The Assassin And The Prostitute

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Agent I (Isaac) falls for a prostitute named Charlotte. Both hate their jobs but can't see a way out of the situations they are in. After Isaac kills to protect her before his boss refuses to let
Isaac go and kidnaps Charlotte, using a special serum to make him obedient, he order him to kill Charlotte, but will he kill the love of his life?

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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Submitted: May 09, 2018



The Assassin And The Prostitute

Staring down the scope of his rifle, his target moved seamlessly into his viewfinder. Calmly he squeezed the trigger and watched as his target went down and messaged his client, ‘Your cleaning is ready to collect.’

He packed away his rifle and joined a crowd peacefully walking back to Head Quarters to receive his payment. He blended perfectly in with the crowd, the police racing by had no idea they just drove past the killer they were hunting.

Every night he stalks his target and kills for money, using his skills with guns to fund himself, unable to do anything else, he joined an organisation that promised to pay him well for services as long a he followed one simple rule. Not to kill someone without a contract.

A simple enough rule to follow but not when you’re in love.

Every night she walks the streets for money, selling her body to fund herself after her fathers condition worsened and he died as a result of complications. She desperately wants a way out of this life but has no other way of supporting herself and paying off the debts her father left behind.

With no other family to help out and no one willing to give her so much as an interview, she is trapped in a vicious cycle, living hand to mouth.

Eventually to help ensure her safety she joins a group that runs a chain of love hotels. The Boss started explaining, ‘The rules are strict but fair. 1. No servicing clients that haven’t paid the cover. 2. No lover contracts are to be taken or accepted. 3. 10% of your fee goes to the hotel. 4. No using the hotel rooms without a paying client unless you have my permission. 5. Spot checks for disease are carried out on every girl at least once a month.’

Her Boss continued, ‘Rooms 1-99 are normal sex rooms. Rooms 100-199 are kink rooms, guys who want to be called Master, see you in a maids or nurses outfit, you know stuff like that. Rooms 200-299 are specialist kink rooms, guys that want to use toys and light tie and dress up games, but nothing to intense. As for rooms 300-350 there are our hardcore S&M, bondage, group and special request rooms. I won’t put you in those unless you’re happy to do it. But while you’re staying here room 55 is your room.’

‘If a kink is requested while you’re staying there and you’re happy to do it, then go ahead, but when you move out remembering what which room means what, will help you guess what kind of clientele you gonna have.’ he turned to her, ‘You got it?’ she nodded, ‘You got a stage name, sweetheart?’ she shook her head, ‘Crystal Chandelier will work for you.’ she smiled and nodded.

The pay and security is far better than on the streets by herself, plus, they allowed her to stay in her room until she had enough money to move out. Her Boss said, ‘While you’re living here we will take 20% of your fee until you move out then it becomes 10% understand?’ she nodded, ‘Good.’ he left her outside her door.

She walked in expecting red walls and big beds but it was just an ordinary hotel room. She had a different client every night but that was no different from the streets. She was always given the chance to decline a contract if she felt uneasy about accepting them but she took them all.

Realising she can charge extra depending on the specifics of what the client wanted, doing simple kinks like sex in the shower or dress up earned her extra money and wasn’t to hard to do.

On the whole she was well cared for and looked after at the love hotel.

After working there for a little over a month she realises one of her clients who comes every Tuesday night doesn’t ever use her for sex. He just comes to talk to her about anything that’s on his mind, trivial stuff mainly.

He is tall and muscular, although he tries to wear clothes to disguise it. His face is pleasing to the eye and he is always clean shaven. His short blonde hair cut in a style that serves only emphasises his good looks. Green eyes that are easy to get lost in.

Every Tuesday night he buys her, only her. He refuses to be seen by any other girl and booked her in every Tuesday night for the next six months. She can’t understand why, she has brown eyes and brown hair, no beauty features of note nor anything special about her.

Tuesday night came and he entered her room. She smiled, ‘Welcome back sir! How may I serve you today?’

He sat down and loosened his tie, ‘You can tell me your real name.’ she was confused, ‘Miss Crystal Chandelier can’t be your real name.’

She sat next to him and stroked his arm, ‘Is that truly all you desire?’ she started kissing and sucking on his neck and ear.

