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A creature of abomination which never stops changing and a girl who was made from two were forced into a science experiment for a warring nation and they have to work together in order to escape
and go back to their normal lives. But could they escape? could they even go back to their normal lives?

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



A peaceful morning in the forest was disturbed by the loud quadra turbofan aircraft speeding through the sky towards a laboratory. As the aircraft landed the wind it generated launches all the dust and plant life away from the landing platform. The back of the craft opened and a man jumped off just before the craft touched the ground.

“Good morning professor Klein” said one of the scientists greeting him holding his hand out “It’s nice to have you working with us”

Klein ignored the man and walk past him towards the building. The scientist stood still briefly and rushed after him. When they caught up Klein demanded “tell me about this specimen you had that was so special” he tapped on his bracelet and a holographic imagine opened up. It was a creature with a bazaar mix and matched parts of things that should not be together.

“Originally a human called Zerus we tried transferring his consciousness into a modified albino tiger that we had prepared” the man said reading off his notes as they walked down the hallway towards an elevator “he appeared to have lost his memory and personality but have remarkable cont-”

“Cut to the chase” Klein said still focused on his holographic image. The scientist sighed lightly and said “well… as some sort of mutation that we have discovered that he can take parts of the animal he ate and assimilate it as a part of his body”. Klein turned the holographic image off in a hurry and looked to the man for the first time “say what?”. The man took out his tablet and opened a holographic video of the beast “this was when we noticed a change” he played the video at x4 speed until the clock said 12:59 “the first meal we fed him was a berserk Spider monkey we caught from the forest to the south” a lump of meat that vaguely resembles a money dropped down from the door above. The beast took a few minutes to sniff it and circle around it before taking a bite. It ate everything until there was only bloodstain left on the floor in only a few minutes. After the meal the beast walked around for a minute then it showed a pained expressed “look at the paw” said the scientist pointing at the paw of the beast, the beast fell on its back and acted like its holding the paws, the shape started to change and distort into something similar to a hand. Over the next few minutes the fingers became longer and there were claws at the end of each fingers. “This isn’t the only instance of this happening” he said showing two images of the beast “we wanted to know the limits of his potential so we fed him a spider and a lizard and this was what happened”. The image was of the same creature but slightly different. The first image showed the beast with six eyes and the second image showed it with a reptilian tail.

“Anymore tests?” Klein asked him now curious “just the usual combat and agility test but today we’re feeding him a porcupine so you came at the perfect time” the group walked into the monitor room. Along with the tiger-like beast from before there were images and vital signs of other creatures showing on the screens and some other humans. The metal wall opened up revealing a large monitor. It showed the inside of the cage the beast was in, it was a completely white room with red stains on the floor. The beast was sleeping in the corner opposite from the pool. The scientist pressed a button which opens a trapdoor above dropping a mangled corpse of a porcupine. The beast rips the quills right off the back and shredded the meat, bone and the quill alike though the gruesome feast was fascinating to the scientists, for something that used to be a human to commit this act of savagery. After the feast they waited for a few minutes to see what happen. After 3 minutes has passed the white mane became thicker and darker. The man pressed hold on the button and  “hope you enjoyed the new meat, now we will proceed to the usual tests” he lets go of the button and press another one. Sleeping gas was released into the room and the beast fell to the floor, a group of men approaches the beast and dragged it into a container.

“Where is this test site?” asked klein stroking his beard and watching the beast closely

“We will be going to the Tonitru Terram” said pressing some buttons and the table in the middle of the room lit up with the hologram of a landscape with mountains on three sides

Klein stroked his white beard and inspected the hologram “No escape because of the mountains” he said as he walked around to the other side “and Swampland with unstable footing, smart”

The scientist broke a smile “Tha-thank you but there is one more reason for this location” a sound started ringing as one of the buttons blinked with red light. The scientist pressed and held the button ”Go on”

A somewhat static voice came through “The Lightning resistant drones and the subject are ready sir” the scientist grinned “good, proceed” he let go of the button and changed the monitors to all show the same swamp area.


The beast woke up startled by the sound of thunder. He was surrounded by unfamiliar lands. The trees were old green and almost seemed depressed. The landscape was mostly water with some extremely soft looking dirt though it is impossible to see through the thick dark green water. A drone appeared behind the beast and projected the hologram of the scientist “your task is to go to the sea and rush back here, now go” the drone shuts off the hologram and flew away. The beast looked around to survey the mountains on the three sides. None of them seemed climbable even without having the scientists interfere while climbing. Lightning was flashing all around him so he rushed forward trying to walk on what looked like the most stable land he could find. He moved swiftly through the terrain using trees as points to jump. There was only half the distance left but he was struck by lightning when landed on one of the trees. He limped forward looking for some kind of animal he can eat, he found a dead 6 legged lizard on a nearby tree so he moved as quickly as he could in said direction. He ate it in one gulp and the burnt skin and fur shedded off and he grew a new pair of legs in between his hind legs and front legs.

“resourceful AND fast” said Klein watching the beast run in the monitor.

After which he seemed to be able to predict the lightning strikes by instinct and ran to the other side through the mud no problem. Zerus found himself sitting at the dining table eating lunch with his family in their old home. It was not a great mansion of some rich person nor was it a stinken over populated room in an urban slum, rather it was a small but cozy wooden house in the countryside. He looked around to see the smiling faces of his parents and siblings, though he couldn’t see the faces of some of them. Before he could say how happy he was to see them, or taste the food an alarm started ringing in his ears. With a blink of an eye the images around him twisted and turned. The view outside once a green pasture was burning grass and black lifeless soil. Sounds of screams made him turn back to his family to see them being slaughtered, bullet holes filled his father, throat of his mother slit open and blood running from it like water from a waterfall and everyone else being burnt alive.

