Dead Up Book 2: Pilot

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Tray and his wife are travelling home after a vacation with their friend Paige. The plane crashes and that is the least of their concerns. Will they survive?

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Submitted: May 10, 2018

“This is your pilot speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts, we are experiencing turbulence.” That was the last message heard until they came to. “Brandy?! Brandy?! Where are you?” “Tray? Is that
you?” Tray emerges from the bottom of a hill and sees Brandy crying and running to him.“Are you hurt? Baby, please tell me if you are hurt?” Tray asked concerned “I'm fine, thanks Tray,” Brandy
informs him as she kisses him on the check. “Where are we?” Tray asks. “We crashed on this island a few hours ago, not many survived but the ones who did are freaking out or are pretty injured,”
Brandy responds. “Is there a doctor alive?” Tray asks Brandy. “I'm a doctor” a man emerges behind a piece of the plane.“Names Nick, you said you need a doctor?” Nick asks as he shakes Trays hand.
“Do you happen to have anything for pain?” Tray asks. “I do have some painkillers” Nick hand's him a few pills and begins to leave.“Hey, Nick, thank you” Tray yells. “Anytime, I'll catch up with
you two later,” Nick says as he rushes to others who may be hurt. “How many?” Tray asks Brandy “How many what?” Brandy responds.“People... The people who are left and didn't die on the plane,” Tray
explained. “If we are lucky, we maybe have thirty people who aren't wounded and about forty who are.” Brandy explained. “Are they going to make it?” Tray asks. “No one is sure if they will or not
most are seriously hurt and likely won't, others just need a little rest.” Brandy explained. “How about… Paige?” “Tray... she hit her head really hard on the plane, she has a severe concussion and
is in a coma and the doctor said she merely has a few days,” Brandy says as her tears start to come back. “She was a magnificent woman, why did she have to be taken.” Tray starts to cry with Brandy
as he hugs her.
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All that’s left

Submitted: May 10, 2018

Everyone gathers around the fire on the sand. Everyone is starving as they haven’t eaten anything since the crash almost eight hours ago. Nick still is helping with the wounded passengers while
everyone else huddles around the fire to keep warm. Nick starts to walk back to where everyone is. “We just lost another one. Edvard Tristan born April 19th, 1968. That makes 10 today after the
crash, may he rest in peace.” “Doc, what are you talking about? Isn't that Edvard right there?” Someone points out while everyone turns the other way to see Edvard standing there, pale and tawny
eyes. “Hey, Edvard, is that you buddy?” another man speaks out as Edvard starts walking towards the people. As he reaches closer, Tray realizes something's not right and grabs Brandy's arm and
starts walking away. Tray looks back to the sound of screams with some girl being bitten by Edvard. Big strong men hold Edvard back, but he breaks free and bites one of the men. “Nick, get over
here” Tray yells. Nick sprints to Tray as they run for cover inside the plane. “What the fuck is going on Doc?!” Tray snaps “I don't know! Edvard was dead, I've seen enough dead people in my life
to know he was dead. He had no pulse. He was pale and was cold to the touch. He Was dead!” Nick explains.“Well, our 'dead man' isn't so much dead, he's running at those people now! Wait... Paige!!
Doc, do you know of a girl named Paige Piper? She was sitting with us on the plane.” Tray explained.“I believe I know who she is, but she is in one of the tents that we set up for them. You know
where all the screaming is going on,” Nick explained. Tray starts to run back to all the screaming and Brandy screams at him to come back he ignores her and keeps running. Nick sits next to Brandy
and tries to calm her down “Brandy right? Tray will be back in a moment. I believe he is strong enough to make it through whatever is happening out there.” Just then Tray appears out of the night
sky with Paige in his arms. Tray runs into the plane and places Paige on the ground “Doc, is she alright?” “I don't know Tray she is still in a coma and I don't think she will..” Tray cuts him off
“Don't think? Don't think what? That she will make it? Of course she will! I believe she will, and you need to help her!” Tray snaps.“Tray you know I've been helping everyone the best I can but...
I don't have the proper equipment to help her live, we just have to hope she comes through on her own,” Nick says. Tray starts yelling “What if she doesn't? What if she dies? It's on you Doc! It'll
be your fault.” “Do you think none of my patients ever died? How do you think I felt when I couldn't save them? I can't save everyone, but God knows I try my damn best!” Nick screams. Tray and Nick
look at each other in silence before Tray speaks again. “Look, Nick, I'm sorry, you have done such a brilliant job helping us today, and I am extremely grateful for that. This crash and what just
happened out there has me freaking out.” Nick nods to Tray before there is silence again. The three sit around for hours together in silence with Brandy cuddled up to Tray while they all think of
their next move. Brandy begins to look out the window of the plane and begins to daydream of the life her and Tray had before the crash. Brandy begins to look into the area of where they had ran
from. Brandy notices that others are moving towards them “guys quiet we have company.” “Are you one of them?” One of the men speaks out “What do you mean one of them” Tray yells. “The zombies” the
man replies. “There are no such things as zombies man, its just make-belief,” Tray says as the men get closer. “Believe what you want, but we saw what's out there and believe me it's not pretty.”
the man replied as they step into the plane. “What's your names?” Nick asked “I'm Brandon. This is Braden and the other guy over here is RJ” Brandon replies with a lengthy pause and then begins to
speak again “Who are you?” He asks casually.“I'm Tray, my wife Brandy, the doctor Nick, who you likely met before, and this is Paige” Tray replies. The men look worried and pale “is she… dead…
Bit…” RJ asked concerned, “What the hell? Of course she's not dead and what the fuck do you mean by bit?” “Did one of the zombies bite her?” Braden asks, “there are no zombies!” Tray yells “If you
don't believe us let me show you” Brandon replies as he stands up and heads towards the end of the plane.“Well, are you coming?” Brandon says to Tray. Tray stands up and heads to the end of the
plane “Brandy I love you, I will be right back. Nick, watch Paige for me.” They walked out of the plane and set off to the campsite they set up before. They reached the hill that was over top of
the campsite and there stood 50 zombies walking around all that was dead before now are walking. Tray stood there speechless and turned to Brandon. Brandon then says. “We might be the only ones
left alive.”
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Blood on our hands

