Quake the Jackal

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a strange story

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



Quake the Jackal


The measly canine stood before all the humans.  Fur in tatters, tail barely hanging on.  Blood dripped painfully into the flames of the campfire.  The poor thing slumped by the heat and ashes.  Most of the men and women looked on motionless.  From behind appeared a shadowy figure.  The man leapt to the side of the beast.  He knelt and cradled the stricken in his hands.  The mindless people dismissed the scene.  The lone male took the wounded animal into his tent.  He and his sister would not be forgotten by Quake the Jackal.


The pretty blond girl patted and fed Quake with a few meaty morsels from her gentle teenage hands.  After a sip of murky water the beast of the night, yawned and dozed by the bed.  Quake followed his masters around the campsite all day.  It watched other men fumble about with metallic poles that looked bulky and awkward at one end.  Some had steel cages that appeared quite homey.  To Quake they were dens to play in.  Later the men came back from the jungle, the cages were homed by big cats.  Some animals were dragged back, with bloody holes in their sides. 


The brother and sister admired the hunters, but kept Quake at a distance.  Claiming him to be ‘their’ special prize.  The men and women drank and feasted, celebrating their finds.  Some had dollar signs in the heads.  Others just relished in the cull.  Quake just sat by his kinder masters.  They patted and fed him.  The others ignored his presence.  To them he was just a rare living and tamer part of the quarry.


The next day the master walked far with Quake into the jungle.  He came upon a pride of lions.  Some photos were taken, then he returned to his sister.  She marvelled at his shots.  Later that day the pair and Quake the Jackal went to observe the pride.  They had forgotten to tell the others.  It soon became clear that the lions had killed and left a carcass behind.  Being nosey humans, they did not see the pack of canines. 


Before the masters could be torn apart by the savage beasts.  A big sight stood between them.  It was Quake the Jackal.  The pack bowed and backed off.  The brother and sister were thankful of befriending the mighty canine Quake the Jackal.


John and Jane Smith returned to the camp.  The handsome young man told the hunt leader Captain S Churchill.  He was informed of the large pack of dogs.  Also of the nearby pride of lions.  The Cap ignorantly waved the boy away.  Yet his glee invited his second in command to go with him.


They went fully armed.  In the moonlit night.  Into the steamy heat.  They viewed with spyglasses, some hounds picking at a carcass.  The Caps man did not see his own feet trip, as both men descended a gully.  The pair of hard men crouched on all fours.  The Moon revealed many eyes closing in.  Churchill perceived numerous bloodthirsty savage dogs.  Before his eyes his man was torn apart by razor like teeth. 


The Victorian man turned and ran for his life.  The new hunt was on, and he was it.  His skin tore and bled by hidden bramble and branches, that could have been reaching claws or gnashing jaws.  He just made it to the fire of the camp.  The hounds were behind but now at some distance.  Churchill looked up from the flames.  His fellow hunters looked on in contempt.  His leadership crown had slipped.  To them he was nothing but a strange sight.


Cap looked into empty faces for help.  He then espied the young man and sister there, with Quake the Jackal.  Yet they remained by their tent. From behind appeared hundreds of beastly hounds.  It was then that all the human faces changed to fear.  They were all savagely feasted upon.  All except Captain Churchill and the young pair.  ‘Why?’ He pleaded. ‘Why has this happened, but not to you?’


The hounds from Hell poised before his thumping head.  John and Jane stood with the big and bold Quake the Jackal.  John explained.  ‘You see Sir.  This is Quake.  Quake the Jackal.  Alpha Male of the Pack.  You see Sir.  You did not see.  That being good to others can be good for you.  So today, you will never forget that dying lesson of life, Quake the Jackal.’


At that, all went black.  The campfire went out.  The ignorant had gone.  The brother and sister posed, hands on the head of their friend, the King of the Pack.  The wounded victor of leadership.  That friend, Quake the Jackal…









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