He gently pushed her off, ‘You know you don’t have to do that stuff with me.’ he looked her straight in the eyes, ‘I mean it I really want to know your true name.’

‘Charlotte Bennett.’ she smiled, ‘My real name is Charlotte Bennett.’

He stroked her hair behind her ear, ‘It suits you.’ her heart started pounding as her thoughts raced wanting him to kiss her but he turned away, dropping his hand away from her.

She thought, ‘He never so much as kisses me. He lies with me but, he’s only ever touched my shoulder or my face, I don’t understand. He’s paying for me yet he’s not using me like everyone else who’s paid for me does. Is he just that lonely?’

She turned to him, ‘Well come on I told you mine now you tell me yours.’

He didn’t move a muscle, ‘I can’t tell you that. It’s for your own safety that you don’t know.’

‘Give me an initial and I’ll pick a name at random, since you’ve booked so many sessions with me it’ll be easier if I had something to call you by.’ Charlotte replied.

‘I’ he replied.

‘I huh?’ she thought for a moment, ‘I know Isaac. I’ll call you Isaac is that ok with you?’

He smiled, ‘Isaac huh? Yeah I like it.’

Charlotte asked, ‘What do you want to do now? You’ve paid for two whole hours!’

Isaac smiled, ‘I just like talking to you. You make me feel better.’

‘I’m glad I can help sure but, why come to a love hotel just to talk it seems a little strange.’ she answered.

Isaac chuckled, ‘Well I never claimed to be normal.’ he put his arm around her and fell back onto the bed. Charlotte blushed, she had never really lay in bed with anyone. Usually after the client has gotten what they wanted they leave straight away, but he was different.

Somehow without saying a word he can make Charlottes heart pound and her thoughts run away with her. As she lies on top of him while he talks she gets fleeting glimpses and flirtatious glances at his muscular form.

After three months she began craving the Tuesday night visits with Isaac, every night she’d learn a little more about him, he would let something personal slip through all his nonsense and what if stories.

He didn’t seem to even notice, so she never pressed for more information on it nor let on she knew about it at all, fearing he would stop his visits.

She had finally saved enough for her own flat, so work gave her a phone so they could contact her with her contract list. Her flat was only one room, a kitchenette and a bed, the bathroom was down the hall but she was happy that she had somewhere to call her own.

Tuesday night she told him she had finally been able to afford a flat, he asked her, ‘Do you like working here?’

Charlotte grew silent not wanting to answer but found herself confiding in this man, ‘No, I hate it, selling myself to a different man every night isn’t exactly what I wanted to do with my life.’

‘Then why do it? Why don’t you just quit?’ he asked.

‘I don’t have any experience doing anything else so no where but love hotels or brothels will hire me.’ she sat next to him, ‘My father was a gambler, he racked up a serious debt with some bad people. Mum left me with him after dad lost his job, the house and everything else.’ she sighed, ‘After he died, debt collectors found me wanting their money back, no matter where I hid or what I did they found me.’

‘Did they just want money?’ asked Isaac.

‘Yeah, just money. That’s how I started selling myself. Even if I only gave them £100 they wouldn’t hit me.’ she replied, ‘They never used me as a prostitute. They wanted money not sex.’

Isaac reached into his pocket and handed her a huge pack of money she was shocked to be handed this much, ‘There’s a lot more where that came from.’ she looked at him, ‘Be mine and mine alone.’

‘Isaac?’ she blushed and handed it back to him, ‘No, I don’t want to owe people anymore. Besides, I work here we can’t accept lover contracts.’

‘I understand. That wasn’t what this was but I understand your suspicion over my intensions. Forget I said anything.’ he replied. He stood up, ‘The hours nearly up.’ he went to the door when she grabbed his shoulder and rested her head on his back.

‘Thank you. Please come again.’ she replied, ‘I like your visits.’

He huffed, ‘I’ll see you next week then.’ he left without another word.

On Saturday night she received a message on her work phone, ‘Your presence is requested immediately at room 285.’

She thought, ‘Great! Another specialist kink contract?!’ she sighed and went to the room.

Knocking on the door she got a strange feeling of dread sink into the pit of her stomach. She was escorted in where her instinct proved right as they were five guys in the room with a video camera.