He woke up sweating and screaming in his room. He surveyed the surroundings, no burning wooden house, no black soil, no burning trees. No family. It was the same old room that he remembered, the same reinforced doors that lead to a training arena, same blindingly white walls, same monitor that those people used to tell him what to do and the same trap door above the middle of the room where food was dropped down. He walked towards the tub to the side and took a drink with his snout, as the water ring dissipated he stared into the face he has came to accept as his own. It looked like an albino lion’s face with a greyish mane, in fact most of his body was lion but he has a serpentine scaly tail, six eyes and all his “foot” have some kind of sharp claws and his front legs were larger than the hinelegs in addition to another pair of legs on the side.

He looked at the monitor, it’s displaying the time as 8:59. He walked back to the middle of the room ready to get his breakfast. He wondered what creature will they feed him this time, it’s about one of the only few things that he can wonder about at that point even though it was always some kind of blend between human, tiger and snake meat. To his surprise the monitor turned on and the one speaking to him was the doctor that was leading the experiment.

“Good morning all test subjects” he said with a grin “today I have a gift for all of you, from now on you will have a human to accompany you so feel free to do whatever you want to them including eating them” he snapped his fingers and Zerus could hear the trapdoor above opened and a sound of something dropped into the room. He didn’t turn his head but he heard the sound of something moaning followed by the sound of something fleshy dropping into the room.

“of course you will get your food too and today’s training will be at 10 as always so enjoy” he added and the monitor switched back to the time and the trap door closed. Zerus turned around to examine his “gift”. It was a girl of age around 20, she had golden blonde hair which seemed to shine in the light. As he approached her she took a glimpse at me and suddenly hid her face under her hands, that was when he saw her eyes, even though it was for less than a second the image stuck in his mind. Her iris were crimson red and the sclera was raven black. He circled around her to examine her, she was decently tall but with the way she cowarded Zerus can encircle her with the entirety of his body length and tail easily. After a few seconds he decided to eat his fill before continuing but the monitor suddenly changed to the doctor again.

Examining the meat he noticed that it was different from usual. It had the shape of a human but with batlike wings, a horn and a tail which are reminiscent of the dragon people he read about when he was human. It was said that they lived somewhere to the east of their settlement and that they are strong and proud people. Zerus had once wished to meet them and perhaps be friends with them but now with his beast mind he want to try feasting on the flesh. He dragged the corpse to a corner away from the terrified girl and proceeded to feast. As he ate the girl crawled to the opposite end of the room where she came to her sense and watch him rip the muscles, crack the bones, severed the cords. Every crunch of the bone breaking or the flesh ripping it filled her mind of the idea that she could be next. It didn’t take long for him to reduce it to nothing but a blood stain on the floor, not even the bones were left. He drank from the pool then examined the monitor, it was at 9:30 so he had some time to get to know this new “companion” of his before the practice. He moved cautiously and slowly towards the girl. She seemed terrified but he doesn’t want to let his guard down, not after the last test that almost got him killed. As he moved closer he wanted to converse with the girl, though he had no vocal cord after the meal he felt something changing inside his throat.

“Do… do you have a name?” he said in both of their surprised. Though he did try to speak before it only came out as a roar.

“Lu- Lux” she said cowering in the corner “please don’t eat me”

He moved closer to her and extended his tail to caress her on the cheek “The name’s Zerus, well was, when I was human” he sat a meter away from her “anyways pleased to meet you” he said holding out his hand shaped paw out for a handshake “it’s been too long since I’ve gotten anyone to talk to” she hesitantly held out her hand to shake his, she was still shaking but at least she became less tense to Zerus’ relieve.

“You… were human? What happened?” she reached her hand out to touch his face but was stopped by his tail.

“Watch it, I’m trying to be nice and all but there’s a line you should not cross” he said tightening his tail a little before letting it go “so what can you do”

“What do you mean what can I do” she said rubbing her wrist

“Don’t give me that” he said shaking his head “they wouldn’t just put an ordinary human in here without a purpose, now come on tell me, what can you do”

“Well…” she said looking down at her hands “I can use a little bit of telekinesis” she said and a sound rang in my head and a bit of telepathy rang the voice in my head with a smile on her face.

“Get out of my head” Zerus said with his emerald green eyes glowing.

She was about to say something but the monitor turned on again and the voice of the doctor came through “hope you had a good meal you lovely abominations” he said “we have an amazing gigantic area here for you all to survive in” he turned on a hologram of the area behind him. It was surrounded by wall but the area was massive, it had everything from a lake to a forest to a desert. “There will be 10 pair of you” he brought down two screens showing the vital pulse of all the subjects, surviving ones at least “whoops, I mean 7 pairs and 3 individuals” he said turning the screen to look at and turned back “there can only be 5 of you who will survive this test and the ones who do will be sent to the forefront of Zainistan against the heinous dragon people to the east” ten dots appeared on the hologram in different locations “you will be dropped in each location located here, there will be a map at each of the places you’re dropped at, good hunting everyone” he snapped his fingers and gas was released into the room.

When they woke up Zerus found himself on a tree next to Lux on a tree. He surveyed the surroundings and saw trees which he has never seen before, odd birds with cries similar to babies crying. Off to the distance was a volcano which


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