Submitted: May 10, 2018

“Come on let's head back,” Brandon says as he pats Tray on the back. Tray just stands there in disbelief of what he is looking at. Brandon says again. “Tray come on man we have to go, we can't stay
out here it's..” “What about them? What do we do? We can't just let them be like this. They are human! We have to save them!” Tray finally responds. “Tray... look there is nothing we can do to help
them, they are dead. I don't know what we are going to do, but I do know that right here where we are is not safe and the only place I do know is safe is the plane and I don't know how long we are
going to be safe there for but we need to get back before they realize we are here,” Brandon tells Tray. Tray glances to Brandon and nods his head in agreement, and they start to walk back to the
plane. “This just can’t be happening. This is something that only happens in books and television, not in real life. Why has something like this happened to us, we did not do anything to deserve
something like this.” Tray opens up to Brandon.“I don't know why shit like this is happening to us. I do know we have to work together and get out of here before it is too late, and we become lunch
for those zombies back there. Things could be worse, we could already be one of those things just wandering around.” Brandon responds.“I don't know if it would be worse, we are stranded on this
island with monsters with little food and water. We don’t even know if people are looking for us or if the rest of the world is like this. We may be fortunate to be alive but I don’t know how much
better it is then being one of those things. Are those things still them? Like whom they were formerly? Are they trapped inside of those monsters or are they just gone?” “Tray you have to calm
down, thinking of stuff like that will make you go crazy. Just think of how we are going to survive and get off this island. None of us knows any answers so the more you think about them the more
you will drive yourself crazy. We're almost back at the plane, let's let the Doc and your wife know what is going on.” Meanwhile, at the plane, Nick is checking on Paige as Brandy walks over to
him. “She would be an enormous help to us right now you know,” Brandy tells Nick. “What causes you to say that?” Nick replies. “Tray and I knew her. She was my maid of honour at our wedding. We
have been friends since elementary school, she was one of those hunter girls, I was always the opposite you know. The typical white girl who was afraid to get her hands dirty. Guess I'll need to
change very fast, but her she would know exactly what to do especially if there are zombies out there. I just can't imagine losing my best friend. We have done everything together. She was never
afraid to be honest with me, and she would always speak her mind. I always remember having sleepovers at her house, and we would prank call our teachers and laugh about it for hours. She was there
for me after my father’s death when I was fourteen and I stayed with her for a few years because I had nowhere to go. She was more to me than just my friend, she was like a sister,” Brandy says as
she starts crying. RJ and Braden are outside of the plane looking towards the ocean. “What made us so lucky we were able to escape last night?” Braden asks. RJ Then replies with a sudden of
disbelief in his eyes “ Braden, you know exactly what happened. You were the one holding down Edvard and was the lucky one to not get bit. Then you ran away and when everyone else was in trouble
you ran and hid behind the hill and didn't worry about anyone.” “I tried saving that girls life and when there was no hope I ran. You weren't that much of a saint letting Jake die, were you? You
ran just like me, we all did, or we wouldn't be alive.”Braden defends himself. RJ waits for a second to reply before saying “in case you forgot I had no choice but to. They were after us and I
needed to save Brandon, Jake had to be thrown down. We have all made mistakes their blood is now on our hands.”
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I stand corrected

