Immortaly Ruled

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



Fathomless carpets of voluptuous forests; might be ruled by the royally roaring lions,
But it was her ingratiatingly seductive cocoon of compassionate smiles; that irrefutably and immortally ruled; every iota of my scorchingly parched lips.

Boundless winds of vividly free space; might be ruled by the blazingly uninhibited eagles,
But it was her voluptuously tantalizing aroma; that invincibly and immortally ruled; every cranny of my frigidly dithering senses.

Astronomically towering summits of the mountains; might be ruled by fantastically sweltering and golden sunlight,
But it was her impeccably everlasting shine; that unassailably and immortally ruled; my drearily beleaguered and sagging eyes.

Unfathomable expanses of the ravishingly salty oceans; might be ruled by handsomely gargantuan; and scintillatingly silver striped sharks,
But it was her perennial river of enchanting fantasy; that tangily and immortally ruled; every space of my maniacally deprived brain.

Countless kilometers of blistering desert mud; might be ruled by the indefatigably stout and adorably humble hunch backed camel,
But it was her astounding kaleidoscope of spell binding newness; that endlessly and immortally ruled; every path of my indolently painstaking existence.

Immeasurably colossal sheets of immaculately white canvas; might be ruled by the rhetorically dexterous artist,
But it was her intricately divine fingers; that timelessly and immortally ruled; every part of my languidly stooping flesh.

Unsurpassable blankets of tingling darkness; might be ruled by the Omnisciently milky and mesmerizing moon,
But it was her melodiously enigmatic voice; that blissfully and immortally ruled; every dwindling wave of my impoverished soul.

Countless trajectories of civilizations and synergistic townships; might be ruled by the
righteously Godly fireball of unending truth,
But it was her impeccably Omnipotent conscience; that miraculously and immortally ruled; every element of my lugubriously lecherous survival.

Unimaginably ecstatic walls of paradise; might be ruled by seductively silken and stupendously exhilarating fairies,
But it was her vivaciously boisterous breath; that astoundingly and immortally ruled; every vein of my timidly extinguishing countenance.

And the entire Universe boundless and limitless; might be ruled by the grace of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord,
But it was her passionately everlasting love; that relentlessly and immortally ruled; every beat of my capriciously disappearing heart.

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