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I’m Celebrating Nurse’s Week. This poem is dedicated to the Military Nurses who make up the Armed Forces, and well as the Combat Medics. A special dedication to serve our United States Veterans in
any capacity, from PTSD, the amputees, the wheelchair bound, the soldiers who were honorable discharged, however, who to this day require medical care. As a Trauma/Critical Care Nurse, I salute
your unwavering and relentless efforts.

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018






A hot bedded emotion to keep a man’s emotions in shipshape Bristol fashion

Times when a woman’s body is tingling with anticipation

Seeking the thrill of unified gratification

Is passion confined just under the covers

Strictly for upstanding lovers

What happens when your love one is immobile

Your love, is as noble

Two wheels is his legs

One must still please the goose that lays the golden eggs

Is it the smile, touches, the kisses you give one another

The concept, one hand washes the other

Sitting on lover’s lap, lips to lips you both smother

Rodney looking for love in all the wrong places

Confined to a wheelchair behind a computer’s restricted faces

Typing passionately within his words

Finding love to him has always been absurd

Poetic narratives to make one swoon

His bank account tell us, he’s a onetime veteran, now a billionaire tycoon

Knowing if the woman saw him, instantly changes her tune

Mansion silent walls, grandeur for two rolling wheels

For once in his lifetime, yearning passion for how it feels

The sensuality behind uplifting bodily thrills

His mind in solace his only emotional guide

His computer canvass showcasing his steamy male side

Concealment of his image, illicit words typed without pride

Knees down have never once moved

What woman wants a man who cannot keep up with her gyrating groove

At last, someone meets his daily searching criteria

A beautiful woman’s image responding from Siberia

Exchanging written love letters back and forth

She wants to meet in person, now the ball’s in Rodney’s court

Time to abort

Life for the unity of such beautiful written words were just too short

For a love found through words online

Hitting delete button, all future communication has been declined

Sorrowful of wasted time

Roses of love to give, mountains you both promised to climb

Rodney really felt this woman’s vibe

Sunrise to sunset lengthily transcribes

The apple of his eyes has now gone away

Without her words, Rodney had nothing more to say

Hoping she will return unto him one day

Years later, experiments has given Rodney his legs back

Countless searches to find a receptive love has been a tough case to crack

Money paid to find

No such luck time after time

A knock on the door suspended Rodney’s wandering thoughts

Delivered letter, maybe all is not lost

A letter smell of perfume

Reeks the comfort of an empty bedroom

Enclosed pictures of slew

Breath held as he slides them out to view

Beautiful image of so long ago

Sitting in a wheelchair was a mental blow

Computer keys typing to meet with a please


Wise time for an investment

Time has come to meet his distance image, ordained from above

Home has been catered for two wheels, his personal labor of love

The door opens no time to flee

The word beautiful fitted her to a tee

Standing long legs, enveloping his presence to be

A skiing accident at the time chaired me

Rodney silently thanked God, and the powers to breathe to finally see

Had Rodney walked away from this time in his life

He would never have two kids, a mansion filled with love, and a lovely wife

Love with passion

Wear it as if it’s your daily fashion

For the ones society seems to forgot

Kemy hasn’t, I kid you not

Elated and Dedicated

For the ones who never once walked or skated

Love is God, it flows through me

Live your life with passion, and include others to be

I try to narrate to the masses who cannot relate

Or Articulate

Your passions, your physical silent storms

At best, trying to keep your beating heart warm

Poem taken from The Flow Of My Heart To You III



© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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