Charlotte sighed, ‘Sorry guys, but I don’t do multiple clients, sex parties or filming.’ she turned to leave when she was grabbed, ‘No! Get off of me!’ he punched her to the floor and pinned her hands behind her back.

Despite her best efforts to struggle she was stripped, gagged and tied down, ‘Don’t worry I’ll be sure to give you a nice big tip.’ he chuckled sadistically. For three hours they took turns raping her, after they were done they cut the ropes and threw money over her.

‘Thanks for an enjoyable evening. I am going to recommend you to all my friends!’ he laughed as they left the room. She moved her arm with instant regret as pain from being tied for so long struck her hard.

Everything hurt.

She pushed through the pain and found her phone and called her Boss, the owner of the hotel, he answered, ‘I wasn’t expecting to hear from you? What’s wrong?’

‘Sorry Boss but I’m going to need some personal time, effective immediately.’ she said.

‘Charlotte? What happened?’ he asked.

‘The contract in room 285, he was very rough. He should have been in room 300.’ she didn’t know how to tell them what had happened.

‘I’m sending up Abi to check on you please talk to her.’ he replied hanging up.

Shortly after Abi came in and saw the bruising on her wrists and round her mouth, the room was in a state of disarray and Charlotte couldn’t stop herself from shaking.

Abi hugged her, ‘Oh Charlotte come here.’ she stroked her hair.

‘I told them no.’ she crumbled and started crying into Abis shoulder, clinging to her top.

Abi saw two men’s belts on the floor, ‘Charlotte? How many of them were there?’

‘Five….’ she whimpered, ‘With…a…cam…era……’

Abis eyes widened with shock, she got her phone out and text the Boss to refuse those men if they came again, explaining shortly what had happened.

Bruised and broken Charlotte wanted to get out of that room. Abi gave her support helping her out knowing Charlotte had recently bought a flat she led her to the exit.

‘Abi your presence is requested in room 341.’ said the contractor.

‘But Charlotte needs to help to get home.’ said Abi.

He answered, ‘Sorry honey! It’s your regular, he’s paid premium rates for you tonight.’

Charlotte smiled, ‘I’ll be fine. You go.’

‘Are you sure?’ she asked, Charlotte nodded. Abi went in and Charlotte walked off, only then realising how unsteady she was on her feet after what had happened.

She stumbled and walked into someone who caught her, it felt oddly familiar but she regained her footing and replied, ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.’

‘Charlotte?’ he asked. She was shocked to hear what she thought was a stranger call her name, she looked up and saw Isaac, he saw the bruising on her face and stroked her cheek, ‘What happened?’

Charlotte played it down to him strangely not wanting him know to what happened, ‘Some clients have specific kinks, sometimes it’s a little tough. And I’m taking some personal time so I won’t be able to serve you on Tuesday. But don’t worry next Tuesday we can meet up as normal.’

‘I’m not worried about that.’ he threw his coat over her, ‘Lets get you away from here. Do you have somewhere to go?’ she nodded and gave him the address.

He walked her to her door, she took his coat off, ‘Here. Thank you for letting me borrow it.’

‘Keep it. It’s going to be cold tonight and by the looks of this place the heating is inadequate.’ he replied.

Charlotte thought, ‘How did he know that from looking?’ she smiled, ‘Thank you for walking me back.’

She secretly hoped he follow her inside but no, he smiled and nodded before leaving. She shut the door and sighed. She looked at his coat, ‘This is an expensive brand!’ she held it up and the scent of his aftershave tickled her nose. His scent alone was enough to calm her, she lay on her bed placing his coat over her bringing one of the sleeves up close the her face so she could smell him while she fell asleep.

Isaac sat alone in an abandoned warehouse sharpening his knife intently as he thought, ‘How dare they hurt her! When I get my hands on them I will enjoy ending their pathetic existence.’

She awoke in the morning, he body was so stiff and achy from the night before, getting out of bed took a lot of effort. She saw her work phone light up, it was her Boss, ‘Take as much personal time as you need, Abi told me what happened. Look after yourself and message me if and when you feel ready to come back to work. That man has been put on the black list, he didn’t make his kink clear at the desk and was given your name as a mistake.’