Submitted: May 10, 2018

“Tray is everything okay? You have barely said a word to me since the time you and Brandon got back yesterday,” Brandy says as she sits down beside Tray on the plane. Tray jumps a little when she
sits by him. Tray looks at Brandy and looks to the ground and doesn't mutter a word. “Tray I am extremely concerned, you need to tell me, what did you see out there.” Brandy exclaims. Tray closes
his eyes and mumbles. “Death...” “Tray what do you mean death, is everyone out there dead?” Brandon walks up to them and says “They are dead, but they are still much alive.” Brandy gives Brandon a
look of confusion as Brandon motions for her to have a look at what he means. “Stop. They are dead, we are alive let's stay right away from them” Tray finally cuts in. Brandon sits back down as
they all sit there in silence for a while. “How did you get to this point?” RJ asks.“Why were you all on this plane, what was life back when you were not here.” “What is it to you?” Tray snaps at
him. “Woah, take it easy man, I was merely trying to make conversation,” RJ replies to him. Tray takes a moment to take it all in and starts to apologize to RJ. “Look RJ, I'm sorry, I'm just on
edge, it's an incredibly frustrating time, with the crash and all.” RJ offered a nod to signal it was okay. “We were just coming home from our Europe trip that another couple of friends and us went
on. Lucky for them they caught the early flight out and not this one, but we three got on this flight and now here we are,” Tray added. “How long have you been together, you and Brandy?” RJ asked.
“Well, we have known each other since senior year of high school and have been married now for 5 years. Brandy and Paige have known each other since they were little girls, and she has also become
one of my dearest friends.” Tray answers trying to fight back tears.“Why do you care so much about Paige?” Tray looks at Brandy who was staring right at him. He then looks at Paige, and he could
not get a word out, all he could do was sit there and look at her. “What about you Doc, why were you on the plane. RJ says trying to improve the mood of the room. Nick awkwardly looks to everyone
and says “Oh, you know merely some… Uh… Business-related stuff.” Nick says.“Aren’t you a doctor what kind of doctor travels from country to country?”Braden asked confused.“Yeah, well, you know just
some different things here and there.” Nick pauses for a second.“Do you think the rest of the world is like this? I mean if it is everyone else may be dead and no one is coming to rescue us.” The
group looked at each other petrified. RJ tries to lighten the mood again says “I doubt that I think it may solely be this island, I don’t think the world could go to shit in a day, they will likely
be sending a rescue team to us by tomorrow.” “What if they don’t? What if we are stuck with all of these monsters for the rest of our lives. Which won't be too long considering were outnumbered and
it's only a matter of time before they wander onto this side of the island.”Braden exclaims.“Guys, take it easy, we have to take it day by day here. If the world is shit then I guess we got to
start fighting these zombies on this island, or we are never going to make it. We have to build an adequate shelter than just this plane part, and we need to find food and freshwater.” Brandon cuts
in. “Why were you guys on the plane?” Nick asks Brandon, Braden, and RJ. The three guys look to one another and start smiling. Brandon replies “We go around the world to various parties. It's great
to just go to all these exotic places and have a good time without stress. Us four were actually just heading to…” “Four? There are only three of you guys. Did the other guy die in the crash?” Nick
asks confused. Brandon starts talking “Well actually he” “Yes, yeah he died, we discovered him laying face first in the sand. He was a decent guy, always the life of the party.” RJ abruptly cuts
Brandon off. Brandon gives RJ a puzzled look of disbelief but did not bother to start another argument with the group, Brandon looked to Braden who was also looking at him, they didn't have to
mention a word to communicate, they knew he was lying, but kept silent. Tray walked over to Paige and started to whisper to himself. No one could make out what Tray was mumbling to himself but
quickly Brandy rushed over to him. Brandy tried giving Tray a hug as she began to cry, Tray paid no attention to her and continued to look at Paige. Tray looked up to Brandy and said: “I’m Sorry.”
Brandy looked very confused and asked Tray what was wrong. Tray looked to Paige again and said very gently “I slept with Paige.” The group was silent, you could hear a pin drop. Brandy just stood
there, she was in shock, she could not utter a word. Tray began again, “Brandy… I'm ashamed, I... didn’t mean to hurt you, it all happened so fast. I...I love you baby.” Brandy wouldn't even look
at him. Instead, she walked out of the plane to the water by the plane. “Well this can’t get any more intense now can it Tray,” Braden says trying to joke around with the others. Tray stared at him
and started to raise his right fist in pure anger, but before he could punch Braden he heard. “Tray, where are we” Everyone looked in the corner to see Paige sitting up looking at everyone.” Braden
starts to laugh “Well I guess I stand corrected.”
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That isn't true

