The Serial Killer of Oklahoma

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Thomás Perello was a man of no ambitions, and this is the day that changed his life forever.

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



“The Serial Killer of Oklahoma”

Thomás Perello was a man of no ambitions, meaning that his  ambitions perhaps have never existed. He was born into a family of 1. A family that consisted of only 1 member. He was a father, a mother and a child in one body. It sometimes caused legal inconveniences, but overall Thomás felt fine.

With such responsibility, came great power. And Thomás was aware of his power since a very young (psychological) age. His actual age was 47. Despite his old age, Thomás felt fine. And actually, THIS was Thomás’s power - he felt just fine no matter what. No matter what hideous things he experienced, no matter what terrible things he did.

He felt just fine on the morning of the 7th of May 1958. The day that changed his life forever. He got up, microwaved some Instant Riceand went on with his day. He did not eat the rice though. He blendered it and fed it to his dog Markus - an old grey poodle with no teeth. He did not really know what dogs eat. Nevertheless, he understood animals more than he understood people (meaning, not really much). Now, he was heading towards a motel to visit his “friend-o” how he liked to call “them-o”.

“Alright, I´m just going to tell him this the way it is. I´m marrying his ex-girlfriend.” Thomás thought to himself.

He reached the motel door. “Knock-knock knock-knock knock” Thomás knocked. His Friend-o didn't answer. “KNOCK’-KNOCK KNOCK-KNOCK KNOCK” Thomas knocked with anger in his eyes.

“‘I´m comiiiing” Heard Thomás from a soft female voice. Thomás was puzzled.

He hated being puzzled. So, he tried to unpuzzle himself as soon as possible. Eventually, he did it. “Marlyne it is” - he concluded. “The Marlyne that I promised myself to murder today”. He liked to give himself promises. It would be his 30th murder since he and his parents (he) moved to Oklahoma.

“Well, A man is only as good as his word” Thomás mumbled while strangling Marlyne.

Marlyn did not even try to resist. It was so unexpected and surreal, and scary that her mind sort of left her body. Just like her soul did just then. Thomás never worried killing a person in front of his friend-os. Why would he worry about what a dead person thinks, right?

Leaving 2 cold bodies behind, Thomás exited the motel in search of his destiny. “I have to believe that when I close my eyes the world is still there. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning”  Heard Thomás from a car driving by. “Oh yeah, good thought” - Screamed Thomás at the cashier trying to convince him to buy a large bag. “I´ll take 2”.

He always forgot to bring ones with him. He packed the bodies, took them to the organic waste garbage can. “excellent. Now, I need to buy a ring for my lady”. The lady he was now carrying on his shoulder to the bedroom. In a trash bag. “I can never resist”.

“A good murder is like a good piece of pie” - Told Thomás to his best friend-o on a wednesday night in one of the busiest bars of the city. “My mind is my temple” was playing on the radio. It wasn’t a new song, but it was popular among Oklahoma’s youth. “A good country song is like a massage to my ears”  - were the last words of Thomás’ s best friend-o. “This day is full of wonderful surprises” thought Thomas while packing his friend-o into a black leather suitcase.

“Surprise, motherfucker! It’s a police”.

*bang* *badabang* - Thomás’ metal plate fell on the cement floor of his cell. “Damn, but it was such a great day”. He was not a man of great ambitions. Not a man of ANY ambitions. So, he was quite satisfied by his life at the Oklahoma’s State Prison. He thought it was just fine.


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