Charlotte hung Isaacs coat on the back of the door and went in the shower, it made her skin crawl to recall what happened to her last night but then she remembered Isaac and smiled. She couldn’t understand why just his memory was enough to make her feel so calm and relaxed but she didn’t care what the reason was.

She messaged back to her Boss that she was alright to start work again on Thursday, which he agreed to allow. Thursday came and went without incident. She was messaged, ‘Your presence is requested in room 98.’ she sighed and got dressed.

She went to leave and saw Isaacs coat, she smiled as his scent caught her nose. She rested her hand and head on his coat, ‘I’ll see you in five days Isaac.’ she left.

Over the next couple of days it was business as usual. Monday she was contacted, ‘Your presence is requested in room 119.’ she went to the door and noticed it was pouring down with rain so put Isaacs coat on without thinking and took an umbrella.

As she put her hand in the pocket she felt something strange. It was cold metal and what felt like a wooden handle. She pulled it out to see a fully loaded handgun, the shock of hiding something like that scared her, she stuffed it back in the pocket and ran to work.

The Boss was waiting, ‘Hurry up! He’s not known for his patients.’

‘Sorry.’ she ran passed him, she put Isaacs coat away in her cupboard of the hotel and took a breath as she went up to room 199. She knocked on the door, knowing this room was a kink room she said happily, ‘Master, aren’t you going to let me in?’

She leaned on the door to say the next line and it creaked open. She was taken back but entered the room, ‘Master? Why are we in the dark?’ she felt her foot hit something, she looked down to his corpse.

She screamed and ran out shutting the door behind her. She threw up in the corner as her Boss came upstairs, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘He’s dead! I walked in and found him on the floor!’ she exclaimed.

‘Right go home and rest.’ she left forgetting Isaacs coat inside. She ran back home and locked her door.

Later her Boss messaged her, ‘You have one client scheduled for tomorrow, do you want me to cancel?’

She thought, ‘Isaac? I want to see him again.’ she was about to reply when she remembered the gun she found in his coat pocket, ‘Is it safe to see him tomorrow?’ she remembered all her visits with him and smiled, ‘It must be a simple misunderstanding. He’s never treated me anything other than kindly.’ she messaged that she’d be ok as he was a simple client.

Her mind raced at the thought of what had happened and she grew worried about seeing Isaac tomorrow after finding he had a gun in his pocket. She agonised over her decision to work but decided she is better going then avoiding it.

Tuesday night she received the message, ‘Your presence is requested in room 55.’

She collected his coat and unlocked the door, she was always the first one there whenever they met up, it was his preferred way of meeting. She sat on the bed and nervously awaited his arrival. There was knock at the door so she answered it, ‘Hello Isaac.’

He smiled calmly, ‘Hello Charlotte.’ he walked in carrying a briefcase.

Charlotte shut the door and went up to him, ‘What’s in the case? You don’t normally have anything with you.’ she smiled, he gave no reply, which unnerved her slightly, she stood up and took his coat off the door, ‘Sorry I kept it for so long. I would have washed it only I didn’t want to ruin the fabric.

‘I heard you would have had a bad client recently.’ he said abruptly.

Mishearing him she assumed he meant the group clients from before, ‘Oh him. I’m fine you walked me home.’

‘Not him! I took care of him and his friends!’ he answered sharply, ‘I mean, yesterday. That scumbag!’

‘What do you mean?’ she asked getting nervous.

Isaac stood up and opened the briefcase, hardcore S&M equipment, sex toys, restraints and drugs spilled out onto the floor. She backed up, ‘He wanted to use all of these on you while filming, while paying a lower price! He lied to the front desk so he wouldn’t have to pay the full rate!’

Charlotte backed away more, ‘Isaac?! How do you know all of this?’

He placed his hands either side of her backing her against a wall, ‘Come with me please.’

She clenched her eyes tight and placed her hands on his shoulders, ‘Isaac let me go please. You’re scaring me!’ he moved his arm that led further into the room out of her way, she looked at him.

‘I will never hurt you. You must know that by now.’ Isaac replied, ‘I won’t force you but please come with me. I can take care of all your expenses. You’ll never have to sell yourself again.’

Charlotte looked away, ‘Yes I will. To you.’