Submitted: May 10, 2018

Tray looked at Paige who was drowsy and confused. “Paige… I…” Tray could only stutter his words to Paige being in complete shock. Tray ran out of the plane to find Brandy crying near the ocean.
Tray slowly walked up to her trying to figure out what to say to her. Tray was feeling awful about this whole situation but was in a way glad he had confessed to Brandy about his affair with Paige.
It was a weight off of his shoulder that he carried for a long time. Tray ultimately reached Brandy who pretended she never noticed him. “Brandy… I… I am really...” Brandy cut him off, “Do you love
her?” “What?” Tray replied, “Do you love Paige Tray? Be honest with me I need to know.” “I... I don't know Brandy. It was a one-time thing like a year ago when you were working nights, Paige and I
were just hanging out waiting for you to get home and we were both drunk out of our minds and it just...” Tray was once again cut off by Brandy “I don't need to know the details just the answer to
my question! Do you love her?” Brandy said, almost yelling at him now. Tray paused for a moment and replied “No Brandy I don't, I love you” Tray paused again for a moment and then continued “Look,
Brandy, it was in the past. This isn't our biggest problem though right now, our problem is those things, we need to figure out a way to survive and get away from those things. What's done is done,
and we need to put all of that behind us because all of that does not matter to those things. I love you Brandy, more than anything.” Tray shares a long passionate kiss with Brandy who accepts they
have bigger things going on at this moment.“Should I go collect some food for us tonight?” Brandy asks. Tray pauses for a second knowing how dangerous it could be. “Tray, I'm going to be fine, you
don't have to worry.” “Okay, go get something but if anything dangerous happens come straight back.” Tray said as he watched Brandy get up and walk into bushes and behind trees. “Someone just
answer me! Where are we and who are you people! Where did Tray go? Brandy...where’s Brandy?” Paige was yelling at the guys in the plane. “Woah calm down you have to keep quiet. The zombies will
hear you!” Brandon said panicked. “What kind of prank are you trying to pull? Zombies? This is just crazy talk, where’s Brandy, I have to speak with her.” The guys looked at each other, they were
panicked on how Paige and Brandy will react together after Trays confession.“Now is not the greatest time to talk to Brandy, but I can recap what has happened the past few days, what do you last
remember?” Nick replied. “I was boarding a plane back home with Tray and Brandy and then I remember seeing the ocean and then it all went black,” Paige says. “We...crashed, on this island. There
were more of us but like I said, the zombies got...” Brandon tried explaining but was cut off by Paige “Stop saying zombies! Zombies are make belief children stories, what are you guys 10? Grow up,
when can I go see Brandy, I want to know what is really going on.” “Brandy is outside with Tray right now, things are a little heated and I don't think Brandy will be talking to you anytime soon.”
Paige tried to stand up but was too weak she collapsed again on the seat. “You have to take it easy, you just got out of a coma, you shouldn't be trying to walk so fast,” Nick told her. “What are
you a doctor or something?” Paige says sarcastically. “Well, actually I am, the name’s Nick, over there is Brandon, Braden and RJ. Here, you need to drink something,” Nick says while giving a
bottle of water to Paige. “Thanks,” Paige said disgustedly. Tray walked back into the plane and immediately locked eyes with Braden. “You think you're some sort of comedian don't you,” Tray says as
he starts punching Braden. Braden tries to protect himself the best he could but with Tray being a bigger, muscular guy, he is able to get a few good punches in. All three men hold down Tray as he
was yelling at Braden “You son of a bitch, don't you ever talk like that to me again. You understand?”Braden just nodded his head. Paige was shocked to see how aggressive Tray was. “Tray what the
hell?” Paige said to Tray. “Could we have a moment? Tray said to the others. RJ stared at Tray as they left the plane. As the four guys left Tray just looked down at the ground trying to figure out
what to say. “Who are they, where the hell are we and where is Brandy?” Paige asked. They are other survivors along with us and Brandy.” “Survivors of what?” “Paige, we were in a plane crash and we
landed on this island. There were lots more of us...but… they are zombies now.” “Are you kidding me? You to Tray. What kind of prank are you trying to pull on me Tray because I’m not finding it
funny!” Paige started to yell at him.“ Paige this is no prank I am being serious, you have to be quiet I don't know how well these things can hear.” Paige looked at Tray and saw how scared he was.
Paige had not once seen Tray this scared before. “Paige, I know this is difficult to hear but you don't know what we saw out there, we are the last ones alive.” Paige became terribly worried and
Tray realized to as he gave her a hug to comfort her. Paige tries to kiss Tray but Tray pulls away very quickly. “I told Brandy Paige.” Paige became paler and became dizzy. “Why would you do that,
you know how much this will affect my relationship with her?” “Paige, I couldn't stand all the lies anymore. We have kept this a secret for too long and you know how much this has tortured me. I
told her it was a one-off like a year ago and that it never happened again.” Tray responded. “You know God damn well that isn't true, we were fucking behind her back since senior year and were
fucking just a few weeks ago before we came. You think you can just stop now.” Paige was furious.“Paige settle down, you know I love you but, we’re all stuck on this island now. We can’t just do it
here now, I had no choice to tell her. I thought God was punishing me by crashing onto this island with all these fucking zombies. I need to try to make it right.” Paige looked at Tray and began to
speak again “Well, don't worry about us fucking any time soon anyway, I was going to tell Brandy that I had a one night stand with a guy but I guess I can just tell her this. I’m pregnant with your
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Sunshine and Rainbows

