Immortally Natural.

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



An infinitesimal fraction accentuated was the tip of
the flamboyantly towering hill; pompously soaring
towards the Omnipotently golden Sun,

An inconspicuous fraction accentuated was the salt
entrapped in the ravishingly undulating waves;
simmering in poignantly untamed desire; as the froth
emphatically clashed against the marvelous rocks,

A capricious fraction accentuated were the blades of
perennial grass; overwhelmingly encapsulated with
coats of effusively profuse green and a tantalizingly
enthralling carpet of scintillating dewdrops,

A transient fraction accentuated were the clouds in
the fathomlessly ebullient sky; extravagantly
enveloped with shades of embellished scarlet and
streaks of voluptuously thunderous lightening,

An ethereal fraction accentuated were the philosophers
in the classroom; tumultuously over-doing their acts
of portraying an unfathomably unending repertoire of
human emotions,

A fugitive fraction accentuated were the roses in the
blissful meadows; indefatigably blooming to caress the
walls of eternal paradise; profoundly enticing the
mischievously philandering bees for a quick kiss,

A diminutive fraction accentuated were the speeches of
the manipulative politicians; spuriously promising the
masses of things; they perhaps might not be able to
ever witness even in an infinite more lifetimes,

A mercurial fraction accentuated was the melting of
the incomprehensibly mammoth iceberg; at times
deliberating wailing as the Sun caressed it an instant
longer; with its compassionately magical rays,

An ephemeral fraction accentuated was the painting of
the sensuously romantic artist; intransigently
overwhelming even the most tiniest iota of the barren
canvas; with vibrantly loquacious color,

A parsimonious fraction accentuated was the
scintillating shark's tail; bombastically flashing
every now and again in rustically volatile frostiness,

An evanescent fraction accentuated was the regally
soaring eagle in the sky; shamelessly exhibiting its
mesmerizing wings a trifle more than necessary; and
more unabashedly as each second unfurled into a
wholesome minute,

A tiny fraction accentuated was the exhilaratingly
dancing peacock; at times stretching its feathers
beyond the dormitories of comfort; just to replenish
and rejoice in the wonderfully glorious rain,

A minute fraction accentuated was the song of the
melodiously enchanting nightingale; leaving its
ecstatically relentless reverberations even centuries
unprecedented even after; it emanated its first voice,

A miniature fraction accentuated was the animated leap
of the boisterous frogs; incessantly bouncing in the
sleazily stray monsoon ponds; throughout the fabric of
the exotically divine night,

A bizarre fraction accentuated were the parties of the
disconcertingly dissatisfied business tycoons;
baselessly blowing quintessentially precious moments
of veritably vital life; in meaningless wisps of cigar
smoke and wine,

An insipid fraction accentuated was the stride of the
sluggishly languishing tortoise; as it took
imperceptibly marathon hours on the trot; to even
sprout its neck out of its obdurately motionless shell,

A non-existent fraction accentuated was the march of
the victoriously exuberant soldiers; tirelessly
brandishing their unflinching brawn and sword; to
realms beyond infinite infinity,

An indecipherable fraction accentuated was the
frequency of unconquerably timeless breath; at moments
inadvertently expunging out with truculently volatile
ferocity; to release the inner most chords of the bereaved soul,

But immortally natural; uninhibitedly priceless;
invincibly Omniscient; was their eternally gratifying
love; as each beat of their heart kept on rhythmically
bonding with all philanthropically benign; as each
beat of their heart bountifully coalesced into a
symbiotic journey of oneness; which lasted for an
endless more lifetimes.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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