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We're our own worst enemy when we get the chance to be.

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



My pain is saturated by flesh painted

or pleasure sated fascinations

navigated by hate filled lies 

and exaggerations.

As I bite into my cheek, you punch me, I bleed

you reached into my cage as I wore it on my sleeve.

Lacerate the beat and suffocate the weep

I can no longer see the spoken compassion I seek.

I bled, so I bleed, the angel that I saw hid her 

true heart locked away with no key. 

You demand that I concede or I am less than the we

she suggest that I take it, so Instead I took heed.

I bled, so now I just bleed. I bleed, I bled for you from my heart,

from the lounge of that seat, to the bed of those sheets.

I bled, so now I just bleed. The pain is so real

and your love I can never feel. 


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