The Story of Vertex

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This story is about a boy who defeat the mighty scientist. This event takes place on planet named Vitara which looks same as earth and has similar environment. The people call themselves vitans
.they look similar to human. The planet is special because the planet allows vitans to bend energy like Avatar .after some technological development, some people want to establish based on the
other planets ( Vitara is one of 12planets of its solar system). Due to distance, it was not possible. So some vitan scientist try generate a dimension where they can created the same environment
of the other planets for study purpose and establishing plans. They name the dimension as vertex. After few years, one of the scientist gone bad minded. He tries to get control of the dimension and
want to be the king of that dimension so that he can do whatever he wants. Then the scientist become the demon king of the dimension. After control going to scientist,the energy bending academy was
asked for help . Then the academy started sending 6 fully trained students every year. The boy about whom I told in the beginning has a father who was killed by the demon king(scientist). This
started the boy's journey of revenge.

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Submitted: June 13, 2018

First you should know about the Vitara and its environment. Then only you will understand the situation
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