Never Again

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Poetry describing where ones mind goes while being sexually abused.

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018




Crippled fingers touch my skin. I sink inward to the depths of my mind trying to go somewhere, anywhere but here. I go to the beach and feel the wind wisp back my hair. The ocean sings me a song as the sand tickles my feet. Seagulls dance across the blue abyss of the sky. On the horizon the ocean melts into the heavens. Water dances across my face as a wave smacks the shore.

Pain strikes me and I sink in. I go to the concert I saw last spring. I dance and belt out the notes to the chorus. I try to lose myself in the music and the crowd of hot dancing bodies. Even though my breath comes in frantic breaths I keep moving and in my heart I’m on stage dancing with the band and making a sad attempt to keep up with the lyrics.

Dirty lips kiss my neck breaking the bond of familiar kin. I go to the amusement park of my childhood. I scream on the roller coasters, feelings my stomach being left behind in the air above. The scream of hundreds mingle with my own and at the end we laugh moving onto the next ride. The smell of popcorn tingles my nose as the scent drifts on a light breeze. My skin is burning from hours of sun and adventure.

I search for myself wondering where I’ve been. I go to where I am now and I fight. No more crippled fingers or dirty lips against my skin. No more pain striking me in. A slight breeze crosses my face from a small fan swishing hot air around the room. The lights are dim the air is tainted. My body wasted. Never again.

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