‘I have never and will never ask that of you.’ he replied, ‘I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore and I can’t stay here any longer. I took this job for the same reason you took yours. I received an order and I carried it out. I never had a personal intension in mind. Until I met you now they’re after me.’

‘Who’s after you?’ asked Charlotte.

Isaac sighed, ‘My Boss is after me, I’m an assassin. I make £10,000 a hit and I have carried out over 500 hits. I have no need for you to sell yourself to me nor walk the streets for money. Please, I don’t have much time.’

‘Time? Assassin? Hits?’ asked Charlotte, ‘What are you talking about? You aren’t making any sense!’

Isaac answered, ‘Assassins aren’t allowed to kill without a contract. I did. I killed that man last night and those bastards that hurt you before in order to protect you! They will find me eventually, but I want to make sure that you are never forced to be in that kind of position ever again. So before I let them take me in, I want to show you where I have hidden my money, so that you can do whatever you want with it after that I don’t care.’

Charlotte asked, ‘What are you talking about?’

‘They will not allow me to work unshackled, so I want to show you where I have hidden my money so you can pay any debts and start over somewhere safe.’ Isaac replied, ‘I don’t care if I die! I only want to ensure your safety above all else then my Boss can do whatever he wants to me. As long as you are safe, I don’t care.’

‘Will they kill you?!’ she exclaimed looking him directly in the eye.

He nodded, ‘Maybe.’

Her eyes filled with tears at the mere thought of it ‘No! You might not care if you die! But I……’ she blushed and looked away, ‘I don’t want you to die Isaac.’ she hugged him, ‘Please, lets escape together.’

Isaacs eyes widened with surprise, ‘Really? You’ll come with me?’

Charlotte nodded, she looked at him teary eyed and blushing, ‘But promise me. You won’t let them kill you.’ she leaned up towards him, ‘Please stay with me.’ she kissed him.

Isaac couldn’t stop himself from kissing her back, he pushed her against the wall and pinned her wrists as the kiss grew more passionate and intense.

He pulled away, ‘Charlotte, I don’t think I can stop myself.’

Charlotte smiled, ‘Don’t worry.’ she slipped her hands free and unbuttoned his shirt, ‘I don’t want you to.’ she removed his shirt.

Isaac flung her onto the bed and climbed on top. He disrobed and kissed her while his hand slipped between her legs. Isaac pulled away and smirked as Charlottes entire body shuddered in pleasure beneath him. Quivering breaths escaped her mouth as his hand teased her.

Charlotte blushed and smiled, I love you…….Isaac... he kissed her with a furious passion, all his sense of reason faded as the passion grew even more than before and for the next two hours, they never left the bed.

They lay together entangled in one another and bed spread, Isaac stroked her arm while his other hand played her hair, ‘Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?’

‘No.’ Charlotte smiled and looked at him, ‘You were lovely.’ she rested her head on his perfectly sculpted torso, her fingertips traced the outline of his chest, ‘So, this what you were hiding under your shirt.’ she joked.

Isaac curled his hand round her and moved her hair off her face, ‘I will prepare of departure, please finalise your plans and get your affairs in order we leave at day break.’ she looked at him, ‘You still want to don’t you?’

‘Of course.’ she smiled, ‘I just didn’t think I’d be doing this sort of thing.’

Isaac gently caressed her chin and kissed her lips sweetly, ‘I love you.’ Charlotte smiled.

‘I love you too.’ she watched from the bed as he dressed to leave.

Isaac joked, ‘You can give your Boss all those toys and restraints as a leaving present if you want?’ they both chuckled. She watched him leave and smiled almost giddy.

She bit her lips and played with her hair as she thought, ‘Am I seriously doing this? Am I actually going to run away with him?!’

She packed the equipment back into the suitcase and gathered Isaacs fee for the night. She went to see her Boss, ‘I’m sorry.’ she said from the door, ‘But I can’t do this anymore.’ she passed him the suitcase and money, ‘The suitcase was a gift from one of my clients and that’s all the money from my latest clients visit.’

‘Why now?’ he asked.

‘Twice now I have been hurt and betrayed while working here.’ she replied, ‘I never wanted to do this with my life, but now my debts are paid I have no reason to continue and I have found a job.’ he lied smiling knowing accepting lovers contracts is forbidden.

