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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



I could perhaps snap her photograph into a countless halves of inane nothingness; screaming the last breath out of my lungs to express my unlimited exasperation,

I could perhaps pulverize her engagement ring into the furthermost realms of
the trash can; happily adorning my fingers with bucolic cow-dung instead,

I could perhaps feed every morsel of tantalizing food that she'd prepared for me; to the frigidly wastrel pigs near the fetid lavatory seat,

I could perhaps ruthlessly excoriate all the compassionate sweaters that'd she'd spun for me; incessantly imploring me to wear the same; everytime we met in
our flirtatiously clandestine days,

I could perhaps abjectly spit on every nimble footprint that she made; dismissing it into inconspicuous oblivion and far away from my sight; that very instant when she left,

I could perhaps brutally ransack her delectably punctilious wardrobe; ominously staining every impeccable fabric that she wore; with atrociously disillusioning rust,

I could perhaps hide her spectacles at a corner where she'd never be able to
discover; leaving her groping in the asphyxiating dark; for cynically condemning the artistic profession that I had undertook,

I could perhaps curse her to the most unprecedented limits of hell; for eloping at the slightest opportunity that she could conceive; to her parent's place,

I could perhaps make the most hideously distorted face of the morbid devil in her bathroom mirror; uninhibitedly using her favorite bar of tawdrily crimson  lipstick,

I could perhaps astutely lay a feckless banana skin on every path that she would traverse upon; so that she plunged head-on towards cold floor; even before she could alight a single foot,

I could perhaps lay a surreptitious handful of red ants beneath the very mattress that she slept; so that her entire night went in vituperatively groaning and scratching raw; whilst I celestially snored,

I could perhaps give her the tightest of slap on her pristine cheek; for impudently pestering upon me to buy every beautiful thing on the limitless Universe; when infact all that rattled in my pockets were infinitesimally worthless stones,

I could perhaps solely pinpoint upon her molehill of  ludicrously staggering
deficiencies; making her indefatigably feel the most depressed entity on  earth alive,

I could perhaps proclaim her as the most perfidiously nonchalant girl on this Universe; to the entire society where we lived; for making ostensible passes at every handsome hunk that passed her step,

I could perhaps pay a deaf ear to even the most of her hoarsely anguished cries; as she was the one who'd started it all; by baselessly poisoning the mind of my child towards my every decision in vibrant life,

I could perhaps blend sleeping pills into her morning milk; so that she peacefully slept all day; and I remained wholesomely bereft of the tiniest of her perniciously slandering sarcasms; for apparently no fault of mine,

I could perhaps viciously stamp her irascibly writhing foot in glaring public; as she started to shed every bit of her integrity like the withering leaf; in the center of
the jauntily crowded street,

I could perhaps uncontrollably kick her left; right and dead center; for deliberating sending me off on a unnecessary household errand; whilst she established new norms of infidelity; smooching every stranger she met; till unceremonious passions galore,

But no matter how angry was I on her; for not living up to my expectations; for not being the ideal wife I had perceived; for mercilessly violating my spirit of truth and egalitarian humanity; for this umpteenth reason or that; it was impossible to erase memories of those poignantly fragrant moments when we'd first met; it was impossible to erase those words of Immortal Love which we'd confessed while we courted; it was impossible to erase even a minuscule fraction of her from my passionately throbbing heart; for an infinite more destined lives and lifetimes.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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