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What do people want?

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018






Everyone has desires. Everyone—at some point in their lives—want something. To own something, to have something, to experience something. More often than not, these desires are irrational. People want countless number of things. Some want to become wealthy. Some want fame. Some want to travel around the world. Some want power. Some, even want to rule the world!


But in spite of the presence of all these considerable desires, people do desire simple, uncomplicated things. Yet sometimes, these are the ones that are somehow harder to fulfill. Take a socially isolated girl who wants nothing but true acceptance by her peers; a mother who wants nothing but her husband back from the war; an orphaned child who wants nothing but the love of his parents.


All these seemingly simple demands, yet so out of reach, is what most people are facing today. There are so many things money can buy, but what money can achieve, don't even come close to fulfilling most of these desires.


What she wanted was so simple. Anyone could have given it to her. Anyone could have helped her. She didn't want pity. She didn't want attention. She didn't want sympathy. All she wanted, was for someone to simply  understand.


She was tired. Tired of having to pretend that she was fine; tired of their accusing glares and sharp words; tired of how she had to hold back her tears when they were yelling at her for something that she did; tired of how she could never achieve anyone's expectations; tired of trying—and failing—to push him from her mind; tired of the mess of emotions that she tried to hide; tired of suppressing the urge to scream how she felt; tired that people just couldn't see.


She'd lied to so many people, telling them that she was fine, but no one ever saw through those lies. She'd attempted to talk to people about how she was feeling, but the words just wouldn't come. She knew that with everything she already had, she should have been contented, she should have been happy.


Which is why she never understood that constant feeling of emptiness inside her. She never understood why she still wanted someone who would understand her, when she was already surrounded by so many loved ones who were willing to listen to her. She never understood these foreign feelings she was experiencing. She never understood the persistent presence of unwanted people in her head.


She never even understood herself, and yet she desired to be understood.


She knew, that her desires were nowhere near to be fulfilled, and she expected nothing. So she locked them away, deep within her heart, where she hoped they would be lost forever.

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