‘I understand. I hope you remember this organisation fondly, remembering the good not the bad.’ he replied.

Charlotte smiled and turned to leave, ‘Thank you.’ she cleared her throat, ‘The suitcase contains equipment that can be shared between rooms 200-350.’ she blushed, ‘The client was very specific in his kink and agreed to gift these to the love hotel with no hard feelings over me leaving.’

Her Boss smiled, ‘Thank you for all your work.’ she went home and got the remainder of her stuff and awaited Isaacs to come for her, but she wasn’t the only one.

Standing on the roof oppersite her apartment looking through her window he watched waiting for I to walk through the door. But ‘I’ meets him first, putting his gun to the back of his head he says, ‘Sending a rookie like you? Please? I’m insulted.’ he pulled the trigger killing him instantly.

He went in to pick up Charlotte and smiled as though nothing happened, ‘Ready to go?’

Charlotte smiled and hugged him, ‘Yeah.’ she kissed him, ‘Lets get out of here.’

Isaac took her to an abandoned warehouse, ‘This will do for now.’ he smiled he led her through to the back room, ‘Here is where you can sleep for tonight.’

He went to leave when she grabbed his arm, ‘Do we have to sleep apart?’ she smirked, ‘Because I was rather hoping for a repeat performance of earlier.’ she pressed her body up against his.

Isaac pushed her down onto the bed, ‘I’d hate to disappoint.’ he took his jacket off and kissed her. By the time he was finished she could barely keep her eyes open as she fell asleep, Isaac huffed and pulled the covers over her.

He got dressed and walked further into the warehouse, ‘Nice of you to wait until I was ready. So, you’re my cleaner huh? You’re surprisingly late.’ he smiled, ‘So, ‘K’ was only the first huh?’

‘You have two choices ‘I’ you can either return to Head Quarters for retraining and conditioning from the Boss, or……be eliminated here, right now by my hand.’ he replied pointing his gun at his head from across the room.

‘I can’t go back. I refuse to give up my memories of her and I refuse to give her up either.’ Isaac replied.

‘The Boss will be disappointed. Thank you for all your work ‘I’’ he replied, ‘I take no pleasure in this.’

Isaac threw a dagger into his forehead before his finger pulled the trigger. His fellow assassin fell to the floor and Isaac stood up, he sighed, ‘Thank you for all your work ‘M’

In the morning, Charlotte woke to breakfast in bed, ‘Morning.’ smiled Isaac.

‘Morning.’ she blushed, ‘I have never had anyone do this for me before.’ she ate some, ‘It’s good.’ she looked at him, ‘Thank you.’

‘It’s alright.’ Isaac smiled, ‘This is the first time I have ever really done this for someone either.’ she stopped eating and looked at him shocked at the sudden admission, he blushed, ‘Don’t worry I didn’t put anything weird in it!’ he scratched the back his head.

Charlotte chuckled, ‘That’s not why I stopped. I am very surprised is all that you’d tell me something so personal just like that. You’re always so reserved.’ she started eating again, ‘So, tell me. Where are you taking me?’

‘Anywhere you want.’ Isaac smiled, ‘We have enough money to go anywhere you want to go.’

‘Really?’ she exclaimed, ‘How much do you have?’

Isaac smiled and stood up, ‘Come and see.’ he led her to the other room where he had stored around a third of his money, but it was still an impressive amount.

‘WOW!’ Charlotte answered, ‘You weren’t kidding!’

‘This is only a third I have two other secure locations houses the rest.’ explained Isaac.

‘How did you even start doing this?’ asked Charlotte.

Isaac sighed, ‘I was 8 years old, my mother was a prostitute and she sold me to the man she had sex with the night before. He took me away and trained me how to shoot. I never once missed my target, there was 26 of us all given code names A-Z. I’m ‘I’ as kids they kept us scared of them to make us compliant as adults.’

He continued, ‘But the Boss was different with me. He always praised me when I did something right and would take it easy on me if I messed up. He was more of a parent to me than my mother ever was, after I was 12 years old he started paying me for hits and always picked me for hits.’

Charlotte looked at him, ‘What is it?’ Charlotte smiled and hugged him, ‘Not that I am complaining but what did I do to deserve this?’

