Baby number 5

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This started of a poem but dragged on a bit we have just found out were haven baby number 5 and it was a bit of a shock to say we have been together 16 years and this would of been number 8 but
miscarried 3 we cant believe how capable we both are at haven children together to say i am disabled and am on strong morphine drugs shocks us both. and also my wife as only just had a ectopic
pregnancy in January that made her very poorly so getting the chance to have another ,we are both grateful, and i also lost my baby girl some years ago to another woman she would of been 18 this
week, and after loosing her i swore down no matter what i would never give up a child (abortion)

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



Baby time number five


We both woke knowing what we had to do

But in my mind, I think it could not happen or be true

She goes to the loo,

Then hands me the stick,

I put it on the stand then sat and had a drink of tea,

“well have you had a look yet”

Shit I had forgot about it,

 knowing it would be blank

I mean what are the chances of this happening again,

I held in front and slowly opened my eyes

“well I take it its blank”

 she said looking at me with evil eyes.

Shit I said under my breath my love you’re not going to believe this one

“your joking me”

 She said she looked like she could cry

 “no not again how is it possible what is wrong with us too”

I just looked at the stick the lines were as clear as can be, then I smiled

Oh yes, I still got it not.

 The wife did not find that funny she grabbed it of me hoping I was joking,

“My god not again you treat me like a baby machine how can this be”

Well my love its start with us haven sex

But that was something I should not have said not happy she called me a word I won’t mention.

“I know but how fertile can one couple be”

I know I said, with the medication I’m on you would think they would be chilling down there not swimming.

 After the shock and the quietest time, we have ever had as a couple, it was heaven. I got up gave her a cuddle and then I got that magic smile she whispered in my ear I love you.

She was still unsure, but she knew how I felt about children and in a good way

I lost a child and from that day I said I would never lose another in anyway.

I no its only a cell currently, but that cell is our cell it’s not going no where

But I am glad to say she has come around to the idea now and is growing and looking lovely,

Day by day she blossoms so nice when she is carrying a babe.

So now is the time to look after my wife and keep them as safe as I can. Can’t wait for the first scan.

Only two problems to deal with now the first is our three-year-old he thinks it comes out of her belly button but bless him he talks to it all the time and has turned into the biggest mummy protector of us all bless, wonder what he’s after probably a sponge bob toy.

And the last, is the big one the (FAMILY) we have told one, the mother in law and well let’s just say it did not go down too well not well at all, I just laughed cause of what she said.

“my god your what how you going to manage. your house is too small you don’t have time for the kids you have”

But the best that came out of her mouth was

“how am I going to cope”

My god cope she does not have any of the children we have now, she sees them 4,5 times a year,

And as for us not haven time for the children we have now, she needs to investigate the big world it’s called technology.

 If I said to my children apart from the 3-year-old to sit down and watch a film, or play a game, or just to talk about the day they would look at me stupid and all I would get would be a drawn look on their face and then I would get

 “God mum, dad, I am on the phone and now I am on Facebook now I am on”

Blab, blab, blab can’t do with all the shit there on these days, what’s wrong writing a letter to a friend.

Anyway, we do spend time as a family when we get them away from the gadgets, we have a holiday home and there we spend time as a family unit and we love it.

So, like I said to the wife I don’t give a shit life is too short to worry about her the best is to come when we tell the rest of them, but do we worry about it know, the only thing I’m worried  about and that’s.


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