Polygyny and the Animal Kingdom

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A comparison of mankind and the animal kingdom.

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



When relating to polygamous social systems, it is found through out the animal kingdom. In the herd,clan or colony, the dominant male will rut with as many females as possible, passing on his seed of dominance.

There are however a few species which exhibit monogamy. Certain birds in every season, will mate with the same partner, to build a nest and raise and feed their offspring.

This proves that monogamy is a part of the natural system. Also proving that when it comes to life, birds can be more in tune with it than people.

Apparently, many of the great religious pundants of the past had more than one wife. Imagining these men going at it with several women tends to take the luster away from their words of wisdom. Those recorded in the god dominant books of dogma such as the bible.

To paraphrase: 'swine casting pearls will in time lose its appeal.'

And hopefully it will be understood, that what was put forth is of little value for any woman or any intelligent man.

Finally, the one thing polygyny proves, when it comes to having sex with more than one female, men are like the beasts, providing the sociological link between monkeys and men. Proven in science.

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