‘I’m just so sorry about everything you had to go through it sounds really unfair and cruel.’ she hugged him tighter.

‘Calm down, it’s not all bad.’ Isaac hugged her back, ‘Besides it brought me to you.’

Charlotte leaned up and kissed him, she pushed him back against the wall behind him, ‘That is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me!’ she kissed him again removing her dress and his shirt. She started removing his belt when he stopped her.

‘We have all the time in the world do this.’ said Isaac.

‘I know. But I want to do it now for no other reason other than being so happy about what you said to me earlier.’ replied Charlotte, ‘I love you Isaac.’ she sucked on his neck, ‘Let me show you.’

Isaac sighed, ‘Guess I have no choice.’ he picked her up and dropped her on the bed, ‘You are so addictive!’ he kissed her, ‘Assassins aren’t meant to have relations or lovers and I never wanted it.’ he looked her in the eye, ‘You’re changing me.’

Charlotte replied, ‘Is that such a bad thing?’ she kissed him, but couldn’t keep kissing him as his hands slipped between enticing brazen breaths and lustful screams to pour out and fill the room.

After he watched as breathed in and out in her sleep, ‘I love you Charlotte. But now I have pulled you into my world. I’m sorry.’ he kissed her shoulder and got dressed, looking out the window he saw light reflecting off a scope and went out to fight.

Charlotte heard the door shut and woke up, ‘Isaac?’ she asked, she couldn’t see him so got dressed and went to look for him, ‘Isaac? Where are you? Isaac?’

She heard footsteps and turned, ‘Isaac?’ a man she had never seen before appeared from the shadows.

‘Sorry to disappoint you. I am not Agent I, I am Agent R.’ he pointed a gun at her head, ‘I intend to lure him out and trade you r safety for his capture. Please, come quietly. I don’t wish last bullets.’

She backed away, ‘Get away from me! ISAAC!?’ she was about to run when she was knocked out by another trained assassin ‘D’ ‘R’ smiled as they dragged her away.

After dealing with the gunman on the roof Isaac returned but couldn’t find Charlotte anywhere. He began to panic, ‘CHARLOTTE!? Where are you?’ he knocked something with his foot. He looked down and saw their card.

Isaac gritted his teeth and fists as he started shaking with rage, ‘Those bastards!’

Meanwhile, Charlotte awoke with her hands bound tightly behind her back and gagged. Still half asleep with she struggled before the gravity of the situation hit her.

She saw Isaacs Boss looking at her, ‘Sorry about ‘R’ and ‘D’ they are a little over enthusiastic. I told them to be gentle.’ he waved his hand and she was lifted up, she screamed as much as she could being gagged.

Her resistance was stifled by the ropes holding her down as she was placed on a chair, ‘You can remove her gag. She is smart enough to know screaming for help will make no difference.’

With the gag removed stared Isaacs Boss, ‘What do you want from me?’

‘Just sit there and look defenceless. Isaac will come for you and when he does he rejoin this organisation.’ he explained, ‘As long as you sit there and behave everything will be fine.’

‘Are you going to kill Isaac?’ asked Charlotte.

His Boss replied, ‘There is no one by that name here. But I believe you are referring to Agent I. In answer to your question, maybe. Depends on how obedient he acts when he gets here.’ he walked up to her and held her chin, ‘I don’t see what all the fuss is about, you don’t look like anything special. Why is he so attached to you?’

Charlotte forcibly turned her head away, ‘Just get on with it!’

‘On with what?’ he asked.

‘Whatever it is you are planning on doing to me! Just do it already!’ she replied, ‘I’m was a prostitute in a love hotel, there isn’t a single kink you could have that would shock me.’

His Boss chuckled, ‘I admire your spirit but no. Unfortunately, you are merely bait. And after you’re bait you will be an example.’

‘Example?’ asked Charlotte, ‘What does that mean?’

‘You’ll find out when lover boy shows up.’ he smirked, he sat back down, ‘Until then, be a good girl and sit there quietly I would prefer not to be rough with you.’

After an hour, Isaac calmly walked in. Charlottes eyes lit up, ‘Isaac!’ she tried to stand up but was tied to the chair.

‘Are you alright?’ he asked walking up to his Boss.

‘Yeah.’ she replied.

