I am in love with the REAL you //Part 2

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Rile IS in love with Pearl. But Pearl keeps denying it. She feels guilty for hiding her true self. And now she is afraid Rile might not want to be with her. Here is the part 2 of my story 'I am in
love with the REAL you.

Submitted: May 10, 2018

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Submitted: May 10, 2018



He noticed her hesitancy when he pulled away his hand. Then calmly observed her face for a while. She was suddenly conscious of her face. Her eyes, her nose. Shit. Her whole body. She was aware of each and every senses in her body with the way his curious eyes were studying her. She turned her gaze away like she always does when his eyes are fierce and soft at the sane time. He smiled. Yes, and a smile which she could feel despite the fact that she wasn't even looking at him. "And You say that 20 days are not enough to fall in love with somebody. Are you not in love with me?" His deep voice warmed her bones. She suddenly felt a flicker of anger burning inside her, deep down somewhere. Not for him. But for herself. She fought really hard to control her tears and was successful in blocking those glands.

'Does it even matter?' She thought. "I don't know if I am in love with you or not. But I just know that you are in love with a wrong version of me. I cannot be that person." She was saying all this when he stood up. Grasped her arm, pulled her up and walked towards the small bridge above the stream. She followed her quietly, affirmed that she won't let him persuade her or anything. She cannot be the person he loves, the person who dances around the bonfire, despite hating it. The person, who gossiped late nights with the group, even though her heart was up there in the sky, somewhere out in the universe, the person who pretended that this camp was the best thing that happened to her when the truth was that she so badly wanted to go back to her own house and never wanted to meet any of the people here, again. Except him, he was the only reason she felt guilty of hiding her real own self just for some stupid experiment. It is not that she can not socialize or dance or go to parties. She does not have any anxiety issues like she thought. The reason is She just don't want to. She feels comfortable in her own solitude. And there was no point of coming here, when she thinks of it now. The more days were passing here the more she realised that all this wasn't made for her. But then the only thing she was comfortable with was Rile's presence. His smile. The way he used to admire her all the time. Atleast this was what she liked to think when she used to catch him looking at her while she herself was lost in her thoughts amidst all the chattering around her.

He stopped on the middle of the bridge. His back towards her face and she was wondering, what now? Without facing her, he said, "So according to you this is not the real you, and you have assumed that I am in love with some pseudo version of yours." He spun around towards her and then again smiled that contractable smile, like literally. It was taking all her strength and will power to just not smile. She looked down, closed her eyes shut -as if ordering her out of control senses to behave themselves- and then opened them again looking straight into his eyes. As serious as she could get. He shook his head to remind himself what he has to say. "You really are something else Pearl. First, your honesty is just so..…" he was struggling with words, suddenly envious of how easily she said what she wanted to and now he is struggling to put his tangled thoughts in a straight queue to pass it to her "seductive…" he ended up saying that with a chuckle. Her eyes widened and she raised a questioning eyebrow. Her heart and her mind nudging each other. "Okay, not the right word. But then you also hurt me by saying that I love you because of your…outer appearance? Really?" At first, she couldn't understand whether he was taunting her about her appearance or… "I love you for what you try to hide here, Pearl." He said pointing a finger to her heart. Her eyes trailed to that finger and then he brought it to her chin, making her face him. "I am not saying, my love is 'love in first sight kinda love'. Infact, I didn't even notice you on the first day to be honest." Her eyes widened again but this time she rolled her eyes. And that gave her his goofy smile back. "Well that is true. You were dressed like these hot chics who just come to this camp to dance and booze and what not.…." She smirked and shook her head. "What now? I hope 'hot chics' is not the only thing you heard."

"'What not' is the only thing I heard. And by the way, this applies to the boys too." Now it was her turn to give back that daring smile.

He straightened up sensing slight accusation in her voice. "Not all. Some of them are here, just for their passion Pearl." His serious smoky voice was back. And she believed him. She is aware of the fact that Rile loves nature. She too loves it. But she is more of a cosmos-admirer. The stars, the skies, they intrigue her a lot. And not in a way they intrigue all the astronomers and scientists, but in some phantasmagorical way. "We are leaving tomorrow morning. You will be going your way, and I…."

"And you??" She found herself asking this question even before she could consult her mind. And then she realized that she has no right. What is she doing? He was about to say something when she gestured him to stop. "Why did you brought me here Rile?" She looked around herself. This is the place she comes at dawn to admire the peace and to admire the sky where there are stars and the sun is just about to rise. Well this is the only place from where the rising sun is visible. But this place is no less beautiful even at this time. It is so serene. She looked at the stream flowing below and the reflection of the moon was staring back at her. He i also lost in her. With that peaceful smile on his face. Hands folded across his chest. She turned towards him with a smile on her face. "You are weird Rile".

"Well, not more than you Pearrrl." He said with his intense eyes. Pearl sighed. "Come here, just hold my hands and look into my eyes." She did what he said, entwined her fingers in his and fixed her eyes to his. He smiled. A genuine non-goofy smile. "I do not love you because of your looks or for the way you 'pretend'. You know I realized on the third day itself that you do not belong here. And you know why?" She shook her head, with perplexed eyes. "I very well noticed the way your eyes sparkled on the third day when the night sky was finally clear and the stars were all over us. The way your eyes were again and again turning upwards as if your heart was making them work mechanically. I swear Pearl, the way your eyes were admiring the night sky, even when there was so much chaotic hindrances around you... I would've not been surprised at all, if your whole body transformed into some….stardust…and just flew away towards their long lost love…."

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