Future Mails

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018




I sat on my bed staring blankly at my phone, hoping to get a credit alert from my father, mother or anybody else, I was broke to the bone.  I had dropped the darn phone in frustration when I received a mail from an unknown sender on my ICloud. I opened it halfheartedly as it wasn't the miracle alert I'd hoped for. My uninterested look soon replaced by that of curiosity as I read through.
"What if you got a credit alert of fifty thousand?"

Who could have sent that? Well, it didn't matter much as the desperate African in me muttered a faithful Amen and took a nap that was interrupted shortly after by my phone's vibration. 
Another mail. 
"What if you lost all your clothes and belongings and you have nothing to wear"

What?!! Now this was getting creepy. It was probably one of my friends trying to prank me, I convinced myself. 
Grabbing my phone and putting on a blue slack I decided to step out of my self con and pay a visit one really hot neighbor of mine. Well she had been giving me the green light for a while and who am I to ignore? ????

I knocked on her door twice
"please hold on, I'll be with you in a moment " her sweet voice rang through the hallway..
 While I waited for her to open the door, I got the much coveted credit alert from my dad. And yes, it was exactly fifty grand! I could finally breathe fresh air. Happiness washed over me as I concluded that my dad was probably the "unknown sender". But it was short lived as I got yet another mail! Apparently, from the same sender of the previous ones. 
"What if the three story building in which you stayed collapsed to nothing but dust and rumbles?" It read. 
This was definitely not my Dad. That ol man's got quite a lot up his sleeves but sending creepy mails? Nah, I wouldn't bet a penny on it. 

But if the first mail this creep sent had just come to pass what's to say about this one? Somehow I had begun to sweat profusely as worry was boldly written over my face. 
"Are you okay?" My curvy neighbor asked as  opened the door looking at me with concern
"yes sure" I replied. Determined to let nothing ruin this moment of bonding! 
We talked and laughed on her bed before she dozed off on my lap... Soon there was a loud rumble and I could feel the building shake. It felt like an earthquake was about to happen. My mind went back to the mail i had received earlier. 

"Hey get up, we need to leave this building! " I said frantically waking my neighbor up. By now, there were visible cracks on the walls and the noise of my other neighbors filled the air. Panic over took the atmosphere as we rushed out of her room, holding hands, into the hallway that was already filled with our other neighbors who, just like us,  we're trying to make their way out of the building.

The noise grew louder as people were getting smashed by the rubbles of the collapsing building. 

I managed to make it out of the building with more than a few bruises all over me...  I looked back but my neighbor whose hands I held was no longer with me. Without thinking twice I decided to go back and get her.. Before I could make my way through, I felt a rubble drop on my head sending me flat to the ground. Regaining my consciousness, I felt my phone vibrate again. And I didn't need a soothsayer Sayer to tell me what it was as I smashed the darn phone to the ground. 

Another future mail. 

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