Just Random Thoughts To Motivate The Mind

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Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018





I didn’t have anything to write about, so here is the results

Just my inner random thoughts

Today, I must give recognition to mental attractions

That one soul worth the attentive of your emotional satisfaction

Blushing behind shameful detractions

In life, is it considered acceptable to admire the abilities of someone else’s mind  

Someone, who may, or may not be worth your time

No bed, not even a glass of wine

I’ve always spoken about the universe sexing me

Allowing the essence of my butter rum extracts to soulfully flee

What happens when someone keeps spinning me, unbolting emotions that deems to be free

No lips to ever meet

But lifting you so gently with soothing mummers from off your feet

Maybe never in this lifetime, to physically greet

The centered untenderized meat of your desired feast

And I am a vegetarian, therefore, no tables, and certainly no seats

Kneeling food

Allow your mind to secretly allude

I'm winking, as your mind is thinking

Mind to mind rainfalls

Come only into this moist space, this line not wrote for all

This poem borderlines on wicked, yet, so charmingly insane

Lucid revelations from the cortex of my brain

I have been on this site, for what, a year

I’ve seen such influences that seem so true and dear

Aspirations to say just go on

Meant only for that one person, their gentle musing song

I think it’s so beautiful, it totally amazes me

Okay, back to my question before my mind drifts, and starts to erotically tease

As I was asking, so is this normal, the knack to be seduced by someone’s else words

 Takes you mentally higher than a soaring bird

Not long sentences, just the caressing behind the meaning

That sedated feeling you get when you are serene dreaming

Waking up and trying to go back to that slumbering feeling

Eyes open, now reality is dealing, sweet whispers continued spilling

Yes, the magnetic mental attraction is still reeling

I told you, I didn’t have anything to write about today

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