was faster.

The ball goes through the net.

Fans yell and come darting off the bleachers.

When could their glory fade?

O the charge they made!

It was officially the end of the season,

and I had won it.


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