Submitted: May 10, 2018

“Tray” Nick shouted out as Tray emerged outside.“We were thinking we need to try to find the other part of the plane. We might be able to find a life raft to get us off this island. It's only a
matter of time before those things come wandering over here and we all wind up lunch for them.” Tray, still shocked by the news he received from Paige was walking aimlessly to the group. “Well…
What do you think Tray, should we? We need to go promptly while there is still daylight left and we can get off of this death trap and to safety as fast as possible.” Nick says to Tray. In the
distance Tray sees Brandy running back to the camp. Brandy runs into Tray’s arms and hugs him but Tray hardly returns the gesture. “Tray they were after me, I think I lost them but I was almost
cornered and they almost bit me! Tray I love you, I’m sorry I reacted that way earlier.” Brandy says as she continues to hug Tray. “Okay, let's go find that raft,” Tray says with no emotion as he
walks away from Brandy to find the other part of the plane. “Brandy! Paige is awake, maybe go inside and talk with her until we get back,” Brandon says before running to catch up with the rest of
the guys. Brandy walks into the plane and spots Paige trying to get internet service on her phone. Brandy runs up and hugs Paige who pushes her away and shifts the other way. “What’s wrong? You and
Tray are both acting weird. If it's because you and Tray had sex, he already told me, we talked it out and it's all good now.” Brandy says. Paige begins to laugh at what she says. “Yeah, everything
is perfectly fine. What a wonderful lie Brandy, you think we're friends? News flash for you, the world is not all sunshine and rainbows lie that you think it is. If there really are zombies out
there you're going to be the first one dead out of us because you can't do anything right. You can barely keep a guy with you without him wanting to leave you for someone else.” Paige snaps at
Brandy. “What do you mean? Sure we had our hiccup but just because he was weak one time doesn't mean I am going to give up on him.” Brandy response. “Brandy stop trying to fool yourself. You're
just too kind and everyone walks on you. You’re fooling yourself if you think that Tray and I only had a one-time thing. I remember all the times you and I would talk about you and Tray starting a
family. How excited you would be when that would happen and how I could be Auntie Paige. Well, Auntie Brandy, it looks like I beat you to it.” Paige says before Brandy runs out of the plane crying
knowing Paige was pregnant with Tray’s kid and that he lied to her again.
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I love you