Isaac stared at his Boss, ‘Let her go unharmed and I will submit myself for retraining.’

His Boss stood up and smiled, ‘I’m afraid it is not that simple anymore I. You were ready to leave us, you know we can‘t have that.’ he moved quickly and injected a blue serum into his neck.

Isaacs eyes glazed over as he knelt down before his Boss, ‘Who is my next target?’

His Boss smiled, ‘She is right over there.’

Charlottes eyes widened, ‘What?’

‘She has come to know far to much about this organisation and needs to be disposed of.’ his Boss explained, ‘I’m sure I can trust you to carry out such a simple task.’

Agent I took the handgun off him and went up to Charlotte, ‘Isaac?’ she started struggling, ‘Isaac, what are you doing? Isaac, please.’ he stopped and pointed the gun at her, her eyes filled with tears, ‘Don’t you remember me at all? I love you Isaac!’

She closed her and flinched as she heard gunfire, she exhaled to see he had killed the men guarding her, his Boss yelled, ‘Agent I! How dare you?’ Isaac turned to face him pointing the gun to his head.

‘There is no one by that name here.’ he shot him in the head killing him instantly. He knelt down to Charlotte who flinched, he asked, ‘Who are you? Why can’t I kill you?’

‘Isaac?’ she replied crying, ‘It’s me! Charlotte!’

He looked at her confused, ‘Is that my name? Isaac?’

‘I don’t know. It’s just when me met, you gave me the letter ‘I’ as your initial so I just started calling you Isaac.’ she explained, ‘What did he do to you? Why don’t you remember me?

‘Why can’t I shoot you Charlotte?’ asked Isaac, ‘I have never once failed to carry out a hit.’ he strangled her, ‘What are you to me?’

With her hands still tied down behind her back, there was nothing she could do, she looked at him dead in the eye, ‘I…s…aac……I…lo…ve…you…’ he was shocked to hear that and let her go he fell to his knees and stared at his hands.

Charlotte breathed in deep and eventually caught her breath, ‘Isaac.’ she coughed, ‘You can’t…hurt me…’ Charlotte smiled, ‘Because…we’re lovers.’

Isaac looked at her, ‘What?’ he remembered he was injected with blue serum and shook his head, ‘He injected me didn’t he?’ she nodded.

‘Yeah he did.’ she replied.

‘Was it blue?’ he asked. Charlotte nodded, Isaac grumbled, ‘That bastard!’ he sighed ‘I’m sorry about earlier I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ he couldn’t look at her, ‘And I’m sorry for shooting them in front of you. I don’t like working in front women.’

‘Isaac? Isaac, look at me.’ he looked at her, ‘Can you please untie me now so we can go home?’ Isaac blushed, Charlotte blushed back in response, ‘I have never seen you blush before.’ she smiled, ‘You look cute when you blush.’

Isaac only blushed more upon hearing that, ‘Yeah, I’ll untie you now.’ he cut the ropes and Charlotte hugged him.

‘Thank you for coming to save me.’ she hugged him tighter, ‘I love you Isaac, even after all of this.’

Isaac gently pushed her off him, ‘I think I’m going to enjoy getting to know you all over again.’

Charlotte smiled and leaned in close, ‘Lets get out of here and see if I can’t jog your memory.’ she kissed him sweetly, inviting him to kiss back which he didn’t refuse.

They got back and Charlotte kissed Isaac backing him up against a wall. Instead of pushing her off he simply kissed her back while undressing them both.

He pushed her gently down to the floor as one hand slipped between her legs and began teasing her reactions.

They never made it to the bedroom that night.

Three years later, they used the money he earned from his job as an assassin and her savings from working as prostitute to buy a diner.

Charlotte was the head chef while Isaac managed it. They employed four girls that used to work at the love hotel who didn’t want to work there anymore as waitresses.

They closed up and sat together in the house they build, Charlotte heavily pregnant strokes her stomach with Isaac and they felt the baby kick, she smiled, ‘Isaac. Did you feel that?’

Isaac smiled, ‘Yeah.’ he chuckled, ‘I think you’ve got a little acrobat in there.’

Charlotte kissed him, ‘I love you.’

Isaac smiled cuddling up to her, ‘I love you too.’


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