Immortally Mine

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



Call me lame; treacherously incapacitated to hoist even a frigidly floating whisker; in my venomously devastated palms,
Call me dumb; irrevocably shunning all quarters of conventionally bombastic society; spending my life like a wholesome recluse; in cocoons of pathetically rustic wilderness,
Call me blind; not able to sight even my own reflection in the most brilliantly sweltering sunlight; and after possessing handsome pairs of immaculately shimmering eyes,
Call me deaf; sleeping like an uncouth devil even in the most tumultuously lambasting sound; languidly crawling towards the caverns of inexplicable doom,
But come what may; I will keep loving her till countless more births yet to unfurl; irrespective of what the spuriously monotonous society said and although the clouds blended with threadbare soil; as she was irrefutably and immortally mine.

Call me stupid; not possessing even the most infinitesimal of tenacity to fantasize beyond my voice; stumbling like a pack of bizarre cards; at the tiniest stroke of intelligence,
Call me lackadaisical; relinquishing every iota of exuberance to wholesomely blend with the winds of gruesome nothingness; snoozing worse than a capriciously stinking pig even as the first rays of Sun; flamboyantly caressed the ground,
Call me venomous; inflicting astronomical misery and horrific pain upon every  cranny of soil that I tread; poisoning the fathomless fabric of celestial mankind with the satanic hostility in my deleterious blood,
Call me manipulative; ominously epitomizing the deplorably ghastly chapter of give and take; enviously plotting behind my very own kin's back,
But come what may; I will keep loving her till the last droplet of blood circulated in my impoverished veins; irrespective of what the murderously rigid society said and although hell rained uninhibitedly from colossal skies; as she was unassailably and
immortally mine.

Call me esoteric; a sleazily withering entity abstrusely hard to comprehend; rotting profusely towards the aisles of abominable condemnation,
Call me diminutive; even more disastrously inconspicuous than parasitic white mice; whiling away my entire lifetime sucking innocent blood from this mesmerizing planet,
Call me insane; aimlessly wandering like a diabolical lunatic through an endless labyrinth of meaninglessly dusty streets; diffusing unprecedented terror in innocuous households with my devilish deeds,
Call me fanatic; obsessively chanting just a single mantra all day and sinister night; excoriating even the slightest of relation with the extraneous world,
But come what may; I will keep loving her each time God bequeathed upon me a chance to philanthropically survive; irrespective of what the lecherously corrupt
society said and although the earth heinously split even before I could alight a single foot; as she was unequivocally and immortally mine.

Call me shy; astoundingly mortified by even the most infidel speck of breeze  that dared blow my side; indefatigably licking dust for breakfast; lunch and dinner; due to my extreme inhibition to melange with the eclectic world outside,
Call me a mosquito; incessantly buzzing my unfathomable repertoire of pertinently cacophonic rhyme; before I was eventually exonerated to boundless bits; with the descending hands of my master,
Call me far-fetched; perceiving the most unsurpassably worthless things in the tenure of my destined life; trying to clamber upon a mountain of dreams; that never did exist,
Call me beggar; inexorable spreading my fingers for decades immemorial; and yet not able to pacify the astronomical pangs of hunger in my miserably bedraggled stomach,
But come what may; I will keep loving her till the last puff of air; till the last heartbeat ebulliently lingered in my chest and although the witches of doomsday vindictively augmented their stranglehold upon all mankind; as she was perennially and immortally mine.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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