Submitted: May 10, 2018

“I think that is it,” Braden says. “No shit Sherlock what other planes would crash here.” RJ says sarcastically to him.“Keep quiet you guys. We have no clue if those things are in here or not we
have to be very sneaky to make sure we’re alone or we could all be dead,” Tray says. The group walked into the plane looking for anything that would help them survive or to get to land. “Guys I
found some drinks that are going to help,” Nick says, “I found some luggage… different things in here some clothes, blankets, pillows, some hygiene stuff. I’ll stuff it all into a few suitcases.”
Brandon says. “I think I found a raft,” RJ says as he grabbed it at the front of the plane by the cockpit door. “Haha this is too easy, let's get off this island before they get to the beach,”
Braden says. “Help... Help… Is someone out there.” Both the pilot and co-pilot we’re sitting inside yelling for help. The group heard the voice's inside the cockpit and attempted to open the door.
“Damn it, its stuck” exclaimed Braden.“Braden just keep your mouth quiet from now on instead of saying something is too easy.” RJ mutters. The group begins to kick at the door to try to get it open
but could not get it to budge. “Hey guys, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news and make myself seem like more of an idiot but we got some zombies coming our way,” said Braden. The group began
to kick even harder at the door and finally are able to break it free. Tray motions for them to follow without saying a word and the group head for the exit. The group started to run out of the
side door of the plane when they noticed the zombies had gotten very close and slowly closing off the exit back to the water. Tray, noticing that they have very minimal time starts to run barely
escaping the reach of the zombies. The rest of the group follows, each carrying something with them. Almost all of the group had made it by the hoard of zombies. “Ah” One of the zombies grabbed one
of the pilots who was the last man to try to escape from the horde. Most of the zombies are still after the group. Some of the zombies were drawn to the screams of the man as the zombies started to
tear him limb from limb. The group kept running towards the beach. The zombies who were still chasing them were a little way's behind them but they knew it wouldn't take long for the horde to reach
them. The group saw the beach and started yelling to Paige and Brandy to come out of the plane. Paige emerged from the plane. “Paige, where’s Brandy? We need to leave now.” Tray yelled at her.“I
don't know she ran out of the plane and ran out there somewhere after I told her I was pregnant,” Paige replied. Without hesitation Tray ran out to find her. The group yelling at him to get back as
they start to get the raft and supplies ready. Tray ignored them and kept running. “Brandy! Brandy! Brandy answer m...” “AH, Tray Help!” “Brandy! Brandy! Bran…” Tray sees Brandy on the ground
trying to fight off a zombie. Tray runs over to try to save her. The zombie bites into Brandy's neck just as he gets there. He pulls the zombie off of her and hits it in the head with a larger
sized rock multiple times killing it. Tray rushes over to Brandy. “Brandy please no… I am sorry. Please hang on.” Tray exclaims trying to stop the blood gushing out of her neck with his hand.“I
know what I did was wrong. I never wanted you to get hurt. I certainly never wanted our time to be this short.” Tray exclaims crying. Brandy places her hand on Tray’s face and tries to nod her head
to signal to him knowing that her time was ending and made peace with his decisions. She could barely speak, but Tray could make out what she was trying to say. “I love you.” “I love you too.” Tray
kissed Brandy on the forehead. Brandy looked down to Tray’s hand which still had the rock in it. Brandy moves her hand from his face to his arm and nodded. Tray looked down to the rock and raised
his hand and hit Brandy in the head, killing her and ending her suffering. The horde had finally caught up to Tray and was getting closer to the group. Tray grabbed the necklace and ring Brandy had
been wearing and started to run towards to ocean. Tray reached the beach where the rest of the group had already gotten on the raft and started to paddle away from the shore. Tray jumped in the
ocean and swam to the raft. The group helped him into the raft and watched the zombies try to follow him into the water who ended up sinking into the bottom of the ocean. “Where is Brandy?” RJ
asks. Tray shakes his head and tears stream down his face while he sits down. Paige sits next to Tray to comfort him while the group watches as the sunsets on the island.
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