Forest near my home

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I wrote this a while ago and it's still incomplete if I feel like it and if I have time, I might continue it. Didn't proofread/edit it, too lazy.

Edit: The grammar and word choice are horrendous, I'm going to edit this later.

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



Walked in the woods

Mama always told me never to walk through the woods late at night, but what does she know?


“I’m so late, mama’s going to blow her brains out.” I thought to myself. I run faster, faster, and faster. I run out of breath, my chest heaving, my lungs strained. I arrive at the forest near our house. Mama always told me never to walk through the woods, but I’m not scared of squirrels. I look back, and I see the sun waning. Above the trees, the moon glistens, the stars sparkle. I take a gander at my watch before taking a step into the woods.


I walk following the trail. The forest isn’t very large and I estimate a 10-minute walk would suffice. The floor covered with sticks, twigs, and leaves. When walking through a forest at night, one can only think of what terrifying things lie hidden in the darkness. I felt chills run down my spine. I looked back, the entrance was nowhere to be seen. “I must be close.” I think to myself, before tripping and falling. My head hit the cold, hard ground. I lost consciousness.


I awoke on the cold, hard floor. I lift myself up. I’m still in the woods. It’s dark now, my vision is limited. I check the time, 21:27. It’s very late now. I continue walking forward, blinded. I walk and walk. I stop. My heart is pounding, I’m sweating, I’m… I’m so cold. I check the time. 21:40. I look at it surprised. “I should be out of the woods by now,” I think to myself. I continue walking and walking. I’m on high alert now, I’m so very tired, my legs are sore, my eyes are drooping, and I’m so scared. The trail is long gone. Is anyone there? As if answering my question, I hear a footstep behind me. Where am I? I sprint away.


I’ve been walking for an hour now. I convince myself that it was a raccoon, or a fox, or… or… I try not to think of what else that could’ve been. But my mind wanders. I envisioned a tall body, with long fingers like sticks, and a… a… What am I doing? I’m exhausted. It’s doing something to my head. I flop over from exhaustion, and I lie on the floor. I crawl towards a tree and rest against it. I can feel my consciousness slowly dripping away. I fall asleep.


In my dream, I find myself in these woods. I’ve made myself at home here, I’ve built myself a nice house. It’s still dark outside and I sit. I make myself some tea. I remain calm, but nerves are on edge. Something’s going to happen. Something’s going to happen. Get out of there! What are you doing? But all I could do was wait. Wait until a knock. Another knock. Pounding. Something’s outside. I lose control. I scream out. But, I just stare blank-faced at the door. My body has been disconnected from my mind. It stands up. It walks to the door. I cry out again. I cry. And some more. My body lets the man inside. He looks exactly like the man, that man, with the long fingers, a twisted smile. He takes a step inside. When his foot hit the ground, darkness spread, onto the walls, through the floor, on my skin, in my veins. Not blackness, not anything I’ve seen before, just nothing. I walk forward. I hear my footsteps. The heavy thuds. My heart is calm now. My mind is at peace. I walk some more. And some more. From the darkness, I see something. The man lunges at me. He bites down. I’m surrounded I can’t move. It just gets darker and darker. I’m falling. I flail helplessly to no avail.


I spring awake. I feel something on my back. A small creature. I hear it hissing. With my right hand, I grab a stick. Sharp, short, light, deadly. I ready myself. I close my eyes. I swing my stick at the creature. I hit flesh. I feel the blood running through my hand. It lets out a shriek. The blood drips onto my back. It seeps through my jacket. It seeps through me. I open my eye. Nothing. Nothing but trees.


I sharpen my stick. I prod myself with it. My finger starts dripping. I can feel it. I know it's not a dream. I know this feeling. I feel the blood, I feel the pain. There’s no mistake. With nothing to cover it up, I let it drip.  “The night is nearly over” I whisper to myself, voice trembling. I brandish my knife defensively. I hear a rustle. I swing my blade. Nothing again. I check my watch. 4:04. It’s almost morning. I rest my back against a thick tree, blade facing outwards. I just need to stay alert. Stay on my toes. Stay conscious. Stay well.


Why is it taking so long? I’ve been standing for hours now. Where is the sun? I glance over at my watch. It’s 8 in the afternoon. I don’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I’ve only been here for three hours at most. This place, it’s not normal… I think of other ways this could be, but none come to mind. I lift myself back up. I continue walking. I start sobbing. “I should have listened” I whisper to myself. “I should have listened, I should have listened”. I’m talking to myself now. “The night’s never going to end. I’m never going to get out.” I must have let something into my head because I can hear a faint sound, a dark song. I try shaking it off, but it just comes back. It grows louder. The song gets more intense. I can hear the thudding. Make it stop. Make it stop. I grip my head, pulling at the skin. And suddenly, silence. All except for a piercing hum.  Spine-tingling. It runs down my spine. I shrivel up. Wait. There’s something else climbing up my back.


I feel thousands of tiny legs on my back. I try to shake them off. They’re biting now. It hurts. They’re tearing away at my flesh. I force myself onto a tree. I scrape my back against the rough bark. I scratch vigorously. The ants are latched on. I can’t take this anymore. I let out a blood-curdling screech. The humming stops. The ants crawl off my body. All I can hear is static. My vision fails me. I can’t see anything. But, I do see, from the corner of my eye, a shadow approaching.


I turn my head. He remains in the corner of my eye. I wish the man away. I close my eyes. But he’s still there. Slowly approaching, he’s right next to me. It’s just me and him. It hurts too much to move. He places his hand on my shoulder. I feel his tight grip, his scaly hands, his sharp nails. A burst of pain erupts from my shoulder. I clench my teeth. I see smoke erupting. I feel a sharp burn. After feeling a stab through my shoulder, the man releases. “I won’t lose you again,” he whispers distortedly. He walks away. My eyes are wide open now. Everything is foggy. Everything is disoriented. It’s all a blur. I slowly turn my head. The static grows in pitch. It’s deafening. My head is splitting. I look over my shoulder, and through the blur, I see something. A disturbing sight. My hoodie burnt away. My skin peeled away. And in the center was a tattoo. A symbol of an eye. It stares back at me.


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